Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch colors revealed

by: Robert TriggsAugust 21, 2013
Samsung Smartwatch Concept

Samsung Smartwatch Concept

It seems like there’s been a rush of information about the Galaxy Gear smart watch over the past week, and here’s yet another piece of information. Samsung is planning to launch the device in a range of five different colors, which is good news for those looking to color co-ordinate their various pieces of technology.

The Galaxy Gear will launch in four color options initially, white, black, orange, and grey, although obviously they’ll be named something a little more appealing for the sake of consumers. In the following week Samsung will then release a white gold variant of the smart watch, but it’s unclear whether or not this design will be exclusive to certain regions or carriers just yet.

For a quick recap on the rest of the Galaxy Gear news. The most recent report confirms that the device will also be launching around the same time as the initial October estimate, but it could also show up towards the end of September. The initial reveal will be held at the Samsung UNPACKED event on September 4th, so there isn’t long to wait until we’ll officially know all the details about Samsung’s smart watch. If you want the tech specs, then check out our comprehensive report.

So do you think that nice colourful smart watches will catch on, or are you going to stick to your trusty smartphone?

  • cvgordo

    is this going to have a flexible screen or not? either way keep the price reasonable (less than 150) and i’ll get it to go with my note 3.

  • Siphiwe

    I can’t wait to see hard core tech junkies yelling on their wrists, it will be interesting to watch if this smartwatch proves to be successful!

  • RaptorOO7

    The problem with using the concept art is Samsung didn’t put that artwork out, so when it looks nothing like it then people will be pissed.

    • cvgordo

      I love the look of this render. It looks like it has a flexible screen though which apparently the actual gear will not (square screen) so im ready to be disappointed. :(

  • natt

    Yes it is ugly but I like so much ugly gadgets

  • App8ite

    Looks are going to be everything for the Smartwatch to win consumers hearts. It’s not going to be about features or screen size for once. Done right the the winner will have a beautiful product, done wrong a clunky fast dated chunk of tech could be yours