The Galaxy Gear will only have 12 apps available at launch

by: Nate SwannerSeptember 5, 2013

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For a device as highly anticipated, scrutinized, and searched for as the Galaxy Gear, its debut is proving to be pretty subtle. While Samsung noted 70 apps were going to be made available for the device in short order, they expounded on that number a bit by explaining that only a dozen apps will be available at launch.

The apps available when you slap the Gear on your wrist, at lauch:

There has also been talk of Snapchat making its way to the Gear, which would be nice, but that remains unverified. While the links above are to the Android app, please don’t consider those the Gear apps. For any app loaded onto the Gear, you’ll need an accompanying smartphone app and — right now, at least — a Note 3.

The list may be short, but the apps included make good use of the Gear’s capabilities. The obvious fitness apps for a smartwatch are there, and Vivino makes use of the camera. Apps like Tripit of eBay seem a bit fussy for a smartwatch, but could prove useful in some instances where you need a quick update on an auction or flight information. Atooma is easily the most useful on a wide scale, with its IFTT protocols, but the fussiness may prove a headache for some consumers.

A dozen apps, and a Note 3 needed to use the smartwatch. Are you interested, or will you wait to see what Samsung does next with the Gear?

  • OMGgary

    If it doesn’t come with an app that lets me communicate with a campy, backtalking ’82 Trans-Am I’m out.

  • It’s still a new platform, developers need time to optimise the apps for the Gear. Not bad for a start! Looking forward to getting it :D

    • holdthiscat

      Why not wait until more apps are developed BEFORE launching the device? Not a huge fan of Apple, but they didn’t exactly release the first iPhone with only a few apps available. No, they had developers working on apps well before the new platform launched. Same can be said for Android. There are really no excuses for this, except that they rushed the product to market.

      • Mike Palmer

        Don’t buy it then.

        • holdthiscat

          Don’t worry…I have no plans to.

          • Mike Palmer


      • Diverdown

        Actually When Apple released the iPhone in 2007, there was no app store. The only apps that could run were web apps. That’s when jailbreaking started and hackers were making apps. Apple opened the App store a year later with the release of iOS 2….

        • holdthiscat

          I stand corrected. Still seems like the better way to launch though.

        • Mike Palmer

          Yup and it was the one thing that Apple has done right with their iphone over the years.

  • Rimmer

    I really don’t think it will sell

  • GeorgeN

    Apps… Schmapps! Looks to delicate to me… Is this thing even waterproof?

  • Timothy92282

    Does anyone know if it is gonna be water proof

  • simpleas

    This is an amzing watch. The video just makes me drool all over it.

  • Rebecca Welsh

    I’m a nurse -need watch. Would get one if lower price and needed another watch. Not allowed carry phone at work. Most my coworkers wouldnt even know what a smartwatch is so could prolly wear one. Use Note 2. Obsessed with phones and tablets. How close to phone need be to work?

    • 1. It won’t work with your Note 2 (Yet)
      2. The number of apps are tiny.

      Conclusion: If you really need a smartwatch, look elsewhere.