The clamshell phone won’t die, and the Galaxy Folder is the living proof

August 2, 2013
Clamshell devices are still a thing, and Samsung is sprucing them up with Android to make them more attractive.

    samsung galaxy folder (2)

    Remember the last time you used a clamshell phone? It was probably in the 2000s, right? Clamshells, like the original Razr, had a satisfying “click” to them and they were compact. For some people, they still are the perfect form factor, but without a modern operating system, clamshells are woefully inadequate.

    Samsung knows that, hence the Galaxy Folder, a crazy dual-display clamshell phone that runs Android and packs some serious specifications. We’re looking at a Snapdragon 400, 2GB of RAM, a 3.67-inch AMOLED display (800 x 480), and a second display of unspecified type and resolution that replaces the traditional keyboard. Save for the display and the weird folding form factor, this phone is actually almost on par with a Galaxy S3. Not bad for a phone that will definitely get people’s attention, though probably not entirely in a good way.

    References to the phone were discovered in a Samsung manual, so the Folder isn’t yet official. Assuming that Samsung would make it available outside its home country, would you be interested?


    • Jack Parker

      Why such a low res display? At least put a semi decent, not quite 720p on there

      • Bogdan Petrovan

        It’s a small screen.

      • Arch Thor

        It has the same resolution as the Galaxy SII, only in a smaller screen, it comes to a point that is hard to put so many pixels in such a tiny space.

    • Wilmer Murillo

      Nope, thanks.

    • Mike Kister

      My wife would love this!

    • zgryfx

      Great device… if we were living in 2003.

    • Bill

      Yep, my wife would go for this.

    • najiy91

      i miss the motorola v3!its stylish when i flip my phone!

      • najiy91

        i miss motorola l6 and l7 too!

    • CeeDee Nairn

      HOUSE PHONE ? SAYS ? HELLO ! LAPTOP ; ) !?! …

    • Sharfa

      My mom would get this. My whole family got new phones a few weeks ago. I got the Galaxy S4 and my mom got an old school flip phone. I remember the T-Mobile guy scratching his head! Hey at least her portion of the bill is only $10 a month!

    • TornZero

      I would buy it. Turn my HTC One into my everything player (since it already is when my laptop isn’t around), use the Folder as the actual phone.

    • Qliphah

      Oh how I loved my Motorola Pebble, best flip phone ever designed. I just wonder if Samsung even considered the spring loaded flip the Pebble did… or maybe moto still owns the patent on it.

    • verts

      I will buy one, just don’t put premium display on outer front cover, it destroy the need of such “clamshell” protection.

      Put premium display on inside.
      Front cover can use e-ink which is always-on.

    • Cal Rankin

      Then we get the modern operating system and the satisfaction of angrily snapping our phones shut after a bad phone call. Hitting “end call” just doesn’t cut it.

    • Cal Rankin

      This should go nicely with my Android home phone.