Samsung Galaxy FIT S5670 – Upgrade to Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich Beta 3

by: Alvin YbañezFebruary 13, 2012

Despite its modest hardware, the Samsung Galaxy FIT S5670 has been found fit to run even the most awesome and the latest version of Android–Ice Cream Sandwich.

Thanks to the efforts of independent developers, owners of the Samsung Galaxy FIT can load up their phones with Ice Cream Sandwich via a CyanogenMod 9 port for the Galaxy FIT.

The custom ROM is not yet stable enough for daily use, but in time, it will soon reach a stable stage.  Users of the ROM have reported some issues with the keyboard not displaying properly in portrait orientation, though installing the ICS Keyboard app from the Android Market reportedly solves the problem.

The camera also does not work yet, as do some other apps.  There is also a reported issue regarding changing time zones and a bug with USB debugging.  Screen movement is also observed to be somewhat slow.

Despite the kinks, if you still want to try Ice Cream Sandwich on your Samsung Galaxy FIT S5670, go ahead and immerse yourself in the instructions.


  • Samsung Galaxy FIT S5670, rooted and with ClockworkMod Recovery installed.  (See our guide for rooting the Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 and installing ClockworkMod Recovery.)
  • CyanogenMod 9 for the Samsung Galaxy FIT S5670 (beta 4) — get it here (, 127 MB)
  • Perform the upgrade on a full battery charge.
  • Your phone should not be network-locked.
  • Backup your precious phone data.  Just in case.
  • Enable USB Debugging from Settings > Applications > Development.


  • Use the upgrade instructions at your own risk.  Hold no one liable for any damage arising from your use of these instructions.
  • This ROM is still in beta.  Expect bugs and non-working features.

Upgrading Instructions

  1. Download the CyanogenMod 9 package for the Galaxy FIT from the link in the requirements section.  Save the ZIP file to your computer.  Do not extract the file.
  2. Connect your phone to your computer via USB cable.
  3. Copy the CyanogenMod 9 ZIP file to the root of your phone’s SD card.
  4. Turn off your phone.
  5. Reboot the phone into recovery mode by pressing and holding down the Volume Up button and Home key (middle key) as you turn on your phone.
  6. From the recovery menu, select “Wipe data/factory reset” and “Wipe cache partition” to make sure your phone is on a clean slate.
  7. Go to Advanced and select “Wipe Dalvik cache”.  Confirm the operation on the next screen.
  8. Install the update package by selecting “Install ZIP from SDcard”, followed by “Choose ZIP from SDcard”.
  9. Locate and choose the CyanogenMod 9 package file.  Confirm that you want it to be flashed onto your phone.
  10. Wait for the installation to complete.  It usually takes about 10 minutes.
  11. Select “Go back” to return to the main recovery menu.
  12. Repeat steps 6 and 7.
  13. Return to main recovery menu.
  14. Select “Reboot system now” to restart your phone.

Congratulations!  Your Samsung Galaxy FIT S5670 is now running Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich beta 3, courtesy of CyanogenMod 9 for the Galaxy FIT.

  • Mananmehta3094

    yes my phon is updated in to anroid 4.0

    • Aditya Mandeliya

      is it safe ……???

      • tiger

        It’s not completely safe, as you require root access, download from Android advices, but my advice is to not instal now as it’s unstable, nothing working properly
        hope it will help you

    • Shakil

      Is camera and blutooth workin?

    • P K Singh

      From which site, I should download 4.0. I want to update my Galaxy Fit. Help me dude…..!

  • ashish jha


  • Catpanthertiger

    hey u copy link from

  • ashish jha

    hey Mananmehta3094 where u download from……….?

  • Shoaib_aziz2006

    Camera is not working as well as bluetooth also not working after ics update in my galaxy fit

  • Siddiquinoorain

    my phone cant go recovery mode display shown ARM9 MODE…so some one help me how to solve this problem.

    • You press the wrong button,, try to press “Volume Down + Home Key + Power Key”.. ^^

    • Siddharth awasthi

      press just “home key+power key”…

    • Shakil

      Reset ur phone then try

    • Shakirkhan1979

      volume up+home key+power butten

    • Sanket

      ur ph is froyo get ur ph first to gingerbread 2.3.6 then ull get the recovery mode

    • Aki

      Remove battery for 10 seconds, then try again.

  • Yogesh Kumar

    Camera is not working as well as bluetooth also not working after ics update in my galaxy fi

  • Rijvann31

    Camera&bluetooth not working

  • Ramchandar89

    Totally waste. My phone was Crashed

    • Niv

      what happened now??????????

      • Ramchandar89

        Not at all booting

  • Sk3959

    cam n bt nt working.:(

  • Safique31

    I have followed the same and my phone is running with 4.0.3 however unable to open the camera due to error: can not connect to camera. Pls help

  • Giri1607

    Camera not working.. please help

  • amr omar

    my phone cant go recovery mode display shown ARM9 MODE…so some one help me how to solve this problem.

    • Shakil

      Reset ur phonee then try.

    • magan

      first click switch off botton to switch on andthen suddenly leaving it and holding volume up and home button will work……….TRY success is sure

  • Manav234

    i cnt find point 7….:-(

  • hello, I did update the samsung fit, but after updating the camera and the Bluetooth ceased to function

  • Seerat2002

    format ur phone n den try…!!

  • Naveen Kondaveti

    When will i get the full fledged non beta version? is samsung working in development?

  • Shakirkhan1979

    camera not working so dont try it

  • Neel

    camera is not working … fix this ….

  • Papakhan

    just download from the site of XDA developers now it works.!!!!

    • Shifter Blue79

      Can i give the link….?

    • varun

      please provide the link, as my camera is also not functioning after the update…thanks…

  • Vimal Parmar70

    hey u can give me link???? please!!!

  • Vimal Parmar70

    how to download the file of update?? please tell me!!!

  • Aruns_50

    Try this link this fixed all bugs

  • Tusharsgawade

    is camera n bluetooth working in 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich beta 3 ?

  • Ramy Samuel

    it doesnt work a black screan appears and android word is written my samsung galaxy fit dont open some one help me pls

    • Abhijit

      Hey i have faced the issue. My phone has become unusable. Tried many things but no help. Please help anyone

    • balbins

      try to go to downloading mode, if u can or succeed going to download mode, try installing a stock firmware… 2.3.4 or 2.3.6 using ODIN and your phone will work again and unrooted….pure stock.

  • gaurav

    tell latest version of galaxy fit

  • Adam

    Please do not try this download, the camera and bluetooth does not work and the recovery mode cannot be accessed. If the recovery mode cannot be accessed, the phone cannot be reset if hanged, so please do not try to update it to Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3. After Samsung has officially announced that Ice Cream Sandwich works perfectly on Samsung Glalaxy Fit GT-S5670, then only try to install Ice Cream Sandwich.

    • Ramesh kumar Hothur
      Please dont try this software, camera and bluetooth not working the mode cannot be accessed,so please dont try these software i.e ice cream sandwich 4.0.3.

  • pratap

    hey ! please dont update your galaxy fit to 4.0.3 yo phone does not work properly…. moreover 2.3.6 is the latest update dont go beyond tat update ….

  • rakesh

    some comments for down side is right so do not upgrade your mobile

  • titeaung

    i not found (, 127 MB) download link

    he show 404 Not Found

  • mali-plavi-klc

    everything works..
    upgraeds are not for the amatures -.-

  • I am not able to doenload coz’
    error 404 what can i do

  • Rahul

    I wan to upgrade my galaxy fit version to 4.0.3. Is it safe? Please reply.

    • rutul

      Plz tell me …plz help guys

  • yo


  • prahlad

    camera is not working after the update..plz help

  • I have Samsung Fit S5670 model, looking to upgrade icecream sandwich 4.0.3. can you people suggest me to upgrade.What is the Procedure to upgrade it, Or wheather its possible to upgrade to latest version or it is Safe to S5670 model…..

  • dinesh bansal

    i want to upgrate sumsung galaxy fit ?how we can update

  • Mangesh Mendhe

    Hi all

    I need some help

    Samsung galxy fit GT -S5670

    1 Rooted to ginger bread (from that time unable to connect
    to laptop.. finaly find way to connect by using easy tether app)

    2 Then install- Root uninstaller app (a app which uninstall
    system app{Pre install app in phone)

    3 By using root uninstaller I uninstall dialer…. Sms… and many more by mistake

    4 hence first I unable to dial then messaging then no
    network… and finally black out….

    5 now I only get screen showing Samsung Galaxy fit GT -S5670

    6 able to go in downloading mode and recovery too

    7 able to charge and showing battery charging

    8 tried odin… but unable to connect…

    9 tried kies…. Lots of Samsung driver too but still unable
    to connect to odin

    10 went to customer care… they told me that phone got
    drenched and need to replace motherboard costing 4000…. But I know what I did
    with my phone.. its because I uninstall system app…

    So please help me in this

    Waiting for ur help

    • balbins

      try to go to downloading mode, if u can or succeed going to download mode, try installing the stock firware and your phone will work again.

  • santosh

    how to update galaxy fit to icecream software…now i have installed 2.3 gigerbreed

  • Charmiid

    how to update samsung galaxy fit to 2.3.7. Can anyone help me

  • sanchit jain

    after full completion of upgrading ..after rebooting my phone does not go to home screen its shows only ANDROID … what can i doo

  • guys, i wanna install icecream sandwich 4.0.4 in my samsung galaxy fit…… tell me that it will work properly or not….. there are sum comments of people that camera is not working etc etc,,. plz tell me everything will work asusual or not after installation of ics 4.0.4….

    plz suggest,… if its is not the correct then what i should instal in my phone,…


  • P K Singh

    How to download Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich Beta 3. The link of this page is not working..Help me…

  • manju
  • Daniel Ram

    download link does not work :(

  • frm where to download CyanogenMod 9 package for the Galaxy FIT???????

  • FROM WHERE WILL I GET CyanogenMod 9 package for the Galaxy FIT ???????

    IS IT SAFEE?????????????

  • ahmed

    ana 3aiz a3ml lmobili software new mobile galaxy fit a3ml aa

  • eldho

    i hav upgraded my fit with android 4.3 but i found tat itz loosing power fast and my sd card is not working wat to do????

  • hsingh

    i cant find advanced recovery but i find manual recovery on my galaxy fit help me