The arrival of a next-gen handset isn’t just good news for fans of the brand looking for a new phone. Often times, many of the new handset’s features end up trickling down to its older brother either through official software updates or thanks to the efforts of the Android modding community.

For the LG G2, it seems that the ROM community has in fact came to the rescue, with developer OptimusRS bringing the aptly named “Optimus G3 ROM” to the G2. The ROM was ported from the official Korean LG G3 F400K and is based on the LG D802 20d firmware.

The new ROM essentially brings the cleaner, less colorful UI of the G3 over to last year’s LG flagship. In addition to the new UI, there’s also support for 4K video recording, Magic Focus, and a number of other improvements originally meant for the G3. As to be expected, there are a few minor bugs but overall the experience is very stable and more than capable of being your daily driver.

Installation of the ROM seems pretty straightforward, at least for those comfortable with this sort of thing. Basically you need to have your device rooted, custom recovery installed, an you need to do a full wipe before installing. For those that haven’t already, you’ll also need to flash the KK Baseband.

For those looking for more details, you can get full instructions and grab the ROM over at the XDA forum. Keep in mind things can and do sometimes go wrong when installing custom ROMs, so proceed at your own risk.

Andrew Grush
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  • Jayfeather787

    Interesting. One of the few UIs from a manufacturer that I like.

    • Corbin Crutch

      Same here. I wonder if it has all the G3 feaures..

      • g3onG2

        Lg health, smart notice, keyboard and camera works great. Only radio issue because of hardware change also battery time is very good on cloudys rom and twice as faster than stock rom ;)

        • Crutchcorn

          I saw all that. I just never came back from XDA. I was half afraid it wasn’t a real port. Many people do stuff like that. It’s some pretty cool stuff!

  • Xavier_NYC

    Andrew seeing as how CM11 is using mostly jb stuff will the KK Baseband affect me using other Roms? I was trying to flash PA RC2 and my phone didn’t even load just got an error with a blank screen lol luckily I had a backup

    • TheStig

      Did you download cloudyfa’s kk baseband modem?

      • Xavier_NYC

        No I’m still new to the whole rooting sorcery lol. Two questions for you 1) Will it work with the CM11 nightlies as well as PA roms? 2) Do I need to flash it every time I flash a new rom? Noob question I know

        • TheStig

          For cm nightly’s I used dr87s asop KK modem. For PA I used cloudyfa’s.

          • Xavier_NYC

            cool thanks a lot.

  • Anas D. Khateeb

    Why isn’t there any mention of the great developer named cloudyfa and his works on the g2.

    • DACF

      I was thinking the same thing especially since he brought it first to the G2 community.

    • Eduardo Perdomo

      i was just gonna comment on that! both roms are great! also other one of them, the flex ports and gpro 2 ports

  • Corbin Crutch

    Might have to pick up a G2…

  • Jdrew

    that solves the audio output issue from kitkat? if the knock-on update from LG doesn’t fix that i’m going for this ROM

  • Dwight Flakus

    Ugh touchwiz wanna be is still an ugly skin

    • kkk

      Much better than gimmick TouchWiz

      • Josue

        Well about that, touchwiz is good since I am using a galaxy s4 but sooner or later I’ll get a g2 and get cloudy or vanilla lollipop.

  • supremekizzle

    Rocking this rom. Super stable and awesome looking.

  • xpucm0

    I might consider G2 if that works out…

  • Guest

    Is there a way to upgrade to this ROM without losing all my old text messages? If anyone can refer me to a webpage that relates how I can backup and restore the texts, I’d appreciate it greatly.

  • Jazz

    once the process is complete will the lg g3 circle case work with the g2……. want to know as im not too fond with the g2’s UI.

  • Aser

    Please wallpaper home in hight resolution THANKS :)