LG’s new G Flex ad is beyond strange, and not in a good way

by: Andrew GrushMarch 6, 2014

In an effort to further promote their flexible smartphone, LG has released a brand new commercial for the LG G Flex that goes way beyond “quirky”. The ad starts out relatively normal enough, with a birthday celebration and the gifting of an LG G Flex. Upon taking the G Flex out of the box, however, things get weird quickly.

Instead of a phone, the guy’s hand is apparently the phone, complete with a mouth, beard and an ear. In the commercial the guy even feeds the phone, which in turn feeds the person he’s talking to on the other line. Things get even creepier in the last few seconds of the ad — so be appropriately prepared for some top-of-the-line strangeness.

The idea behind the commercial is that the LG G Flex is the “most human phone ever”, and that’s nearly like an extension of yourself. That’s a solid message, it’s just too bad that the commercial itself is such a train wreck to watch and leaves you feeling more than just a little creeped out.

We have to wonder what LG was thinking when they made this one since it’s not funny, and it’s pretty terrible to watch. On the other hand, just about every mobile tech site on the web is reporting on this ad, so at least it is bringing attention towards the LG G Flex. We’re just not sure if this is the kind of attention LG was looking for.

If you’d like actual details about the LG G Flex, you might want to check out our full review, instead:

What do you think of LG’s latest ad: confused, scared, need an adult? Or perhaps you actually enjoyed it? Give us your take in the comments.

  • AndroidBoss


  • MasterMuffin

    His right hand is his girlfriend I guess (the ending) if you know what I mean ;)

    But seriously, what in the actual fück??

    • Shark Bait

      Its got them of of publicly though!

    • Arcybiskup

      girlfriend without boobs…

  • Amine Elouakil

    ……………………………………………… really!

  • Rajkumar

    Could have been better !!!

  • Just when you thought it couldn’t get weirder, the guy begins making out with his hand.

  • onlygoodtime88

    so I think that explains a lot. … :-)

    • El Mariachi Fiesta

      The Mariachi was a nice touch.
      I want a Mariachi sing to me. Fiesta!!!

      Andale Arriba Boys, AyAyAy Yeah!!! Yeeaah!!!

      Okay, I’m a little jealous now. :)

  • Arcybiskup

    sex with hand… nade me ROFL soooo hard…

  • will


  • elros mente

    i think this is the most hilaryus commercial i’v ever seen XD

  • apianist16

    They got our attention, that much is for sure.

  • Ali Al-Dhalemi


  • Mike Bastable

    Well i live in Holland and strangely enough I quite like this …. strange but at least it gets you talking.

  • really?
    that was bullsh*T

  • Lance AKA truthspeaker
  • Jayfeather787

    Now this is the worst commercial ever.

  • Steve

    There’s something seriously disturbing about this ad, what were they thinking? LG finally has product to talk about, especially the LG G2 Pro, and then this garbage is how they showcase the Flex? Anyone who’s still considering buying this after watching the ad is a fool – that’s certainly how LG sees you – count me out – thoroughly disgusting.

  • Grim Reaper

    Thank God they didn’t go for an X rated version.

  • Mystery Man
  • Matt Dowdy

    The video has been removed and I really want to see it!

  • eliray

    It’s gross and embarrassing. Now I think their new phone is gross and embarrassing. Does LG think Samsung or Apple sell phones by not being cool?