Fully Functional MIUI ROM for HTC Thunderbolt Now Available

by: JoseNovember 10, 2011
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Good news Android enthusiasts: the famous aftermarket firmware from China, the MIUI ROM, has now been unofficially  ported to the HTC Thunderbolt and reportedly works completely.

Thanks to the hard work of developers DroidVicious and ErisHasNoBattery of RootzWiki, HTC Thunderbolt users can now load a fully working MIUI custom ROM onto their handsets.  The allure of this custom ROM or firmware has captivated many, and countless users are dying to have this running on their HTC Thunderbolt.

According to the RootzWiki website, this project was near-to-impossible because MIUI doesn’t have opensource code that developers can play around with. This project of putting MIUI into the Thunderbolt started around late July or early August.

The RootzWiki website show several revisions of this aftermarket ROM, ranging from making SMS work to making everything work. As of the moment, developers are pointing out that almost everything seems to work, with only very few features that don’t. It has been explicitly mentioned that MMS is still not working right now, but it’s being rectified.

Some of you might not know MIUI yet. As mentioned before, it’s a custom ROM or aftermarket firmware based on Android 2.3.7 Gingerbread. If you ran into CyanogenMod, they’re actually pretty much similar. MIUI has been known for its speed, which is faster compared to stock Android builds. And, it is also known for its user interface which very much resembles that of Apple iOS.

Not much has been reported about the performance of MIUI running on the Thunderbolt yet. The reputation of the HTC Thunderbolt and MIUI are both good. There will be high expectations for the two.

Do you run a custom ROM on your HTC Thunderbolt?  What ROM are you using?

  • You can really tell if it’s a graphic made in China. I visited a country once where they’re so keen in selling gadgets from China.

    • Naver buy chinese they are copied from somewhere and worthless!

  • emaciscool

    “Fully functional” in title, yet
    “ALMOST everything seems to work”
    “MMS still isn’t working”

    Gee, thanks. I’ve seen a thousand articles about the thunderbolt getting close to a full MIUI rom, and thought they’d fixed the last of things (primarily MMS), and you done fooled me. Led me astray. Brought me out back and put a shotgun to the back of my head.

  • A Espositojr

    Ran a 3600 quadrant standard on miui ultimate iphone theme at 1.9 GHz and a 2700 at 1.6