Fullscreen’s BEAM brings YouTube sharing capabilities to Google Glass

by: Adam KoueiderMay 4, 2013

Google Glass 645px

Google Glass will definitely be popular with YouTubers, but unitl now, there was no way to upload your videos directly through Glass and without a computer. Now however, it is possible for those who own Glass to upload their Glass adventures straight to YouTube, thanks to Fullscreen’s BEAM application.

To utilize the application you’ll need to create an account with Fullscreen and after taking a video, a quick share is all that is required to get your video up and running on t
he world’s largest video sharing site. Not only that, but the application is also capable of auto-sharing to Twitter, allowing users to easily share all their wacky tapes with their friends.

Although the app solves this problem, it would be nice to see Google implement a built-in application for sharing videos to YouTube before it releases Glass to the general public. Google is often slammed for not having tight integration with all of its services, and Glass should be able to tie all of Google’s services into it.

On another note, is it too much to ask for live streaming? For more info on Fullscreen’s application check out the video and to register for the app hit the source link below.

  • MasterMuffin

    And on another note, is it too much to ask for ≥500$ price drop for GG2? :)

    • Jth

      You don’t even know what GG1 will cost when it his market…

      • MasterMuffin

        Hopefully not much :)

  • harrold

    1) TAP YOUR FACE LIGHTLY ON the counter
    2)you SLAM it

    And to share files
    1)you headbang each other
    2)You touch cheeks
    3)You kiss

    (For #2 imagine you were lookin @ p0rn and then your auntie saw you and you touched cheeks and then….) (continue in reply)