Full HD phone from LG coming by the end of the year?

by: Bogdan PetrovanDecember 1, 2012

The full HD fever is taking over the Android ecosystem, as more manufacturers reveal devices with 1920×1080 displays, or plans to release such phones in the coming months. We’ve seen so far full HD smartphones from HTC (with the Butterfly J and the North American Droid DNA), Sharp, and Oppo (the Find 5 is about to be launched on December 12).

Samsung is also rumored to equip its flagships with full HD displays of the AMOLED variety, and their local rivals at LG are not resting on their laurels either. LG Display announced full HD panels a few weeks back, so it’s only a matter of time until a LG phone comes out equipped with a stunning 1920 x 1080 display.

LG’s upcoming high definition smartphone bears the F240K codename, a moniker that appeared a couple of weeks ago on GLBenchmark’s scoreboard. Now, a Korean site claims that the LG F240K will be the successor to the still new Optimus G, and that the device will be revealed by the end of the year. Bloter.net claims that the F240K is currently in carrier testing, and that LG is trying to beat Sharp and HTC to be the first device maker to release a full HD in the South Korean market.

In our opinion, an international release of the F240K would make little sense at this point, considering that the Optimus G is still very fresh. Still, the F240K might be a device specific to South Korea; it wouldn’t be the first time LG released smartphones exclusive to its home market. The F240K should be pretty similar to the Optimus G in terms of specs, according to the GLBenchmark score, running on a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro chip. Chances are it’s a souped up version of the Optimus G, fitted with a better panel.

Don’t hold your breath to see a full HD LG phone in the international markets this year, but a launch at CES in January or MWC in February is certainly feasible.

  • SLOW THE FUCK DOWN!!!! the optimus G was just released

  • Jan Larsson

    Most countries don’t have it (the G) yet with no word on release either…I say, hurry the “F” up!

  • Nixon

    Yet again I can barely notice the difference in HD and FullHD on 15 inches and they plan to put it on a 5 inch. Everyone knows that higher number means a bigger penis but still this would only drain the battery faster while no real change imo. Oh yeah people will say “Omg this device has so much better display than my S3 bla bla bla, but that is mainly because they’ve had the S3 for a long time and the new device for a week. Well screw this.

    • Jared Persinger

      want a 720 p phone that dosen’t have pentile and is super AMOLED if they do that then I will be happy

      • ijKs

        Galaxy Note 2 is non-pentile 720p HD Super AMOLED screen.

        So you should already be happy since that phone is currently on the market.

        • Jared Persinger

          It has a nice enough display for me

    • James

      You haven’t seen it in person, I have. Seeing it behind the camera picture really doesn’t help. All I can say is, you really CAN see the difference between 1080p and 720p.

      • Nixon

        As colours or as pixels?

        • Pat

          I agree with James. And to answer your question, both, you can still mark pixels on the S3 and the nexus 4 and the viewing angles on the Nexus 4 pale far in comparison to the Droid DNA. Once you see it in person, it really does make the difference in just overall sharpness.

  • aCe manayan

    The Fvck Do i care of the transitions of new android phone..am just happy to have one xD..

  • Why don’t just they stick to smaller screens but bigger batteries? 4.3″ with a 3000+ battery..Throw in a dual core a15… I’m a happy man.. And if I need a bigger screen, I would just buy a tablet..

    • Ditto for me too. I am very Happy with my GTi9000 screen size. Just need better CPU, GPU & Battery.