Fujitsu Unveils Waterproof Smartphone and Tablet

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 9, 2012
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Fujitsu has just announced a new line of Android smartphones and tablets that are all waterproof. By using a waterproof Android device, you no longer have to worry about your unit accidentally getting wet. They’ve even demonstrated what will happen to the unit through a video (posted below).

Fujitsu Smartphone

The waterproof Android smartphone has a 4-inch 480×800 AMOLED display screen covered by a Gorilla Glass front. Called slim, the phone is about 6.7mm thick. Unfortunately, it only has one camera at the back and runs on Android 2.3.

Fujitsu Tablet 

The waterproof Fujitsu tablet is a 10.1 inch, 16GB tablet equipped with 1GHz Dual-Core processor and 1280×800 WXGA display. It has two cameras: one in the front, the other at the back; as well as an LTE antenna which allows its user to use the internet with much gusto. It also has a remote hand gesture function that allows control of the tablet even without actually touching it. While units are running Honeycomb, Fujitsu promised that it will be upgradable.

Release date and price has not yet been revealed.