Fujitsu and NEC joining Samsung in the Tizen game, will launch Tizen phones in 2014

by: Brad WardMarch 12, 2013

Tizen Logo genieIt’s no secret that Samsung will be the first company to release a Tizen-based smartphone later this year, but who else will be getting in the Tizen game?

According to Japanese publication MSN Sankei News, Fujitsu and NEC will be releasing Tizen devices in 2014. The two companies will allegedly be releasing the devices in its home country, Japan, first. It’s doubtful it’ll be coming to the US though, except for possibly Sprint. The carrier is on the Tizen Association’s Board of Directors with Samsung, Intel, Huawei, Panasonic, Vodafone, Orange, Sprint, SK Telecom and KT.

Fujitsu and NEC joined up with NTT DoCoMo to launch its own mobile chip manufacturer called Access Network Technology Limited in August 2012. There’s no telling if we’ll see chips coming from this company in Tizen smartphones, but it’s highly possible due to the timing of it.

Then again, the three companies tried the same thing with Samsung and Panasonic to reduce the dependency on foreign chip makers like Qualcomm in early 2012, and that didn’t work out too well due to not being able to agree on the terms.

It’s great to see more companies hopping on the Tizen bandwagon. After all, Samsung isn’t Google, and it won’t be able to move the OS forward themselves.

  • Bone

    Forbes predicts quite a future for Tizen as Samsung looks to make it a universal platform for all your home devices and beyond, pushing money beyond belief in innovation, patents and “no interface” controls.

    I would definitely dig kitchen stuff set up from phone with live cooking feedback, or a video guide played on a built-in screen, refrigerator could join it too. Plus TV, tablet, PC, phone instantaneously picking up whatever you were doing on the other devices as you switch rooms, sit on the couch and access your files from TV, go into the bedroom and continue your show from the tablet…