Fuhu Nabi 2 kids’ tablet $129 in Walmart Black Friday deal

by: Kristofer WoukNovember 21, 2012

Looking to pick up a tablet as a gift for your kids, but want to keep the price low? The Fuhu Nabi 2, which is normally priced at $199, will be selling for just $129 at Walmart on Black Friday.

We spotted this deal on the Fuhu Nabi 2, along with some other Android devices, earlier this month, but with Black Friday looming closer, now is a good time to remind those who might be interested. For a tablet aimed at kids, the specs aren’t bad. A 7-inch screen with 1024 x 600 resolution, 1.3 GHZ quad-core Tegra 3 processor, 1 GB RAM and 8 GB storage should be more than enough to keep most kids happy.

This offer only applies in Walmart stores and will likely sell out fairly quickly, so if you’re interested, plan to get in line early. While it may be inconvenient, this is a nice deal, so it may be worth it.

Who’s interested?

  • Specs are very similar to a current nexus device out.

  • Damn anywhere but Walmart and I’d be willing to get it

    • Fee

      It going to be $129 at Target for Black Friday also

  • jmigs

    try bestbuy online

  • KM

    Yep, Best Buy has it online for the same price with free shipping right NOW. No waiting in line.

    • LJK

      I saw it for $168 at BB not $129.

  • Mom5

    I don’t see this in the Wal-Mart Black Friday ad… I’m on the east coast though. Maybe it is not “our” deal…

  • Amy C.

    Why isn’t this price online????

  • mahermusic5

    Just picked one up at my local Walmart for $129!!! SMOKIN’ deal that’s only advertised on online sites like this. Price on the display was $199. Three left. Had the saleswoman take one out and it rung up at $129! 2-year accidental replacement warranty was offered for $15. Not a morning deal either… went to Walmart at 6pm on Black Friday.

  • Chet

    any more upcoming sales? – I bought it for 189 but am totally willing to return it for a better price… thanks!

  • Dawkins

    Our walmart store only had 8 in stock. It was supposed to go on sale at 8:00 thanksgiving. We got there at 6:30 and they already gave them out. Unreal. Why would you advertise something you only have 8 of.. They had TVs on sale too, only 3 in stock… Seriously!! I hate walmart when it comes to sales. They always make it look good, but never in stock. Unreal