FuelBand not coming to Android anytime soon, as Nike focuses on iOS and nikeplus.com

by: Chris SmithFebruary 11, 2013


Fitness buffs who also happen to carry Android smartphones for their daily activities, sports included, will not be happy to hear that Nike has no immediate plans to introduce an Android-friendly FuelBand companion app. But we’ll give you the bad news anyway.

Apparently the company is more interested with its iOS and nikeplus.com FuelBand-related plans, and isn’t ready to be working on an Android app version at this time:

“[W]e are focusing on the FuelBand experience across iOS and nikeplus.com,” the statement reads, “At this time we are not working on an Android version of the app.”

This may be displeasing but not completely surprising considering that this isn’t the first time Nike is delaying work on Android apps. The Nike+ app hit Google Play much later than its iOS counterpart, which may suggest that a FuelBand Android app could be launched at least a few summers from now. When that will happen, the FuelBand Android app will probably look like its iOS alternative, pictured above.

Are you looking forward to see a FuelBand Android app, or are you using different means for your fitness tracking?

  • BFS

    No more.

  • Anon

    Good for Nike… Now as a previous loyal customer I will start buying other brands of sneakers/clothing!

  • Joshua Tumanda

    they have not seen the market

  • More like Apple is sucking that pipe hard to keep some exclusive stuff. Alls this proves is some other fitness company will make something similar if not better

  • Anon

    Adidas should have an exclusive Android partnership now

  • AndroidBrian

    Suck a bag of dicks Nike.

  • Try adidas micoach!! Works great on android!!! No need for nike+ apps.