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In this edition of the Friday Debate, we discuss the unthinkable: what would happen if there were no Android? We’d all have to adopt other mobile platforms, like it or not. So, what would that competing operating system be in your case? iOS, BB10, WP, Ubuntu Touch, Firefox OS. Something else?

If you had to give up Android today, what device would you buy and why? Is there a feature on a non-Android device that you secretly crave?

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Adam Koueider

We quickly forget that the mobile market is a two horse race right now. Android is taking the role that Windows has on the desktop and iOS is filling its niche. BB10 is a sinking ship and despite Microsoft’s relatively futile attempts at making Windows Phone relevant, the operating system has yet to make a serious dent in the market.

In the extremely unlikely event that I had to leave Android (at least extremely unlikely on a phone, tablets are a whole new ball game), I’d probably move to iOS. There are a few very good reasons for the move to iOS over Windows Phone. My first reason is that it simply has more apps over Windows Phone and better games when compared to Android (but I’m not too big of a mobile gamer so it’s not enough to sway me from Android without being forced to leave).

The second and biggest reason I’d choose iOS over Windows Phone is that I am a very big Google services user. While Android is still slightly above iOS when it comes to Google services, iOS is head and shoulders above Windows Phone. As a user of Google Drive, Gmail, Play Music, Google Plus, Chrome and a Chromebook as my Primary laptop just to name a few, going to Windows Phone would be disastrous for me.

That being said, if there were to be one phone that would pull me away from Android, it would ironically be a Windows Phone. The Nokia Lumia 1020, as I’ve said before, gives me a reason to put up with the overly simplistic, live tile UI. Its camera is simply stunning, and no other smartphone camera comes close. As far as features are concerned, there aren’t very many that I crave.

Android, in its robust feature set and customizability, can give me almost all that I’d ever desire, but if there was one feature that I’d like on Android, it’s the four finger swipe to swap between apps/five finger pinch to close app on the iPad. It’s a great feature which works very well and is intuitive and easy to use, meaning it has all of the qualities of a great feature.

The last one I’d like on Android, is the finger/palm rejection, again found on iOS. This would seriously help OEMs reduce bezels without making the user experience worse thanks to accidental screen presses.

All things taken into consideration, as much as I dislike iOS on a phone, and on a 7-inch tablet, I actually prefer it on a 10-inch tablet (pre-iOS 7 over iOS 7 of course). That being said, I don’t like 10-inch tablets that much either, so I’d probably pass on that as well.

Andrew Grush

Honestly this is a pretty tough question. When it comes to computerized devices I like options, the ability to do what I want.

It’s why I still custom build my PC and dual-boot between Ubuntu and Windows 8.1. It’s also why I choose Android. With Android I can choose the hardware that I feel works best for me, and I can also make changes to the software via launchers, custom ROMs and so forth.

As it stands, no mobile OS fits the bill for me outside of Android.

In a world where Android didn’t exist, I suppose that other platforms would have risen up or perhaps HP’s (or really Palm’s) WebOS would still be going strong.

As it stands now? If something forced me out of Android for whatever reason, I would probably keep a close eye out for what’s going on with Ubuntu on mobile, though it’s far from ready for primetime.

In the meantime, I think I’d have to settle for a Windows Phone device. With WP8, at least I still have a few hardware options, as opposed to Apple’s two-sizes-fits-all approach with the iPhone 5S and 5C. I also am a big fan of Nokia’s designs, even if I’m not so keen on the idea of Microsoft getting their hands all over the company’s phone division.

On the downside, I’d also have to go through various hoops to get any Google services up and running, and some won’t work at all. As far as the lack of other apps, I play a few games and use a few productivity apps, but I think I could still get by with Microsoft’s much more limited selection.

Ultimately, I will not be leaving Android unless something equal to it arises.

To be “equal” in my mind, it has to be an easily customizable platform with multiple device choices. Additionally, there has to be at least enough apps to cover my basic needs when it comes to light gaming, social networking, productivity and the like.

As we know all know — no other major OS currently fits that description.

Simon Hill

There are things I don’t like about it, but if I had to give up Android then I’d definitely go for iOS and an iPhone 5S, for much the same reasons as Adam. iOS is the next best platform for the Google services I use daily, and it has a much better selection of apps and games than either BB10 or Windows Phone. Most of the apps and games on iOS are much more polished and they tend to be properly optimized for the platform, so the user experience is undeniably good. I like the fingerprint scanner on the 5S and it’s a nice phone to use, although I’d definitely miss the bigger screens I’ve grown used to.

In terms of devices, I’ve been using a BB Z30 recently for a review and it’s actually a really nice piece of hardware. It has a good, big screen and a premium feel. I also quite like BB10 as a platform, I think it’s better than Windows Phone, it’s just let down by the lack of apps and the poor quality of what is there, which is ultimately a deal breaker for me.

As it stands Android and iOS are still streets ahead of the competition, especially if you use a lot of apps and like to play a good selection of new and classic games.

Darcy LaCouvee

This is an incredibly tough question.

I’ve been pondering this for quite some time, and I’ve yet to fully decide. From my time with both Ubuntu and Firefox OS, I’d have to say that I’d opt for either over iOS or BB.

Increasingly, everything I do is via either Chrome or Boat with flash enabled (Yes, I need to be able to use a full desktop browser with flash for many of the things we do here at AA)

And, let’s face it — mobile devices aren’t really geared for ‘power users’ yet, and likely will never be. Mobile technology is designed to facilitate convenience and the notion that we are connected. It can definitely augment a professionals ability to work and stay connected while they are on the move. But for those among us that write, create, synthesize, analyze, etc., there is nothing that can replace a full PC/Mac.

If I gave up Android, I don’t think I could ever make the switch to iOS, unless compelled at gunpoint or for the right price. Ok, I kid.

But, in all seriousness, Blackberry looks great for email aficionados, but that’s about it. So where does that leave us? Ubuntu, and Firefox OS. Neither are popular, and likely never will be to the same magnitude that Android has achieved, but at least they continue to push the envelope of what HTML5 can do, and honor the principles of FOSS. Google continues to obfuscate their true adherence to FOSS (Chromecast, Qualcomm issues, Android 4.4 changes, etc) as they pursue further control of Android, and the monetization potential it carries for them. This is a for profit company that loves money. And they need to respect their partners, both in the hardware and content delivery to do this.

That being said, the alternatives don’t quite look very attractive. I’d likely go for Ubuntu, Firefox OS, or Sailfish OS. Windows Phone is a joke, iOS is iOS, and BB is a burning platform. 

Joe Hindy

Without a shadow of a doubt it’d be Windows Phone for me. In the mobile space, all my devices are Android but in the PC space, I’m all Windows. Sometimes people are quick to dismiss WP and that’s okay. They’re numbers are still really low. However, the numbers show that WP users are up from 2% to 4% this year, meaning the number of WP users have literally doubled. Considering that Microsoft is buying Nokia and is going to produce their own hardware, I expect these numbers to continue to increase and, possibly, bring a third big competitor to the mobile space. With Microsoft’s vast wealth and healthy PC ecosystem, it’s unreasonable to believe that their app offerings won’t eventually at least catch up to a point where the important tasks are covered.

But it is more than just the latest trends. WP products sync and work well with Windows products which I use every day. With things like Skydrive gaining momentum and other MS products like Xbox SmartGlass, Xbox Music, and Office having native support, it’s conceivable that in the future WP owners will be able to replace pretty much every Google product with a Microsoft product. If you also take into account that Google’s products are cross platform (i.e. Google Maps), then you can still get a good deal of Google content on a Microsoft device. This will be especially true once the YouTube issue has been worked out.

That’s really it. I am an Xbox Live subscriber and I own Windows PCs and if I didn’t have Android, I would look to find a device that could integrate with what I have as much as possible.

What do YOU think?

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Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • Jack Parker

    Whoever clicked iOS, get out.

    • Nick V

      Great speech. :)

    • Jayfeather787

      I know right. If Android disappears, replace it with another open-source Linux-based OS, not Crapple.

      • Jack Parker

        thats exactly why I hit Ubuntu ;)

        • Jayfeather787


        • Jonathan Sosa

          Me too

        • MadCowOnAStick

          Too bad, I hit WP :D I mean it’s not that bad really

          • Jack Parker

            Its awful :O The only good thing about it is that its really smooth, apps are terrible

          • MadCowOnAStick

            Yeah but without Android then maybe more people will actually want to make apps for Windows lol

        • M3D1T8R

          Yep, same.

      • John

        What does it matter if the OS is open source?

        • Jayfeather787

          So it can be modified. The best thing about Android is that you can change anything about the interface.

          • John

            So can manufacturers.

          • Jayfeather787

            I know, but the best thing about Android is that you can also Flash ROMs. My phone never saw an update past 2.3.6 Gingerbread, and now thanks to a custom ROM, it is running 4.3 Jellybean.

    • Tamadrummer94

      Let’s not be irrational, it’s a hypothetical question and I think it’s quite clear that iOS is far superior to the other options that either aren’t and likely won’t be established, or have worst feature sets. iOS is more feature-packed and accessible than Windows Phone, and it also has the best apps. I don’t know about you, but I won’t even consider other platforms if they don’t have great apps.

    • erin

      Why there’s no option for Symbian and Windows Mobile ?

      Customization is very important to me, if there’s no Android, I’ll absolutely dust off my old Nokia S60 or WinMo 6.5 HD2 phone.

      Hardware feature -wise, I don’t want to downgrade my phone to iPhone or WP, that’s for sure.

    • G

      Wise up… If you knew anything about os you would realise ios is the closest thing to android.

    • yash khatri

      why the hell do you have problem with apple and ios i use it as my secondary phone and after it’s jail breaker it’s good.

      • Jack Parker

        Its boring, its simple. it costs an arm and a leg and them some, for what? easily breakable? a boring os? a company that sued an online vegetable store for having an apple in its logo?
        honestly, every time someone buys an iphone they’re buying the same thing, except of course the new 5s which has a fingerprint reader, but for over £700 for the 32gb model? No thanks, especially since HTC have come out with their own

        They acuse companys for copying them and suing them for it, but why? they stole the navigation bar, the most recognizable thing in android, not to mention most of the new features in iOS 7 came from android

        just my two cents

    • ziplock9000

      Some of us need to actually use and depend on our smartphones and not just have them as a toy or experiment.

  • GreatNews

    I’ll keep me Android phone!

  • Nick V

    I would try Ubuntu phone. Infact, now that I have my N5, my N4 is going to be my Ubuntu phone.

  • IanDickson

    Windows phone just because as one person put it “everything else is windows”.

    • Haseeb Ahmed

      Don’t get swayed by the riveting movement of the tiles you see on the Internet. Take it from the first hand user of WP you will regret that you ever switched to windows phone. Simply put messy,dull and crap.

      • McHale72

        I’ve already stopped using my Nexus 5. I love my Nexus 7 but Android on phones BLOWS. Email app? Awful. Battery life, stupidly awful. Camera, beyond awful. Contact handling, ridiculously awful. Android still feels like a bloated mess of code.

        • Seth Forbus

          Tell me how you really feel.

        • Seth Forbus

          Tell me how you really feel.

      • Seth Forbus

        I own one of each phone because I work for tech support. I actually like the windows phone for my customers. Here is why. Its simple and impossible for them to mess up, its snappy and speedy even on crappy hardware like the lumia 521, and it “looks pretty” which the average consumer cares about. I wish most of my ios customers would get windows phone. Although it would put me out of a job in tech support because people rarely have issues with them.

        • Haseeb Ahmed

          I’ve used Nl920 as my primary device,I will give you that it’s snappy and literally has no lags and any issues but still noo notification centre,no auto rotation lock,no specific volume controls that’s blasphemous! I can give you litany of issues,Buck – up Microsoft it’s 2013 get the basics right and then aim or even hope to topple Android from the perch. I have been hearing the next update might be “The” one but frankly it’s just bullsh!t.

      • John

        WP is great.

      • Microsoftjunkie

        Plz stop making the same comments. Your down votes says you’re full of it.

  • James

    Jolla sailfish or a Linux based os

    • MasterMuffin

      There’s another one, yippee!

  • MasterMuffin


  • dimnex

    Well android can’t just vanish. So I’m gonna play it like: what if.. it never existed?
    In that scenario I would probably have a Windows phone, that without Android It would enjoy the services of Google (if MS would welcome it though I don’t know) and it would have as many apps as Android has right now… because the majority of people won’t spend 800$ on an phone. WP offering many choices would crown it as the most popular OS and the developers would support it like it or not.

    • Seth Forbus

      Windows phone currently has certain google services baked in, so there is no doubt in my mind it would get them if android vanished.

  • mLogician

    I’d prefer some open source platform based on Linux where apps are developed in C/C++.

  • IDontKnowMyName

    if i had to switch right now it would be windows phone. even though there are far less apps for it then ios. i used my brothers iphone5 for a little while and it’s definitely not something i would use at all.
    at the moment ubuntu needs to get more mature but i used it a little bit on my galaxy note and it was promising.

    • Seth Forbus

      It feels tiny in my man hands.

  • PL

    For me there is only android and ios.

  • anehlo

    This is a great question. I like Android so much, I’ve never really thought about which phone I’d use instead….it’s always just been Android ever since I got the original HTC Evo 4G.

    But if I were forced to use another platform, I’d probably try Windows Phone first. And it’s probably not the best reason, but I recently got a Surface Pro 2 and am really impressed with Windows 8.1 (I can see how the new “Modern” interface would drive some people nuts, but I really like it once I got used to it). So, if Windows Phone works as well as Windows 8.1, then I’d probably go that route.

    I’ve used iOS devices and although they’re great, it’s just not for me.

  • Haseeb Ahmed

    Firstly I would like to say I am a new Android user I just recently got my new and first android device note 3 and Iam loving it. As much as I love Nokia and cos of them I made the switch from ios to wp with NL920 and having used the wp for over 8 months the first thing comes to mind is that its dull unintuitive and messy. The hardware and the camera can only do so much but the the real crux today is the OS and I can with full responsibility say never ever try wp. Coming from android you will get bored to death within the first week. Stick with android and be thankful that someone created this beast of an OS. Lastly I’m not a Microsoft hater,its just that Nokia is not Nokia anymore.

    • Microsoftjunkie

      That made zero sense.

      • Michael

        Your name says it all. That made perfect sense!

        • Microsoftjunkie


      • Haseeb Ahmed

        U commenting here makes zero sense, go and troll somewhere else like WMPOWERUSER. Admin still gets nightmares about me addressing the shortcomings of WP vocally. #Fact

        • Microsoftjunkie

          Obviously, you don’t know what trolling is. Plz point out what trollish things i said. You on the other hand, bashing wp from this articles question just prove how trollish yours were. ppl like you always surprise me.

          • Haseeb Ahmed

            How ironical. You are playing into the age old stereotypical troll. If you love WP then go and profess your love on the sites that are run by WP fanboys. I am just stating not hating.

          • Microsoftjunkie

            Yea, the hating part, that’s exactly whar it sounds like. The question was, what platform would you choose, not what platform you’d least like to choose. There’s a big difference and your comment was irrelevant.

            Its also funny how you continue saying go to this or that website, like its a club for pro “your chose platform”. That comment right there let me know that you’re the, so called, fanboy. i rightfully called you out on your childish and arrogant response.

          • Haseeb Ahmed

            Exactly this kind of ire I draw when ever i point out the shortcomings of WP, I for one have used the the WP for good 8 months and frankly the novelty factor wears out(Non-Sensical flipping tiles)When Microsoft decides to give me notification centre,Auto – rotation lock,Good customisations and can sort out few litany of drawbacks then we can talk.

          • Microsoftjunkie

            Exactly my point, even tho “most” of those are true, stating that didn’t didn’t answer the initial question and that’s why it was irrelevant.

          • Arnold

            I am dying to know what customization options Android has that WP does not have and will be getting soon…. Dying to know that. Auto Rotation lock exist on WP now with GDR3 and notifications are coming as well.

  • Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic

    I would have hit Cyanogenmod, but it wasn’t there.

    • marycontrary

      Because it’s Android, smartass.

      • dsadas

        u meant dumbass not smartass

      • Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic

        It’s based on Android, you must run stock Android to not realise that even if it’s still Android at core, it differs by a lot.

        • John

          So only nexus phones run android?

  • MrMagoo

    If Android vanished, WP would be next for me. Then maybe Ubuntu touch. Without Android WP would hoard and smother every app dev out there more so than they are doing now. For me it’s obvious to say that the eco-system of WP would double or triple it’s app offerings inside of a month or 2 if Android just vanished.

  • John Hamernick-Ramseier

    I have Linux Mint 15 on my laptop, and I have an Android phone. I only use Windows at school or in a virtual machine on my laptop, I like to customize and tinker with my electronics to much. That is why I chose Ubuntu Phone

  • Rafael Bergamin

    I know the iOS app ecosystem is way better than WP, but I would really like spending some time with WP. If developers start looking to it, I guess it could become a really good OS.

  • Matt Dowdy

    I’d choose windows phone as I’ve been there and got bored to tears for years with the iPhone, a note to the author, have you not heard of Gmd gesture control? It would allow for 4 finger swipe between apps etc that you crave to have on your Android device

  • marycontrary

    Windows Phone.. maybe.
    Ubuntu… not ready yet.
    Firefox OS… definitely not ready.
    Blackberry OS… never.
    iOS… maybe. It’s better than Windows Phone, and that’s a fact.

    I know plenty of people here hate Crapple, but there’s the facts^.

    • McHale72

      how is iOS better than Windows Phone? iOS blows.

      • John Locke

        Apps. Plus, I personally hate M$.

        • Adrian Remus

          I know that you hate M$ but i never asked you what do you think about ₲oogle

          • John Locke

            How did you do that G? Lol And I like Google products & services and Google as a company. Sure they may have done a few bad things but nowhere near of being MS level of bad.

          • Adrian Remus

            Just looked for some currency symbols over the internet. I saved that character for future use :D

            Google is okay but i think i don’t like them because of the ads. I hate advertisements from the bottom of my heart. I can’t describe you my feelings about ads, tv ads, internet ads (especially the ads with world of tanks – i will hate that game forever) and street ads and subway ads.

          • John Locke

            Allow me to introduce you to Adblocker. I don’t use it anymore because I dont want to deprive websites of revenue.

            Would you really pay for services instead?

          • Adrian Remus

            I think they (especially Google) have enough money. I don’t mind a small ad or short ad in case of videos but god, don’t spam me with ads. Don’t put 10 ads on top when i search for something. Don’t put 1 minute long ad when i want to see a 5 seconds clip and after that, put a small banner with a 4 pixels close button over the video like it wasn’t enough.

            I don’t say ‘remove all ads’. I just want less ads. Few years ago it wasn’t like it is now.

      • Skander

        both are not open source, and both aren’t as customizable like Android.

        The only thing left to judge is apps and performance, and iOS takes the cake there.

        Personally I’d probably go to Tizen.

  • Michael McGrade

    If iOs devices were much bigger and didn’t cost so dang much I’d go for that but I could totally see myself going Windows just for the Nokia devices and their amazing cameras. I’m also a big gamer so Windows has me there as well sort of…iOs has more but you have to pay for darn near everything on their ecosystem which blows but it’s solid stuff. This is a tough one…Windows it is I guess.

  • Alex James Simon

    Depends on the situation, if lets say Android never existed then I would probably be on a iPhone, the reason I first got into Android was actually because when I was first looking into a smartphone, I was on Sprint, and at that time the iPhone wasn’t available (Which I was originally going to get if it was available, or if I could get my mom to switch carriers, which didn’t happen.), but the HTC Evo 4g was getting ready to release, and I was hearing all these great things about it, of how it was a iPhone killer, so I got it the first month it was out, and I fell in love with it and Android. However, if lets say Android where now to disappear for some reason(never would happen), I would not go for the iPhone, I’d probably try Ubunto.

    • Seth Forbus

      There are many stories like yours. People buy iphones “because their friends have them”. Then when they actually get a different device and don’t buy into the hype they are blown away by the extra features and power.

      • Alex James Simon

        Partly that and I wanted a iPod touch with the Phone feature, because basically back then that was what an iPhone was, although in that case none of my friends had iPhones back then, it wasn’t until I heard about the HTC Evo 4g that I really cared about specs, all I wanted was something that could play games, and had a phone feature built-in didn’t like the idea of having to carry around two devices all the time. Lastly was wallpapers dont forget wallpapers, i was so mad, when i found out that my 2g iPod touch wasn’t getting wallpapers. Bottom line, I’m so glad I made the switch to Android when I did.

  • Southall87

    I voted other… before i switched to android phones I had Nokia’s running symbian (5800 then an N8) and if this was still available I would switch back in a flash. I gave windows phone a good go but didn’t get on with it and there are parts of IOS that just drive me crazy! I have never used a bb10 device and I don’t know anyone who has one either.

  • McHale72

    I’ve had my Nexus 5 for a week and I’ve already gone back to WIndows Phone. The battery life is so bad I can’t get through a full day at work even if I don’t use it for anything. I can go 24 hours with my Windows Phone and if I turn on battery saver I can go a full weekend.

  • John Locke

    I would go for iOS. Simply because it is possible to get some basic Android features with jailbreak.

    • erin

      but you still can’t overcome its hardware limitation.

      you can’t got an sdcard slot even if you jailbreak your iPhone.


  • John Locke

    This is the best question AA has had in a while!


    wow…..that was a hard one. the pineapple up the ass or a hot poker in the pee hole?

    • Aron Tripp



    wow….. That was a hard one. it like a pineapple up the A.$$ or a hot poker in the P hole???? Just got the chills.

  • Tran Nguyen

    Everybody is missing the point. Have you ever ask yourself “Why did you love Android?”. Because Android gave you more freedom even for developers.

  • Anthony Walker

    I would go with Windows Phone because it has a back button. I used someone’s iPhone about a week ago and I couldn’t figure out how to go back one screen. I ended up pressing the home button which took me out of the app.

    • Mike Palmer

      Lol, My cousin got the S4 this summer and after a couple months he was telling me that he didn’t like that there was only a back button, and no home button. I assume because he only ever had a crapple phone he thought there was only one button on the phone. Simple minded people………

  • Tran Nguyen

    Everybody is missing a point. Have you ever ask yourself that why did you love Android? Simple answer is Android gave you almost freedom choice and even for phone makers and developers. That’s my answer.

  • Aron Tripp

    I’d have to say I’d go dumb phone, Mi-Fi hotspot and a ChromeBook.

  • jdt1986

    I wouldn’t touch iOS out of general principle. Windows Phone would be the alternative for me if Android was no longer around.

  • Monj

    I’m not a big fan of iOS but I’d never choose WP in the near future.
    Simple reason: WStore sucks !!!! really lacks of good things, not many devs…

    • Monj

      so iOS for this criteria

  • SimonReidy

    I already have an iPad so the choice would be easy for me – iOS for the apps, and the build quality of Apple devices. Plus if you wait it out, you can usually end up jailbreaking iOS devices, which while still nowhere near as good as Android, at least provides you with some of its freedom (unlocks the file manager, choose default apps etc).

    • Seth Forbus

      “build quality of apple devices”. You made me giggle sir.

      • Lazzzx

        Build quality of the apple devices is very good. If you dont know what you’re saying, than please be quiet.

        • SuperSam64

          I would agree with the statement that Apple’s build quality is very good, but I imagine the nature of @sethforbus:disqus’s comment was more that build quality is quite irrelevant on a computing device. Sure, it’s nice to have a nice looking and well designed device, but should that take precedence over the actual capabilities of the device? Is the build quality a more significant purchasing factor than what the device is able to do? My answer would be no.

          For those who say yes, consider buying a Rolex instead. It won’t make phone calls or surf the web, but damn you’ll look good wearing it.

  • Alfredo Pérez Grovas

    I would chose WebOS (Huevos !!!) :-)

  • Seth Forbus

    Ubuntu or blackberry 10. Before everyone gets mad about blackberry 10, it can actually run android apps.

  • Felix

    I see the main reasoning to not go Windows as stating that is has too few users and hence few apps targeting the platform. In the hypothetical event of Android vanishing from existence, wouldn’t these two problems be solved? I mean, imagine every Android phone disappeared at the same time. WP automatically goes to being close to a fifth of the market share. Add to that a whole influx of new users, a lot of developers without their old platform to target, etc. What would be the disadvantages of WP then?

  • Guest

    I rarely use my phone as it is, so if I had to give up Android, I’d just go without a phone. ;)

  • devrindare

    I own two phones simultaneously an Android and a Windows Phone. I never thought to replace my Android phone ever but can change my Windows phone with an iOS device, which will be my secondary phone and ANDROID is always my Primary phone option.

  • AmicusBrief

    I’ve already made the change. Dell Venue 8 Pro running Win 8.1…the best duo since Pam Anderson.

  • Microsoftjunkie

    I’m thinking about pickong up an android again, after 2yrs only because of the N5 price. Seriously, it really doesn’t get better than that. As from my name ^^, i like MS products and will stick to Windows Phone if that was the case.

  • Nadeem Ansari

    Yolo guys!!! The Android 4.2.2 update for your Xperia Z is right here!!

  • jdt1986

    Look at the current poll results: This is a clear battle between Windows Phone and iOS. Ubuntu comes close, but it’s still not really a mainstream phone OS yet. If Android dropped of the face of the earth, sure, many people would run to iOS instead… But at the same time, a large portion would seemingly run to Windows Phone. With all the extra users, maybe development of Windows Phone would kick up a notch, and all these complaints of lack of apps/games might become invalid.

  • Maher Salti

    Tizen or Jolla probably since jolla would be able to run Android Apps..

  • Kettzy

    No android? I guess I’d have to wait for sailfish or tizen… till then BB10 would be best option I suppose. Also, BB10 would’ve been open source by now and all OEMs would be dying to get BB10 for their handsets. :)

  • jcnieves

    The only guy making money on a free platform is Google, not the developers, not the people that want their Ads to be shown on free ad driven apps,just Google. So what is the point of being on a free open source platform if the guys that manage it are bleeding everybody’s money. Do you want to sell an app? Google is going to bill you for every sell. Do you want to make money with ads? Google will pay you cents and bill the advertisers hundreds. Think twice.

  • yanhopeless

    Meego :)

  • filaos

    iOS, of course for the two main recasons :
    – apps
    – Google services

    • Shark Bait

      I think I’d agree! You can almost make it a google phone.

      I think I android never existed , apple and Google would still be friends. Apple would do hardware and google the software. It would be a killer combo

      • filaos

        Yes. Apple would do the hardware and the OS (they wouldn’t accept not to do both) and Google would do all the Cloud services. The latter would mean no iCloud and more Google integrated at OS level. I don’t know if Apple would have accepted this.

        • Shark Bait

          Well back at the start Google and apple were very close. Eric Schmidt was on the board, Google was dafault search, you tube and maps where bundled. It makes sense that Google would have been more integrated if they didn’t become a competitor

  • vosg

    If iOS was the only alternative to Android, I would use a dumb phone.

  • Georgian Stanescu

    I can’t stand iOS. Although I do have 2 iDevices, however i’m increasingly going away from em. For the simple reason: One word. CUSTOMIZATION. I love it. Hence why I use Android full time. With regards da above Q, Id go with a Windows Phone, without a shadow of a doubt, again for da reason Customization.

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Combi of ios and android for me. Im sure most of the ios haters here hate apple more than they like android, mostly because of their ignorance

  • Carlyle C. Wilson

    I would choose Else Mobile. Else Mobile was Android before Android itself. Check on youtube for it and you’ll see why.

  • Mvrcel Lgt

    people hating on WP-Store should think about when apps do get ported to a system. It’s when many people use a system, as simple as that. So if you hate on WP !ONLY! for it’s poor store but like the phones and simplicity of the OS, you should consider buying a WP to get a better store in the future.

    Id go for an open linux-based OS myself.

  • Shark Bait

    I think I android never existed , apple and Google would still be friends. Apple would do hardware and google the software. It would be a killer combo

    If android fell no I don’t know where I would go. I don’t like MS (too pricey) I would have to wait for a new open source alternative. Possible Ubuntu would grow up and become mainstream

  • InfamousMango

    While it is a very good question…guess what? Android is NOT gone! You DON’T have to switch! You can remain on the king of mobile platforms…android…Mango out

  • A. C

    I realized Jolla wasn’t in thw loat, guess ita considered as an pther, whoch is fine.

  • andtron

    I’ll chose wp because of nokia’s lumia innovation.

    hope ms continue nokia’s innovation spirit.

  • Revanth

    Windows of course. refreshing UI. provided that the phone is of Nokia

  • Avinash Kumar

    I am done with Android (samsung)…
    Waiting for the new android version, apps crashing , lags etc …the list goes long..
    I use a Note 2.
    Planned to migrate to IOS (iphone 5)
    Will do as soon as i manage to save some money :P

  • Cal Rankin

    I very much agree with Andrew Grush that if Android had never existed, webOS could still be going strong. I would love webOS to still be a considerable competitor, because multitasking was like no other.
    That said, if something were to push me out of Android, I am ultimately tied between Windows Phone and Ubuntu. I love Ubuntu itself, and the Ubuntu Touch has a great UI and almost seems the closest to webOS nowadays. I also love the WP UI, and the fact that Microsoft has massive support, and that Google apps could be replaced by Microsoft applications. That said, I like that Ubuntu is open-source, and has the ability to act as a desktop computer when docked.
    For now, of the moment, I had to pick Windows Phone, because of Microsoft’s support. Soon enough, though, I can be safe in saying that I would pick Ubuntu in a heartbeat soon enough.

  • Acaa Aca

    i think one OS that would benefit from this is BB10. think about it, it can already run ported android apps or sideload it. it would be easier for android developers to switch. imho.

  • itechaleart
  • wikwakcow

    as for me, i will choose BB10 device if there is no android available. I’m a user that really like a lot of options on the menu. iOS doesnt give that, and WP’s metro tile somehow looks very ironic.

  • Ron2004

    Left iOS for Samsung a couple years back, because of great UI. Moved to WP with my Nokia 1020 and I haven’t looked back. I’m adapting really fast to Microsoft Office 365/Skydrive ecosystem and its awesome. Everything is seamlessly synched, music, files, recent docs I’ve worked on, music, photos and on. Hooks up to our corporate SharePoint and easily integrates with my personal stuff.
    The app argument is old news. I’m running all the apps I used to have on Android and iOS…Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, FlightTrak, Pandora, Instagram (3rd party, but works like a dream), Twitter, Kindle and so on. Nokia’s Drive is much better than Google Maps, so for those who are afraid, don’t let yesterdays news reports keep you from trying. I remind myself, we’re only a year into WP8 and as I see people at our. Company renew contracts over half are abandoning iOS for WP.

  • Paul Simmons

    Palm pre was my first for these type of phones. I love myNexus7, 10, and htc one. But I still miss webos

  • A. C

    Jolla Sailfish OS. Enough said.