Freelander PX2 review – quad core, 3G, 7 inch tablet

by: Gary SimsAugust 12, 2013


The PX2 comes with a 3200mAh battery which is smaller than the batteries found in the Nexus 7, the Kindle Fire and the iPad mini. This means that battery life isn’t going to be in the 8 to 10 hour category. My testing has shown that the maximum usage you will get out of the PX2 is six hours from one charge.

I performed three different tests. The first was to watch an MP4 video film which was stored on the internal flash. With Wi-Fi on and the screen at half brightness you can watch about six hours of video. Switching to watching a streaming YouTube video that number drops to around 4.5 hours and using the “Guided Tour” mode in Epic Citadel I calculate that this tablet will handle about 3 hours of heavy 3D gaming.

The device comes with a 5 megapixel rear camera and a 2MP front facing camera. The inclusion of a better-than-VGA camera on the front is a nice point for those who want to use the PX2 for video chats. The main camera takes reasonable pictures and the built-in camera app includes features like face detection, HDR, continuous shooting and panorama.

Here is a small selection of pictures taken with the PX2.





As mentioned above the PX2 can double as a phone. It contains two SIM slots and includes all the normal phone type software including a dialpad and SIM management (for choosing which SIM card should be used for 3G). While using the device as an actual phone is possible, it probably isn’t practical!


However for accessing 3G and sending text messages it works fine. However it is worth noting that the device only supports WCDMA on 2100MHz and on 850MHz. The first  number is the ‘normal’ 3G frequency and should work in many places around the world, however a lot of carriers also use a secondary 3G network on a different frequency. In Asia and South America this is often 850MHz, while in Europe it is mainly 900MHz. You need to check what frequencies your carrier is using to ensure you get the best 3G connectivity from this tablet.

So how much does a quad-core seven inch tablet with 3G, GPS and up to six hours of batter life cost? Just $159.99. It can be bought from Chinavasion which ships worldwide but watch out for any import duties that might need to be paid on delivery.

Compared to a Nexus 7, this device is cheap and has quite a number of good features like the HDMI output and an SD card slot. However the competition is tough among tablet makers and if you catch the right offer a device like the Kindle Fire (or sometimes the Kindle Fire HD) can be bought for a similar price – but without the quad-core processor, GPS or 3G of course!

  • Jack Parker

    You can get a Pipo S1 pro which costs £70-$100, sure it doesnt have 3G but is compatible, but has everything else

    • Jack, thanks for you comment, indeed the RX2 isn’t the only Chinese tablet available! However the Pipo S1 Pro uses a different processor and it has no 3G as you mention (nor does it have any calling abilities, the RX2 is a dual-SIM device). Neither does it have GPS. The cameras are much smaller (Front 0.3MP/back 2.0MP), it is thicker and it weighs more.

      • Magnetic1

        How about Tengda F5189?

      • Jack Parker

        Ah not bad then if you consider it a phone, Although im not sure i would want GPS, or dual sim on a tablet :P

    • jaidecaulfield

      Also consider the new Novo 7 EOS 7-inch Android tablet, which launches next week and offers a much better screen display, with an HD 1280X800 display as well as a much more powerful 4400 mAh battery. This new model is made by Ainol Electronics. which won runner-up for Best-Tablet-of-the-Year at CES 2012 and the Novo 7 EOS features a 3G HSPA+ SIM card slot for 3G service through any GSM carrier, including AT&T and T-Mobile. It also features Built-in GPS, a MicroSD memory card slot, Wifi, Bluetooth, a front 2 MegaPixel Webcam and a Rear 5 MegaPixel Camera, along with Android 4.2.2 O/S and Google Play store preinstalled… and Also works with both Google Chromecast and a new Miracast TV HD Wireless adapter($39) — and one of the first on l ine sources this new model is available through is T ablet Sprint —

  • Felix

    Nice review there Gary. I would like to point out the device does not come with root access by default but it can easily be rooted with “Framaroot-1.6.0.apk” and it works with this:Thread: http://forum.xda-dev…d.php?t=2130276
    Framaroot-1.6.0.apk Download Link: http://forum.xda-dev…33&d=1375631419

    Someone posted a video on YouTube and uploaded “Framaroot-1.6.0.apk” to a link. Just access and install to root :)

    It works like a dream. Very speedy. Everything works so far. One thing to note, it seems to have a proximity/light sensor but all the benchmarking or cpu info apps don’t show it. That might be the only thing to look out for and I hope it’s not a fake sensor haha. Perhaps some firmware updates might allow us to access it. The Launcher8 is just a launcher like the numerous ones they have out there.

    Screen is great. A little white-ish but good enough.

    Given the price it can’t be beat. Someone posted on xda comparing it with HiSense Sero 7 Pro. 129USD in Walmart stores. Perfect specs with a HD (x800p) screen, NFC enabled, Dual Stereo with Nvidia quad core. However no 3G version.

  • S.L Jones

    How bout’ I just get the best 7 inch tablet on the planet… Nexus 7 (2013)… end of discussion

    • Felix

      Sadly, not everyone is willing to pay that much. Students or people on a budget would appreciate it. Sure it doesn’t have a HD screen but with everything else it’s a great buy.

    • S.L Jones

      Did not mean to plus my comment… That is so… Blah

  • ff

    There is a firmware downloadable on manufacturers site ( two rar file one for SD card install one forPC intall). I downloaded and installed but no version difference compare to my 17th of July build.

    • Could you please post the link to the download area.


  • emily

    I have played with my PX2 a few days and am very impressed. However I can’t work out how to create multiple user accounts. I have seen screenshots of where “users” show up in the settings of other tablets running on Android 4.2.1 but this facility seems to be missing on my PX2. Has anyone else worked this out, please?

    • emily

      Having done a little more research, I see that the multiple users option is described by Android as being “for tablets but not phones”. Perhaps then, multiple users isn’t available on the PX2 because of its dual purpose as tablet AND phone? A shame as I only wanted the 3G capability for mobile data rather than phone use, and would have liked the option of setting up a guest user account, to keep my emails, etc, private when loaning the tablet to others.

      • emily

        Hmm, sadly, after 2 weeks, the charging port failed. I tried a replacement but that failed too, so I was given a refund.

  • Chaim Handler

    I bought a freelander PD200 from deal extreme and its a great deal even without using it as a phone. I just got a SIM card for it but “mobile networks” stays dark, as if no card is inserted. Now I don’t know who to contact. DX’s approach to tech support is a customer forum: “have a problem? ask someone else who’s had the same problem and survived to tell the tale.” Thanks to your review I now know the manufacturer is called “link-create”, but their site is all in Chinese. Does anyone have any suggestions how I should proceed?

    • The PD200 doesn’t support 3G via the internal SIM card.

      • Chaim Handler

        thanks for responding. Are you saying that the sim card itself is incompatible because it can be used in 3g devices, and therefore the pd200 ignores its presence?

        • No, I am guessing it should still work for 2G services (like phone calls and SMS) but you won’t get any mobile internet on it. I have never used the PD200 so I can’t give any specific advice. Is the SIM card GSM? From what country?

          • Chaim Handler

            Israel. If its not a hardware problem (and so far the device seems to work perfectly well so I doubt there’s anything physically wrong) then I suppose resetting android would be advisable. What do I lose and have to reconfigure/install if I do a reset? Truthfully all I want is a tiny bit of tech support from the manufacturer. The chinese don’t seem to get that without support people are just not going to buy this kind of merchandise.

          • Hmmm… It shoudl work just like a phone. Can I suggest that you try using the SIM in another phone (to check that the SIM is OK) and also try another SIM (from a friend and preferable from a different network) in the tablet.

          • Chaim Handler

            I guess time does sometimes really heal all ills. Out of the blue I hear this unfamiliar music coming from the tablet and lo and behold I’ve got a phone call. It seems to be working ok now. I still would like to have an email address for “link-create” support but at the moment I’m pretty happy with the device. By the way, since most of my internet access will be via wi-fi, the lack of 3g is not so critical.

  • Jon_S

    Bought a PX2 about 1 month ago, when it doesn’t crash & restart its a good tablet! Thinking it was Firmware, I updated this – took a bit of working out using google translator as all instructions were in Chinese! But still same problem – it crashes randomly, as a max around 10 times per day & can happen during phone calls which is really annoying (but seems to happen more frequently when using the navigation app). So, as the supplier thought it may be a fault with the device, I ordered another with the intention of swapping everything over & sending the orig back. But the replacement also show the same problem! Is anyone else getting this problem as supplier says they have never heard of it – Thanks.

    • kpjuk

      I have had mine for a couple of weeks now and it hasn’t crashed at all. I don’t have a SIM card in it though. I wonder if that is where your problem lies. It has the stock firmware on it 4.2.1 MOLY.WR8.W1248.MD.WG.MP.V7.P1, 2013/05/20 10:49

      • Jon_S

        Hi kpjuk, yes I think it could be this, but I need to use it for data roaming & with a Bluetooth earpiece it saves me carrying around a separate phone – hence the reason for this instead of the Nexus! I have the same firmware as you running, however on the Freelander Website: It says it was updated in 08/2013?? Maybe the firmware update didn’t work?? Going to try & update again.

        • Jon_S

          They are going back, it works well as a tablet, but not as a phone! So its a Nexus 7 & A Sony Xperia for me then!

          • Sophia

            YES! I bought a piece of Freelander PX2 tablet with phone one month ago, the phone NEVER work until today, it can’t use in USA!!! IT’S MADE ME CRAZY!

    • Jam

      Jon_S, Yes I got PX2 last month, it frequently crashed. I am worried thinking may be some incompatibilities with apps, which i don’t know. Any hope for solution?

  • Not bright.

    Anyone else unable to adjust screen brightness? Mine remains the same whether I adjust the slider to maximum or minimum. It’s always around half the brightness of my iPhone and very difficult to see outdoors even in the shade.

  • lottacash

    I bought a PX2 that had several problems right out of the box:
    1. One dead pixel and one hot one
    2. The MAC address on it changed whenever I turned it off and on again, making connection to various routers difficult, if not impossible.
    3. The phone app didn’t work all the time. It often would not call out (it just said “dialing” endlessly) and when I called it from another phone it didn’t connect (my cell phone company’s recorded message said the customer was currently unavailable).

    I tried resetting to factory but it made no difference.

    Does anyone know anything about these problems, especially 2 and 3?

    • montelukast

      hey I don’t know if you’ve found a solution yet, but make sure your service is not 3G, if you want phone functions. if your phone service has no 3G or internet service

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  • Tommy

    For the price this little gem has got to be unbeatable, couple of things I can’t sort out though, app icons and text can’t be enlarged also there is no screen capture function, any suggestions. Thanks

  • Junior

    Hi I just got a Px 2 that i ordered on line, I`m calling from Trinidad and Tobago, the Tablet is great but I`m having serious issues with the network, the signal keeps dropping, can you advise i already went to the network dealer

  • charles

    I got the px2 for xmas It works perfectly
    Phone is ok
    3g is ok
    Wifi is ok
    Bluetooth. is ok
    We can not find the same in France
    All the other tablets have no phone nor 3g capabilities

  • kita

    i have a freelander px2 my ringtones wont switch and the sound is very low can u help me fix this

  • kita

    i have to keep bluetooth in ear to hear a callcoming in or a message

  • Eulainia Yangya McGriff

    I purchased one last month. Works great. No complaints which is weird because everyone says that I complain about everything.

  • NRK

    After 15 months of use my Freelander works quite well. The major fault is battery life. I can watch one move of about 90 min and it is dead. Looking at the battery in the system preferences, wi-fi uses about 46% of the battery. Turn off wi-fi and it is good for 2.5-3.5 hours but no more. The other issue is there is no upgrade path for Android. It is locked in at 4.2.2. The USB charging port is a bit fragile and I have had to use new USB cords when it no longer charged or was unusable while charging. Last issue is it can use a 32gb chip only for data storage so if you are not judicious with the number of programs you download you can run out of memory and not be able to update installed programs.

    • ihastunes

      I’ve had my frelander for about four months now and the digitiser its starting to go. A thin sliver about the size of the bar at the bottom has gone so I can’t really use the home or back buttons and have to constantly rotate the device if I want to use thoes functions. Besides that it’s a great tablet.