An online university will start a free online Android programming course next month, offering interested applicants the first notions needed to create apps for smartphones and tablets running Google’s mobile operating system.

Spotted by a reddit user, the eight-week long course offered by the University of Maryland is directed to Sophomore- or Junior-level undergraduate students who already have some Java knowledge. However, this is a course for beginners, as the students are “not expected to have studied mobile application development.”

The course will be made available through the Coursera online learning platform and is scheduled to start on January 21. Check it out here.

In order to attend it, students will need an Internet connection, a computers and “time to read, write and discuss.” An Android device is not required, as all the graded exercises will be done using the Android Emulator.

Each lesson will be comprised of video presentations and lab exercises that will help students practice what they learn. At the end of the course, students will be given a more complex final project. The students who will complete the course will receive a Statement of Accomplishment signed by the instructor of the course.

In case you’re looking forward to learning how to build your own Android apps, you should at least check out this apparently free resource to get you started.

Update: another great resource for wouldbe Android programmers is Thanks for the suggestion, Android Developer!

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  • Octavio Araujo

    Where is the link to sign up.

    • Oussama Touahria

      they should give us the link

      • MasterMuffin

        They did, it’s in sources

        • Oussama Touahria

          ooh yeah thnx, I’m a new user of this site

    • KT
    • MasterMuffin

      It’s in sources

      • nicholas vanni

        Some people just don’t look at all

        • csharpner

          In defense of those having a hard time finding it, few, if any, other sites do it like this. It’s convention to have a link in the article.

          Anyway, better to be helpful to people than insult them.

          • ramperC

            Youre right on man! Its like reading a story about an app or a new restaurant and they dont tell u the name or where to find it. Lol. Just common sense to include the link.

  • danosmom

    How to find the info to apply?

    • Chris Smith

      Check out the Source link at the end of the post.

  • Anthony Evans

    Found it and enrolled will go well with all my programming classes this semester.

  • Guest
  • Robertas Kurakovas
  • apianist16

    I think this is pretty cool. And for free!

  • arceus927

    I’m so going to do this!! It’s hard enough to find recourses on learning android development so this is perfect

  • leehopko

    Get the coursera android app its free as well I’ve started a course with them and the app is perfect. It’s great for watching the video lectures can save them offline too, also get announcements updates which keep you upto date with any problems or anything new etc. Coursera is brilliant to learn from very well made courses too.

  • ndpanzer

    “Android device is not required, as all the graded exercises will be done using the Android Emulator.”

    Uuh I suggest not. Android emulator is slow as hell, believe me.
    1-3 times may be ok. More than that you’ll build stress quickly.
    If you’re serious to develop app on Android, you should at least have a cheap android phone for development.

    Contrary to ios & wp, where phone emulator is the preferred method in development, in android you’d better use a real phone, until google develop a better emulator for android sdk.

    • Android Developer

      Google has promised to make it faster about 2 years ago.
      I think it is fast on some high end computers or on non-windows PCs .

      in any case, there are alternatives to Google’s android emulators, which (at least in terms of speed) are better, like “Genymotion” .
      sadly, “Genymotion” didn’t work for me, and it was really annoying to register for it.

      • MasterMuffin

        It definitely isn’t fast on high end computers, I’d blame Windows

        • Android Developer

          they’ve added an intel driver (called “Hardware Accelerated Execution “, or in short “IntelHAXM” ) that supposedly make the emulator work fast.
          it should work on good PCs, which have the needed specs.

          sadly, i either don’t have it or it just doesn’t work for me.

          • MasterMuffin

            I tried the IntelHAXM, speed difference was minimal. I even gave it 2GB of RAM :/

          • Android Developer

            I hoped I’m missing something, as they’ve shown a very fast emulator on one of their lectures (showing some 3d graphics), saying it’s an experimental one and that it will be out soon.
            I think more than 2 years have passed since this promise . :(

          • MasterMuffin

            Well maybe with something like Intel I7 4960x, Nvidia GXT Titan and 32GB of RAM it’ll work smoothly ;D

          • Android Developer

            I don’t know, but it seems many have asked about it, wondering if the Intel driver helps.
            I’ve even got a lot of points for asking it on StackOverflow:

          • MasterMuffin

            BTW haven’t used it for 2 months so I don’t know if they’ve made it better (I doubt that)

          • Android Developer

            Try the Intel emulator. I couldn’t find enough information about this so I’m not sure what was done there.

          • chwan

            whatever computeer you are either high end or not the emulator is just slow. used it in an i7 and its still slow.

          • Android Developer

            did you try it on a linux or a mac? maybe it’s better there than on windows.

          • Deigo Salas

            Try Intel HAXM if your computer has a graphic card.

          • Deigo Salas

            Then you din’t really tried it actually. Do you even have a graphic card? That works only with graphic card and makes the emulator faster than normal phone.

          • MasterMuffin

            No I have integrated graphics card ;D Of course I have dedicated

    • Manish A.Shetty

      Try gennymotion!

  • Android Developer

    If you are independent enough to learn by yourself, you can check out the videos of “the new boston”:

    this person teaches so many programming languages (and other things too).
    for people who don’t know Java (needed for learning Android), learn java there first.

  • XIDA Design&Technik

    Is this the first university that offers mobile programming courses?

  • Yaroslav

    Hi everyone. pls tell me if the verified certificate for this android course has any positive advantage? in other words is it worth to pas 50$ for this verified certificate?

  • Jacques Hragar

    I used to think (when I was like 11) that coding was like writing a narrative and you would just write what you wanted a program to do and look like and a computer would make it happen

  • Groud Frank

    Signed up! I’ve been doing Java for some months now and loving it. This will complement it niiiiiiicely!

  • Adam

    Is this course only for US Citiziens ?

  • ramperC

    I saw this article via Pulse news reader, so again, like others have said…no link in the story? Really? Maybe this is a joke. Obviously the author didnt put much thought into the reader, huh? Thanks to the READER that found the link and posted it here.

  • Yaroslav

    Hi everyone. pls tell me if the verified certificate for this android
    course has any positive advantage? in other words is it worth to pas 50$
    for this verified certificate?

  • TheWholeWorldLiesSun

    No links, no names, no ANYTHING. This is 100% useless spam.

  • Sean 陳偉國 Tan

    very interested, too bad i dont know any basic programming.. im just a poor paramedical student

  • There is another website offering their quality Android Training course for FREE, you should check that @; one of my friend completed the course from there, and developed his first first android app:

    review about their android course is good:

    my friend told me that the best part of their course is: 24×7 On-demand Tech Support, you get help after your online classes as well.

    so enjoy learning….

    • Angelo

      Checked the website and it’s not free….

      • Deigo Salas

        It’s a Free trial for one week.