Google to give away Fiber to public housing

by: John DyeFebruary 3, 2016


The internet has become such an essential part of our lives that trying to get by without it is practically impossible. This can be a serious problem for people trying to re-enter the workforce or scrape their lives back together after a serious financial blow. That’s why Google has decided to team up with the Obama Housing Department to bring Google Fiber to public housing residents.

In fairness, this project also seems to be a pretty savvy move on the part of Google to help establish infrastructure for Fiber. The problem is that setting up the famous lightning internet initiative is very expensive. In fact, in their financial announcements Monday, Google revealed that Fiber would be one of their largest expenses in 2016. Working with a government program aiming to bring internet to those who might not have access to it seems like a smart way to offset the costs of laying the groundwork for infrastructure.

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The plan seeks to bring gigabit connections to public housing residents free of charge. Included with the package will be pre-wired jacks and free network boxes that will allow smartphones and tablets to connect to the internet even if there are no computers in the home. This project will arrive first in the nine cities where Fiber already exists, starting in Kansas City. There, Fiber has already been installed in nine government housing properties, bringing very high speed internet to 1,300 families. After the program is established in the places where the service already exists, Google wants to expand outward to the 11 other prospective cities it has been eyeing lately.

If you hear a strange knocking sound, that’s just the major internet service providers’ shivering knees knocking together.

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  • That’s awesome for those that struggle to make end’s meet day to day. I for one would be grateful to have such a thing in my life. I would use it to my advantage and make my life greater in every way possible with so much potential with the power of the Internet.

    • randy

      That’s pretty intense.

    • Goblin Shark

      That sounds like a speech you’d hear at a parole hearing LOL

    • John Doe

      Spoken like a true Democrat … lol

  • Arman

    Good for US, no love for Canada? :(

    • King_Android

      Google is an American company. Gotta lay the groundwork in its home state first.

      • John Doe

        No kidding .. and it is it’s home country I think you mean ..
        And Google does have a large home office in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal with a Data center in Waterloo
        The problem with Canada, is the 3 main carriers lobby the governing bodies hard against any outside
        carrier businesses from getting a foothold in Canada, just look at what happened when Verizon attempted to
        enter Canada ..

    • Mohamed Salim

      There is something like this in Canada in Toronto by Rogers and it cost 10 dollars per month unlimited internet its only in Toronto for Toronto community housing buildings

  • This will get Google in the door in many states. Come to Seattle Google so I can ditch Comcast.

  • Probablynot

    Great PR stunt. I do like Google, but considering the % of people in public housing that have devices that can actually utilize the speed, they’re almost better off just setting up a trust fund to pay their Comcast bills. This would be like putting in a shit load of Tesla charging stations…… In Gary, Indiana.

    • vitriolix

      I don’t think you really have a clue what you are talking about. A kid with a $150 laptop could do some incredible shit with that connection if he were creative enough.

  • Goblin Shark

    I seriousy doubt anyone’s knees are knocking together considering the glacial pace at which Google is moving on Fiber.