Free Bell Galaxy S3 available in Canada with new 3-year contract

by: Chris SmithJune 25, 2012
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In just a few days from now, Canadian Android fans will be able to get their hands on Samsung’s 2012 flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S3. The device was supposed to be available from all local carriers on June 20, but stock shortages determined them to postpone the launch to June 27.

Meanwhile, more reports from Canada revealed that Best Buy is taking in-store Galaxy S3 pre-orders again after discontinuing them a few weeks ago, and that Bell has started receiving Galaxy S3 shipments. That was a clear indication that other mobile operators selling the device in the country must have also started to receive their Galaxy S3 units around the same time.

But these aren’t the only good news coming from Canada, as it looks like Galaxy S3 fans may end up getting a free device from one of the main carriers in the region, if they qualify.

Phandroid reports that is offering a free Bell Galaxy S3 to anyone that signs a new 3-year contract with the carrier of at least CAD$50/month. That’s a pretty sweet deal, even though you’d be inking a 3-year prison term with the carrier. In fact, it’s certainly better than getting the same Galaxy S3 from a different carrier/retailer for $159.99 with a 3-year contract.

Where are you buying your Galaxy S3 from, Canadians?

  • BackwoodsBC

    I called NCIX and the rep said it the deal is only available at the Toronto store.

  • Karloff

    Wind Mobile all the way.
    Canadians need to wake up and do some basic math. That “free phone” with Bell doesn’t mean anything if you’re paying outrageous amounts every month for your contract. The big three, Bell, Telus, and Rogers are ripping us off. Even if you have to pay around $200 for your phone with Wind, you get unlimited data and talk.

    • Jerryd

      I got wind and it sucks, I agree the unlimited data is great but it’s very slow and it’s not reliable to have service everywhere. “Searching for signal” is one of the things I’m stuck with while using Wind.

    • James D Paterson

      Wind Mobile is good, sure, just never leave Toronto and you’ll always have perfect reception, albeit slow.

      Venture anywhere outside the city and Wind’s true colours will show; it’s a slow network whose infrastructure is as long as I am tall. You get what you pay for; you pay little and receive the same.

    • chris

      Acttualy the best buck for your money is *city fido* if you get everything from wind like i have 56 dollars a month u actually only have 5gb for data after that they cut the speed by half making your data pretty much useless.. plus u dont have reception everywhere (horrible fucking reception)..

      But with fido, u pay for like what 35 ot 40 for unlimited everything except for data plus 100 times better reception.. and then go get ur self a wifi hot spot from wind 35 a month for 10gigs and ur set.

  • Emily Copeland

    Today’s the last day to get a free Samsung GS3 with AIC Wireless for ON, AB and BC. Please contact, @aicwireless or call 1-888-713-RING :)