Foxconn CEO says the next iPhone “will put the Galaxy S3 to shame”. But is it true?

by: LucianJune 21, 2012

It seems that Foxconn’s CEO Terry Gou has a beef with Samsung, ever since Sammy “snitched” to the EU the price-fixing scheme of four Taiwanese display makers.

First off, why wouldn’t Samsung do that if it was actually true? Would Mr. Gou prefer those companies to carry on with their price-fixing? If he would, then I question his work ethics, and who knows what else is going on at Foxconn that we don’t know about.

Second, Foxconn claiming that the next iPhone will put the Galaxy S3 to shame shouldn’t really surprise anyone. Foxconn is deeply integrated into Apple’s business, as they are assembling their iPhones and iPads, so whatever is good for Apple is good for Foxconn, and the other way around. Having the Samsung Galaxy S3 “steal” sales away from the iPhone must not make Foxconn’s CEO very happy, which is why he probably felt the need to come out and thrash the S3 in public.

Now, lets consider whether his claims can be true or not. Can the next iPhone really put the Galaxy S3 to shame?

That seems like a gross exaggeration, even if the next iPhone is a little better in some way than the Galaxy S3. But that shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering that, if the iPhone 5 (or 6) comes in November, four or five months will have passed since the Galaxy S3 started selling internationally. In fact, it would be very bad news if the next iPhone wouldn’t surpass the Galaxy S3 at least in some areas, and that holds true for any other phone that will come out at that time.

It’s possible that the next iPhone will have some new hardware features that the Galaxy S3 doesn’t have. We can’t really predict that right now. It might catch up in other areas, like LTE, NFC, and display size.

It’s very unlikely the new iPhone’s CPU will be a quad core. It will probably be a “last-gen” dual core Cortex A9 CPU, with higher clock speeds, maybe at 1.5 Ghz. The GPU may or may not surpass the Galaxy S3. The GPU in the Galaxy S3 handily beats the GPU in the iPhone 4S, and it’s only beaten by the GPU in the iPad. Even if Apple puts that GPU in the next iPhone, it will be underclocked, just like the one in the iPhone 4S was compared to the iPad 2. So we’ll see.

The thing is that just a month after the next iPhone’s launch, we’ll see a plethora of Nexus devices, and probably most, if not all, should beat the next iPhone in all areas. If the next Nexus device from Samsung comes out with Exynos 5250, then there’s no competition. The CPU will be twice as fast as the one in the iPhone, and the Mali T604 GPU will easily beat Apples’s GPU as well, probably with the same difference in performance.

The bottom line is that, whatever Foxconn’s honorable CEO Mr Gou says, you shouldn’t hesitate to get the Galaxy S3 just so you wait to see what the next iPhone brings. At that point, you might as well wait for the five Nexus devices from top Android manufacturers that are slated to come soon after the iPhone.

Technology moves fast for everyone.

  • Nicholas Podges

    Of course the iphone 5 will be better than the Galaxy S3.

    The Galaxy S3 competes with the iphone 4s. The GS3 is about 6 months after the iP4s, and it’s significantly better, but it doesnt even CRUSH the iphone 4s, it’s just significantly better (25-50% better performance or so).

    Since iPhones have had massive performance increased in the last two updates, I think it’s reasonable to expect something extremely powerful from the iPhone 5, most likely a bigger step above the GS3 than the GS3 is above the iP4s.

    Again though, the GS3 is not competing with iphone5. That job will be handled by Samsung’s next Nexus this holiday season (same time as iphone5, most likely) and featuring samsung’s exynos 5xxxx.

    • AndroidVesti

      Listen to the man, he knows what he is talking about.

      • greg

        and where are they now?

    • Mark

      Which will completely obliterate tne ip5. Get used to it. Icraps are a day late and a dollar short. Paying premium price for a device that’s playing catch up it retarded.

  • sgs3 is so much better than iphone 4s and it’s one of the best (in my opinion, the best) phones today so the iphone that comes few months later, how can it be so much better? it will probably be just littlebit better in some areas and it will lose in some areas so… I won’t buy it I like my sgs3 :)

    PS. please, no gay applelover comments, this is an ANDROID forum, go to iOs forum if you think that android phones suck etc.

    • Nicholas Podges

      If you’re referring to me, I’ve been a loyal android owner since the g1 launch.
      I wouldn’t take a dump at an apple store.

  • Beating SG3 won’t be hard to do. It will just be the hot phone for July/August. By Fall a new line of chipsets will be coming that does more, smaller, faster, better, cheaper and uses less power, etc. iPhone is stuck in annual upgrade mode while Android has gone from 6 month cycle of improvements to 2-3 month cycle.

  • Pseudonova

    Please, oh please don’t go out and buy the SIII. Please, just give us some time… please. I promise you won’t be disappointed after waiting 6 more months for the next iPhone, which we promise is going to be completely new and revolutionary. Please… don’t leave… .

  • AppleFUD

    Come on. . . seriously, what can you do with a phone now to make it that much better than everything else?

    The screens are already HD. . . so you aren’t going to see anything that much better.
    The cameras are already pretty darn good unless you are going up to Nokia PureView you aren’t going to see much better than what is out now.
    The SoC are plenty fast for anything you need to do for mobile at this point in time.

    So, unless apple has something “magical” that has yet to be seen in a smartphone it’ll just be a bigger version of the current iPhone with some hardware spec upgrades. In other words, there isn’t much apple can do with it to make is special — 4″ screen. . . ewwww ahhhh…… whatever.

    And if apple doesn’t have something more to iOS6 than what they’ve shown already. . . well, they’ve fallen way behind and even WP8 will most likely pass ios by.

    • I highly doubt that will be the case… what was different from ipad 2 from the “new” ipad? most noticeable upgrade was the hardware spec upgrades and the best resolution available on the market. The exterior design was pretty much the same, and what happened to that? the numbers speak for themselves..

      Having a bigger screen with high resolution will definitely be one of the selling point of the new iPhone, but certainly not the only one. I think hardware & design are important but not as much as software.

      You are discounting iOS6 too much. I personally think that it is still a better integrated OS than any android os..

      I, too, think that “iPhone will put S3 in to shame” is an over-statement, however, once the new iPhone comes out later this year, it will definitely have a huge impact on smartphone market.

      • Apple_killa

        Lol.. dumb ass. There is nothing that changed,, Screen resolution?? Screen size?? Really?! Its nothing new then idiot. The Android phones already have the bigger screens out. You better hope the iphone5 is some virtual spaceship. Sad… iphone got you hooked. There will be no impact at all.. as there will be no significant changes guaranteed!!

      • It seems you were wrong. New iPhone is as disappointing as ever. I got a new 5 this morning and I still prefer my brother’s S3 (but don’t tell him!)

  • gils001

    Yes the new APPLE phone that is using SAMSUNG’s technology will put the sgsIII to shame -_-

  • Robayeth Robayeth

    lol.. at first iphone 5 shud compete with galaxy s2…forget abt s3 . even iphone 10 cant compete with s3

  • SamsaraGuru

    And these prescient words of sage advice are coming to us from The Great, The Powerful Wizard of Foxconn; whose company’s business practices and management style caused at least 14 of his employees to commit suicide because conditions were so horrible and despicable in 2010, that the investigators referred to them as being like a “labor camp”.

    Really, for him to say anything that even draws attention to himself is to cast aspersions on anyone or anything he is endorsing; sort of like Bill Clinton saying “Trust me I would never lie”.

  • Jeff

    It’s funny how people get so worked up over the devices that they like, when it’s all a matter of choice. Doesn’t matter which is better, people are still going to buy what they want. Its all opinionated.

  • O.KHAN

    CEO comments about beating S3 made it evident that they are really hurt by S3 off the chart sales. Any Samsung official never says nothing about their rivals but this guy looks so pissed of Samsung that he couldn’t shut his mouth.
    Anyways everybody knows the basic purpose of cellphones and new tech keep on coming so it’s on you people how far you gonna go.

  • phonetechie

    Mmmm all the sour grapes being slung around here either way…. just a note, in my organization double the amount of samsung S3 phones to date have been brought back for repairs as compared to the same time frame for the iPone 4 or 4s…

    • [email protected]

      And, that’s because more than double the amount of Samsung Galaxy S3 handsets have been sold; not to mention that you referenced two handsets that you’re comparing to 1. You didn’t mention Apple’s latest loser.

      • Cliffy44

        BUT . . .

        The Galaxy S3 has outsold all 3 of the crab apples – combined.

  • GoneApe

    Been a iPhone user for about 3yrs (current on 4S). I’ve been wanting to switch for about a year since the iPhone seems to be a bit stale with the design both software and hardware so I bought a S3 last week in HK and have been using both phones side by side in China, HK and Taiwan with same phone/data plan.

    Before I go on… I really dont care for the technical specs so the CPU, GPU, screen or whatever spec don’t matter to me. All I care about is the usability of the phone in a real world enviroment. With this respect, I still have to say, the iPhone is still on top. Don’t get me wrong, the S3 is FAST, works and does not crash (well once in a week so it’s fine). But it is just not as refined as the iPhone. Little things like bounce back at the end or top of the menu on the iphone lets you know your at the limit just makes the user experience that much better. Apps on the iPhone also seems to run better. i.e. Using Dropbox pulling the same file (it’s a big 120page 10M pdf)… the iphone was able to process (not download) faster… in fact… the Dropbox App on the S3 kept on freezing displaying about 10 pages 50% and stops. Email is another nightmare… the stock Samsung mail app is only good for one account at a time. I have 6 emails accounts and if I setup more than 2 email account… it slows down… with 3 email accounts… it is not usable at all. The gmail app works really good… but one problem is it does not combine inboxes of all account and only works with gmail.

    Anyway… I’m not bashing the S3. I have not giving up yet. I still want to see if I can switch over to Android. Still trying to find the right combination of Apps and etc to make it work right. I like the looks of the S3, love the screen size… but wish they can refine the user experience like the iPhone.

  • Taha mousavi.iran

    I think what are you saiing is a shetwhole of crap.IF the iphone 5 came, be sure that a better smartphone will be brought after the iphone 5 and than the iphone will fan

  • SuperEric

    This guys article is completely biased, which gives it 0 credibility. I’m not no apple fan boy, but when I read biased articles it makes me root for the opposing side, because biased people are illogical.

  • Cliffy44

    They also said that obummer would put Governor Mitt Romney to shame.

    I guess that we saw how that worked out.

    It’d be the same way, if the people at apple really think that their product will ever outdo a Samsung Galaxy S3

  • name1

    Boy was he wrong!

  • Hollow

    I went from ipod touches for years to an Iphone 4s and now to my s3. It shits on the Iphone in every department but the game market. There is way more WORKING games for iOS

  • FoxconnandIntel

    I don’t think so. Foxconn was PRETTY mad about Apple when the iPhone 5 came out. Everyone getting lower than minimum wages.