Former Nokia employee aims to create $1,300+ Android-powered ‘adventure smartphones’

by: Andrew GrushJuly 3, 2013

Nokia HQ

Think that $640 off-contract price for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is expensive? That’s peanuts, at least compared to the $1300 – $6500 that it will cost to bring home upcoming Android handsets from Adaia.

If you are now scratching your head wondering who Adaia is, they are a brand new Finnish startup that is lead by a former Nokia employee, Heikki Sarajärvi. As you already guessed, the startup’s goal is to create high-end luxury phones.

Adaia is far from the only “premium” handset maker, as companies like the formally Nokia-owned Vertu certainly come to mind. So what sets Adaia’s phones apart from the luxury competition? Adaia aims to create an expensive phone that is way more than just a status symbol.

The idea is to create a mobile device that looks great and fits in nicely around the office, but can also work well with an active lifestyle. The company’s website even bills their products as ‘adventure smartphones’:

“With the world’s first Adventure Smartphone, you can push the outside of the envelope anywhere in the world, under any circumstances – with a single, beautifully designed device.”

So why Android? As Heikki says “there is no alternative.” We certainly agree, though I have a feeling that Heikki’s former boss probably doesn’t.

Adaia  has yet to reveal its actual product line-up, but we can look towards their current prototype to get an idea of what to expect. We don’t know what kind of processor, RAM or storage the prototype packs, but we do know it has quite a few unique features.

Most of us wouldn't spend $1000+ pricing for a smartphone, but there are certainly folks that would love the idea of a phone that truly can take any abuse thrown at it.

For starters, the phone has an extremely durable design that utilizes titanium reinforcements and hard plastic.

There are also functions such as the ability to hot-swap batteries at the push of a button, and even an integrated satellite antenna.

Even more impressive, the phone can apparently withstand water depths of down to 10 meters, and altitudes up to 9000 meters. Try that with other “durable” handsets like the S4 Active.

On the downside, the current prototype has just a 4.8-inch display and a pretty hefty weight, at 250 grams. Yes, that’s even heavier than the Nokia Lumia 920.

We have to admit, this 250-gram Android prototype sounds rather impressive. Most of us probably wouldn’t spend $1000+ pricing for a smartphone, but there are certainly folks that would love the idea of a phone that truly can take any abuse thrown at it. What do you think, can Adaia find success in the extremely-durable handset market?

  • David Loman

    This is for those guys who keep complaining that Samsung builds crappy plastic devices. Well, there you go folks. A device made with titanium and hard plastic. Now bugger off with your “Samsung is crap because they use plastic”. You want sunshine? Pay for it

    • I think the key there isn’t so much that they use hard plastic like Samsung but that, unlike Samsung, they’re using titanium.

      • Seth Estrada

        At only double the cost… I think you’re missing the point.

  • Cristi13

    When I saw nokia, create, android in the title I was like….but then reality check.

  • Benjamin Pavel

    Wow…and if they pack awesome camera inside + there will be frequent updates of Android i might start saving for that phone. =D

  • Ruzveh

    Yes i think they are going on the right track, but the key to success here will be constant innovation and ability to add new features and components to the phone. Eg: if u dont have the best camera component which can capture low light photos then you lost the charm here

  • ash71ish

    just wow. I can climb Everest with that kind of phone.

  • APai

    vertu went android, now this one – another set of people associated with nokia, going the android way. why can’t nokia be a multi-OS phone maker ? samsung/ htc/ lg / sony (was), why can’t nokia go android ? they are bleeding cash right now. they went from No 1 to No. 10 thanks to their windows phone initiative

  • Luka Mlinar

    Will it cook for me because it should for 1300+. Pass

  • SchrodingersCat

    Specs wise I’d guess it has at least a Snapdragon 800 or better. Ram wise I’d guess 2gb to 3gb. Screen will probably be at least 1080p, in this price range 1440p would be awesome. Battery should last at least 12 hours or better, especially for the price. Camera wise, I doubt they would put in anything less than a 13mp sensor. With titanium I’d expect the build quality and design to be stellar.

  • Paying that amount for a smartphone is in itself an adventure.

  • Paying that amount for a smartphone is in itself an adventure.