“Football Manager Handheld 2012” arriving on Android on April 11

by: Ankit BanerjeeApril 7, 2012

The OS fragmentation issue is often cited to explain the hesitation on the part of app developers to commit to creating Android apps. With the appearance of Android 4.0, which has the declared purpose to remove a lot of this fragmentation, we have slowly begin to see a lot of hugely popular apps, such as Instagram, losing their “iOS exclusive” tags and making the move to Android. Another popular app that will soon be available on Android, one that was to this date iOS only, is Football Manager Handheld 2012, brought to you by Sports Interactive and SEGA.

The Football Manager series, unlike the FIFA series counterpart, does not require you to play every match yourself. Instead, it is more along the lines of micro-managing a football (soccer, for you US readers) club, with you having to decide team selections, tactics, and transfers. You can choose to manage any of over 34 clubs from a wide selection of leagues including England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Scotland, Brazil, Belgium, Wales, and Australia.

The career mode, as with the PC and iOS versions, is comprehensive and provides real, up-to-date data for you, “the manager,” to work with. Also included in the “Handheld” version is a Challenger Mode that offers short-term scenarios and various goals to achieve.

The Android version will be available for devices featuring Android 2.2 or higher. It will be available on the Google Play Store from April 11 for approximately $11.

Here’s a gameplay video of FMH 2012 (iOS PSP version, but should be the same on Android):


Have you been waiting for the Football Manager series for Android? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Euroshirts

    The bloke commenting in the video doesn’t understand the league set up in Brazil. Sounds like a bit of a Muppet.

  • MarcVaughan

    The gameplay video by the way is from the PSP game – the game is similar in nature but has a totally different user interface (its also got some features which aren’t present in the PSP game).

    If anyone has any questions about the game then please feel free to post them here and I’ll pop back sporadically to answer them.

    Marc Vaughan – Sports Interactive Ltd
    PS – The chap in the video is just a fan of the game, taking that into consideration I think he does a pretty good job really – better than I could do myself to be honest.

    • FMLover

      Wel I do have a few questions.. I do know that due to the limitations of androids and iphones, we won’t be able to customize the game as much as the pc version, but I’m wondering if the android/iphone version of Football Manager will allow us players to manage more than 1 team, like in the pc version? Also, are there any other major differences between this version and the pc version?

      • MarcVaughan

        I’m afraid the Android version is single player (as is the PSP & iOS) .

        The FMH game isn’t meant to emulate the PC version of FM at all and is a slightly different beast, when I designed it the intent was to make a faster, easier to pick up and slightly more ‘fun’ version of FM – but one which still feels realistic when playing.

        As such its more akin to our earlier (2001ish) style games than the modern FM on PC.

        (the aim was to design a sim where you could comfortably play through a season in roughly an evenings play)

        With regards to features the main thing you’ll notice coming from FM PC is that it doesn’t contain a 3d view for the match (just 2d and text) and that some of the features are streamlined to make the game play faster (for instance no press conferences or team talks – although you do get sporadic interactive news items ala our earlier games).

        It does have all the usual fare you’d expect from a management sim though, deep database (around 20,000 players in total in it), accurate league simulation, match engine, team tactics, player roles, transfers & loans, player histories, training, interactive media, player personality modeling and interaction etc. …

        • FMLover

          Oh I see! Thanks a lot for the info, I’m definitely gonna buy this when it comes out!! And thanks for bringing this game over to the android, now I can enjoy FM on the go! :D

  • Dec

    For in depth look at the game you may want to take a look at http://www.fmhvibe.co.uk. They do a lot of writing on the iOS game in particular looking at tactics, possible expansions and players + more.

  • Willyrover

    Is this able to be used on an Android phone or is it mainly for tablets ?

    • MarcVaughan

      Its designed to be played on both – there are different skins for the game for different resolution devices to ensure its optimal on each.

      (I mainly play on my Galaxy S2 phone these days)

  • Isnawan Wahyu

    Can it played for android phone with 240×320 resolution like my samsung galaxy y?
    I hope it can, i’m a big fan of Football Manager

    • MarcVaughan

      I’m afraid the minimum resolution supported is 480×320, sorry.

      • Isnawan Wahyu

        oh my… this is my favourite games ever.
        maybe better if im playing on my PC only.

  • Joseph

    Hey Mark, I have the IOS version and have played for about 15 years now, I recently got a Samsung Galaxy note so I use my iPhone 4 a lot less, I was wondering if it were possible to transfer saves so I can continue my career on my android?

    • MarcVaughan

      I’m afraid the save games can’t be moved between iOS and Android at present because the databases differ slightly, I am hoping to ‘sync’ the two in future versions so that this is possible though …. watch this space (if its possible I’ll mentioned it when the time comes for FMH2013).

  • luis

    can i play this on samsung galaxy y? or my laptop without paying for it?