Flying to the US? Make sure your devices are charged

by: Gary SimsJuly 7, 2014


The secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson has ordered the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to implement enhanced security checks at certain overseas airports, specifically those that have direct flights to the United States. Under the enhanced measures all electronic devices, including Android smartphones and tablets, will be screened by security officers.  As part of the security examination, officers may ask you to power up your device to check that it is real and that the battery hasn’t been replaced with something nasty. According to a press statement released by the TSA, devices which fail to power up “will not be permitted onboard the aircraft.”

Android phones made by Samsung and iOS phones made by Apple are being singled out during the checks.

The BBC is reporting that the new security measures are a response to a terror threat, but there are no official details. However security experts are suggesting that the new measures have been activated due to intelligence that Islamic militants in Syria and Yemen are developing bombs that could evade airport security. The BBC have been told that London’s Heathrow was among the airports with the new checks.

Although the US does not directly control airports like Heathrow, airlines are obliged to meet security standards set by the TSA, otherwise they will be banned from operating direct flights into America. According to Reuters, Android phones made by Samsung and iOS phones made by Apple are being singled out during the checks. This makes sense as they are the most ubiquitous and therefore the most ordinary looking.

So if you are flying to the USA, make sure your devices are charged and be ready to power them on if you are asked to during a security check.


  • Sachin

    NSA, TSA, etc etc -SA … FU.
    I would rather visit African safari than going USA.

    • Tsakane

      I live in Africa… You don’t

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    • MasterMuffin

      Even before this I’d have rather visited African safari than USA (and yes, I’ve visited both)

  • Hellz

    i remember in first season of tw series 24 dude smuggled rifle inside laptop. im amazed terrorist needed so long to try this trick

    • dogulas

      They only just now got a Netflix subscription. They’re binge watching now and getting all sorts of ideas that are blowing their mind.

  • Opinion

    You does not need to put “islamic militant” in the article,dont be islamophobic,i am a muslim and my religions is a peaceful religion,you american should change this perception,does the army from us that go to syria,iran,iraq,etc are called cristian army/militant?no instead you refer to their country

    • JL

      When all terrorism coming from the Middle East uses the words and phrases “for Allah” and “Jihad” then yeah…it is Islamic terrorism. When you kill people in the name of your Allah…it is Islamic terrorism. When these terrorists demand that people “bow to Islam”…then it is ISLAMIC TERRORISM! To say Islam is the religion of peace is an insult to the intelligence of the person you are speaking to.

      Islam is the religion of Death.

      So yes, this is Islamic Terrorism.

      Islamic Terrorism.

      Islamic Terrorism.

      Islamic Terrorism.

      • Azeem

        What Americans need to realize is that just because a person claims they are Muslim doesn’t mean they are. If you commit those acts, you are not a Muslim in Allah’s eyes.

      • popcornlover

        Wow so much ignorance in this post, it gave me cancer

      • Muhd Ihsan

        In islam,jihad only is the way of muslim to protect their country and religions from invasion,the same way that ur gov will do if your country get invaded,but it should not to being use to invades other ppl country,in fact we as muslim are forbid to commit murder,it is one of major sin in islam,have you ever see a muslim that ask you to “bow to islam” in real life,i guess not because we do not do that sort of thing

      • akemsley

        “Islam is the religion of Death.”

        Have you read the Koran lately?

    • Mur

      What would be racist and unconstitutional is the TSA only screening Muslims and Arabs. In this case the CIA has intel that religious fundamentalist groups in the middle east have made dummy phones, and I fail to see what is wrong in calling those groups that are spread out across several countries what they are: Islamic militants. Nothing racist or else they’d get sued by the gazillian arab committees.

  • Francois Foote

    Crap!! Now I’m gonna have to delete my 2GB secret stash of porn off my tablet, including my chrome bookmarks…

    • akemsley

      Never understood why anyone would need to store porn. It’s not like the internet is going to run out of porn.

      • Bryce

        Here are a few reasons:

        1. Hotel might not have a good internet connection.
        2. You have videos that you want to view at a later date (favorites).
        3. Porn sites often remove videos, so you want to download them for safe keeping.
        4. You don’t feel like waiting for your favorite videos to load each time you want to watch them.
        5. You don’t have a wifi connection and must rely only on your limited mobile data and don’t want to exceed your data limit.

        • akemsley

          I guess I just don’t have very high expectations.

    • MasterMuffin

      Unless they open automatically when you turn your tablet on, no need for that :D

  • popcornlover

    Amurica and their phobias…… Chill sudeh la wei

  • Tristam

    I love how this search warrant was mysteriously issued. This is asinine. The only instance that I’ve heard of a lethal phone is the iPhone counterfeits that are actually a taser.

  • Jason Yuen

    I have never seen faith move mountains, but I’ve seen it bring down sky scrapers.