Here’s how floating touch and smart pause will work on the Galaxy S4 [video]

by: AdrianMarch 14, 2013


So close yet so far. Samsung managed to keep Galaxy S4’s design under wraps for so long, but someone spilled the beans with only a few days to go until the official announcement.

We can no longer be 100% sure of anything in today’s tech world, but the recently leaked alleged dual-SIM variant of the S4 is 99% the real deal. But not only have the looks and specs of the S4 been revealed a tad too early. We also know how some of the new software functions will work.

Like floating touch. A technology that was inconspicuously introduced by Sony with the modest Xperia sola last year. A short video demo, embedded below, shows us what Samsung has done with the “magic touch”. The clip comes from the same source that leaked the hands-on S4 video and the high-quality image gallery, so it’s more than trustworthy.

Basically, the S4’s floating touch is like GNote 2’s Air View, only you don’t need a stylus to make it work. You just place your finger an inch or two above the screen and the magic happens. For now, the technology seems to be fairly limited, but we’re guessing the S4 shown off in the video was a prototype with unfinished software. Hopefully, the non-touch interaction will be better and richer once the phone is out.

A second short clip uploaded today focuses on Smart Pause, another very neat software function Samsung is to intro with the S4. This will use eye tracking sensors to pause videos when the user is not watching them. Unlike floating touch, this does appear to be smoother and it actually detects head movements in a flash.

Is it really useful? Maybe not, but it’ll certainly not be the only feature to take advantage of eye and head tracking technology. Smart Stay, Smart Rotation and Smart Scroll will be just some of the others, according to existing rumors.

There are a couple of other videos that we’d like to show you, even if they’re not as revealing as the first two. One focuses on GS4’s browsing experience (spoiler: it’s blazing fast), while the other is a quick demo of the new unlock screen. Enjoy and please let us know what you think of these clips. Is this the real S4 or are we dealing with the most elaborate hoax in Android history?

Don’t forget we’ll be covering the official New York S4 announcement later today as we always do with such events – epically and exclusively. And who knows, maybe Sammy still has a few surprises in store, even after all these leaks.

  • Abdullah Naji

    Looks amazing!! If this is really it, I will get the S4.

    • Bone

      You know what looks amazing too? Color balance. Look at those warm colors and contrast (and natural white)! If Sammy got rid of blueMOLED it will be a total winner.

      • Bone

        And you know what? That phone on the top picture actually looks quite beautiful. We love rounded products in every other area, why hate on if mobiles do it?

  • Alex13809

    The lockscreen wake seems a little laggy. There’s a good 3 seconds between pressing the button and then screen turning on

    • Definitely this isn’t finalized version.. :) I mean not at all.

    • le_lutin

      I wouldn’t worry about that.

  • Jean Charles

    FFS its practically the same design..

    • Bone

      That’s just a prototype but actually not looking bad at all with the screen dominating the front side and little room for plastic. The glossy finish is mostly visible on the backside, but you’ll be looking at and put it down face first.

    • fwafrgrsg

      It’s a mixture of the S3 with the note 2. The S3 is a lot more rounded, like a pebble. This looks nicer.

    • That’s the problem, it needs some radical shift

  • Hmmmm I’m not sure. Been using nexus forover 2yrs now . Can’t go back to having buttons on my phone anymore.

    • Which Nexus?

      • 2 years without hardware buttons, off course Galaxy Nexus!

  • adi132

    When he shakes his hand in front of the screen and the browser moves, he says that is not very useful feature because it is not working properly. I understand chinese.

  • Lara

    Why are people SP excited for this technology?! I don’t get it, it’s like the s,art stay hype, just hype. WHEN the tech for this floating thing gets better in the FUTURE it’ll be all the rave. Right now it just shows everyone who wants this feature and is excited for it are all just to lazy to actually touch the phone screen – your fiber givers above the screen approx 1cm or so and you wait 0.5second/longer for e tech to recognize your finger. WOW! What amazing tech. In the future it’ll be good, just give it some t I’ve. Samsung are no doubt becoming the new crapple even if they are ‘innovating’.

  • Floating touch swipe feature in browser looks goods!! I hope these features come to my note2

  • MasterMuffin

    features that 90% will not use ever (minus when bragging to friends). Why are all the menus/stuff white, because they ditched AMOLED?? :O

    • Floating touch is actually a very useful feature.. If it will be the same like in the Note 2 but without s-pen it will be great.. I’m not sure how to explain, but it allowes you to see hidden content behind certain clickable options on websites.. Similar like if you would point mouse on something with mouse and open more options, if you get what i mean ;) Nifty little thing

      • MasterMuffin

        I know what it means and that may be useful to some, but for example (me thinks) the smart pause is useless

        • CyBrix_21

          Maybe when someone called you while watching a movie…

          • MasterMuffin

            Video will pause automatically when you receive a phone call anyway, so…

          • CyBrix_21

            No… Someone called you from the kitchen for example… That’s what I mean…

          • MasterMuffin

            Oh, well I believe it’s not going to work for me (like smart stay), I can’t understand why :(

        • xDD Yea smart pause is just ridiculous :D If you watch something with a friend then you have also to remember turning that damn smart pause off. Hope it will be a really very smart “smart pause”

          • MasterMuffin

            And (hopefully) you can disable it if it gets annoying/starts trolling :D

    • rahul

      it is true about touchwiz being white !!!
      especially when google adopted a dark theme for 4.0x android !
      had the potential to be an awesome phone , had the specs going for it
      it is a no-no just because of its looks and touchwiz :/

      • MasterMuffin

        Custom ROM it is. Doesn’t matter, I would flashed a ROM anyway :)

  • Herbert Javellana

    Surely this will add stress on my pocket and for lots of people out there.

  • Knobskin

    stupid gimmick!

  • Test


  • James Adamson

    This will be great for users when they have gloves on!! I don’t have to get spend for the damned finger tip shizz