flipboard galaxy s3It wouldn’t be a complete introduction of a flagship device if there wasn’t anything exclusive attached to it. Otherwise, we’d have a ho-hum device to offer you, and frankly, that’s not what we are about here at Android Authority. As for the Samsung Galaxy S3, we’ve learnt that owners of this super phone will get free storage of up to 50GB. Fabulous, yes? As for something really exclusive, it appears Samsung has partnered with Flipboard to make the social magazine app available strictly on the Galaxy S3.

Flipboard, as its tagline suggested, is the newest way of reading news and various publications, as well as getting social updates from all of your friends — since everything will be beautifully collated in a magazine-like presentation by the app. Think of it as an RSS reader  with more network content (added by you, of course) and a bit more pizazz. Flipboard first came out for the iPad in 2010, but has now found its way to iPhone and iPod Touch.

Flipboard has already announced that it’s coming to Android “in the coming months on select Android smartphones”. So it can be assumed that the Galaxy S3 exclusivity will only run for several months – making those who really want to get their hands on the app to get the Samsung Galaxy S3. We should note that the S3 is expected to come as early as the end of the month.

The folks at Slash Gear, who have tested the app on the Samsung Galaxy S3, said that it runs similarly to the iOS version, while the gesture-based interface remains intact. Overall, the app runs smoothly without any slowdown. The Android version will also be accompanied by a widget, which makes it handy to see the update on your phone’s homescreens.

Do you look forward to the upcoming day when devs make the APK available? Do you think there are better alternatives out there for Android? We look forward to your replies , as it is what keeps us striving for the best reviews and commentary on Android devices!

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