Some of you might have already caught wind of a new rumor suggesting that Google may be preparing to refresh its logo with an alternate, flatter version. The rumor started when a flatter Google logo was spotted hidden inside of the latest version of the Chrome Beta for Android. Shortly after it was even sighted on Google’s servers, all but confirming the logo’s existence. As it turns out, the truth is a lot less glamorous.

According to Google sources reporting to the Verge, this an official Google logo, it’s just nothing new.

The flatter design is generally used in situations where the beveled logo doesn’t show up as well, such as certain printed documents and banners. As an example, the logo seems to appear in a 2010 Economic Impact report, though the colors seem a bit different from the logo above.

So if this isn’t a new logo but instead one meant for print, why did it show up in the Chrome Beta to begin with? Supposedly it was by mistake, and it has since been removed. Long story short, Google claims its logo isn’t going anywhere.

What do you think, if Google did switch out their current logo for the flatter version, would this be a positive change or do you like the current version?

Andrew Grush
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  • vgergo

    could you do a before / after image?

    • Omran Terro

      It’s only a flatter version ; not a big deal but better and cleaner

    • DrewNusser

      Go to

  • Ryan Castle

    Colors look sort of washed out compared to the regular one, so I prefer the regular one.

  • poop

    I don’t think I could live with a replacement Google logo. The current one’s been so close to me for years the way it is :)

  • Solmund Oland

    I think that flattered logo looks kinda ugly.

  • Spruce Cycle

    Flatter cuz Samsung is squashing them.

  • blanco112

    “As it turns out, the truth is a lot less glamorous.”

    Nothing about this rumor is “glamorous.” Something of a non-issue either way.

  • d1m1m1

    I’ve known about this logo for a long time. It looks much better in my opinion, it follows the flat logo theme for Google’s products.

  • raj

    Looks nice

  • Jusephe

    iOS 7 flattering entire industry huh ?

  • wynd

    what difference does it make, really?

  • wade

    Meanwhile, we bring you other big news straight from our live coverage at the kitten fashion show!

  • A better version too, they’d be dumb not to use this!

  • MrMagoo

    Considering going with a flatter look is one of the new iOS things… lets just stay away from that. We don’t need anything else said to be stolen.

  • David Kinder

    As an artist in the print industry I have searched out this logo for customers before to use in spot printing, as the normal google logo was too complicated for what they were wanting, and wanting to pay to have printed. Cant say I remember where I got it from but it was easily found with a google search.

  • Alex119

    If we have T-mobile sim card, can we make a call directly (without wifi, 3G, 4G, 3rd apps) on this tablet?

  • Erik

    Apparently they will change the
    design… I got this when I logged on at school

    • I wish Google would stop hiding things in drop-down menus. They did this to Gmail a year or two ago, and it has complicated what was meant to be a simple email experience. Life was much simpler when options were immediately visible, rather than hidden.