As if the title didn’t say it all: today Adobe announced a port of its Flash Player 10 for Android phones.  In their demonstration at their MAX event, a T-Mobile G1 was said to have been shown running flash.  The release of a flash player for Android marks the collapse of yet another barrier that marked the line between mobile and desktop grade browsing.

In addition to announcing Flash Player for Android, Adobe announced the upcoming release of Flash Player 10 for Windows Mobile 7.  You can already hear the iPhone users sighing.

Update June 22, 2009: Adobe has confirmed Flash Player 10 for Android is coming in October.

  • Cindy C

    Is it available now? If so where can I download it?

  • Nicholas Ahn

    It is currently not available yet, however Adobe has demonstrated it already running on the G1, so we hope to see it soon.

  • Coolboy

    Cool i would like to see flash asap

  • this is super duper fantastic!!

    i cant wait!

    must scour web for release date

  • Eric


    Thank YOUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    TELL ME WHENN!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Matt

    They need to hurry up with this and release the flash player.

  • john l.

    Tired of not being able to view stream videos and sounds on this damn G1.

  • tom yawkey

    When is this coming out? Where can I find it? This g1 isn’t all its cracked up to be!

  • what? i love the G1 despite no exchange push/sync, remote desktop (terminal services) Best phone i’ve ever had. (My last phone was the WING)

  • jc b

    There is a video on youtube of the demonstation of flash on the g1 … just what I’m waiting for … well that and a decent tether

  • dallas

    tic tock tick tock …… damn no flash player yet!!!!!

  • mb00

    Saw the video. I cannot wait for this. It will totally make my G1 worth it. I already love all the other apps I’ve downloaded, this would only be the cherry on the top.

  • Nicholas Ahn

    What’s important to note is that in the announcement, flash player was shown on a G1. That’s more then iPhone users can currently say.

  • Nathan H.

    I have been waiting for this for ever! I must know when its come out!

  • super dave

    Hoorah! First and foremost for all those whining and crying: stfu. This g1 phone is so far ahead of the rest of the game it isn’t even comparable to the iphone. The fact that we have to wait for software in order to take advantage of its abilities is a gift and a curse. The fact that iphones run on existing tech just means those people will need new devices (iphone 2.0) and newer devices over and over again. The g1 has leapt ahead by creating a platform that evrything else will have to catch up to.
    For those of us waiting patiently, be ready to laugh in the face of sooth sayers. This phones strengths border on the ability of a fully capable laptop. No pain no gain. Nothing else can or will truly compare for quite a while and once again, the iphone……hahahahahahahahaha! That’s what you get for selling out early for equipment that had to be redesigned just to keep it up to date.

  • project

    So flash player 10 is out dose it work on the g1??

  • Project, it is not out for the G1. There is no official Flash release for the G1 at all. Not at the moment, at least.

  • kay

    Gosh, I can’t wait for flash to come! Is it really gonna come out for the g1 !?. Keep me updated guys,

  • lynn decent

    Ohhh hurry uuuuuuuup I thought my frie2nd with an iphone was watching you btube the other day? I don’t get it I need vids now!

  • Len

    Cant wait, other than video its the one thing taht holds back the wonder that is the G1

  • lynn decent

    My g1 is playing v ids today!

  • ZAC

    U are lucky lynn. I haven’t even got the cupcake yet……

  • @lynn decent: I’m sorry, what videos are you playing?

    @ZAC: I don’t think Lynn’s “videos” are a result of cupcake. Foremost, that update has not been released as of now, and Flash Player has not yet been released for Android. (:

  • brad

    This phone blows. No videos, what use is the internet.

  • Jim

    Okay. We have a new president: now when is Flash coming?

  • andrew

    I can only watch some videos but need flash player for the ones I really wana see. It let’s this phone down. Bad enough the battery is crap. Its a good phone but still needs work done to it to make it great…..

  • nick osbor

    The g1 is tight as shit but lacks the cool look of iphone… and youtube rox absolutely. But… the g1 has no flash player 9, the latest one! I try to download it but can’t so with that I casnty watch movies

  • well… I’m waiting LOL

    I can’t even get YouTube to work on it so not really in a hurry for Flash but if at least if I could have flash I could get youtube through the browser eh….

  • otis

    I’ve given up on this hole flash excitement. Its been 3 months since that video was posted and still nothing, I’m greatful they are even attempting it, but they are asses for making us think it would be anytime soon

  • likeotis

    Yeah where is this ans where is cupcake – the pace of android updates has sucked

  • You’re complaining about update frequency? The G1 has had a couple already and it is only a few months old. Windows Mobile devices go years without updates….

  • josh

    When is the flash player program going to be on android ! I want to play videos.
    My online site don’t work. Where I watch. My. Online movies

    Plz. Help me.

  • I don’t understand why everyone is complaining about the arrival of Flash support. Of all platforms, G1 users should be satisfied with the fact that they will be among the first to gain Flash compatability.
    While its true that there are a few mobile devices that can already run Flash, the Flash that they run is either limited by Flash lite, or is being reformatted through a third party server.

  • Clint

    Please keep me informed about Flash Player for G1. Yup gotta carry an extra battery. Still for the non big money peoples, who could care less about the big “I”, G1 rocks immaculate. (extended life battery is soooo needed.)

  • ManhattanGuy1972

    What are you talking about? The G1 comes with YouTube application installed, so you can watch videos on it.
    What you cannot yet do is watch a videos or stream audio on a WEBSITE other than YouTube.
    But if you search for that video on youtube and it exists, you can watch it on G1.

  • Panda

    I’m patiently waiting for Flash support on the G1 before I buy one. I am checking every other day for the release though! … so maybe not so patiently.

  • Develop

    is there any office suit support atm?

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  • Steve

    Help!!!!! I really need this flash player when will it come?

  • flipfun

    Ok really though, I’ve been reading about the almost ready flash for android since the youtube video demo…back in november 08. “Oh it’ll be ready in a month…no wait in Jan09…no wait feb09…oops just kidding, we’re still devoloping it.” I mean damn, just give us something we can use with android so we can pretend to at least have full web access.

  • Calvin


  • drugskill

    Its HERE! YAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Flash player is here!!!!!!! I just got the update added to my phone through an auto update YAAAAAAAAY! No more waiting just power cycle your phone after 12 a.m. today for 60 secs!

  • mcfadyen

    No sign of it on my G1 :-(

  • I don’t believe this to be true, actually. If I don’t get some confirmation soon from somebody, I’m going to remove that comment.

  • steviex

    there is no flash player update. What’s wrong with you “drugskill”

  • Ron

    Look this sucks about the g1 they put some free aps on the phone but if you like it they make yoyou pay for it and the flash better come soon. I do give the phone credit it does have some cool aps. And the way it let’s you dial numbers on the touch screen

  • Max

    I’m the owner of a Verizon Samsung with Win Mobile. I have a 2 year contract with Verizon and I would be willing to terminate the contract early, take the financial “penalty,” and loose out on $450 (the cost of the phone) so I can go to T-Mobile and get a G1

    IF…and ONLY IF

    it had sound Flash support. I’m a Flash developer and I’d love to have an Android G1 so I could test out my work.

    I’m wondering if they realize just how much money they stand to make by coming out with this. Between the Flash apps and the open source apps that are flooding the market for Android, I believe they have the potential to bury the iPhone with minimal effort.

  • gilbert

    Is it available now? If so where can I download it?

  • BL

    damn g1 phone. it isn’t as smart as advertise. bluetooth can’t transfer files to any other phones. flash player unavailable. camera don’t have any special function like sony ericsson’s cybershot. no freaking video recorder application that actually work. most of the applications are defective/malfunction. and noww we HAVE to pay for new applications on the market that 99% of the time is not functioning.

  • @gilbert: The Flash Player has NOT BEEN RELEASED yet. We will announce it when it comes.

  • delee

    I love my g1. Can’t wait for flash… pls email me when it comes out. I’m not very technical but I’m slowly learning.. wuts up wit that 90% of everything n market cost now? Us people who r broke n bought the phone need love too…also…. when flash player comes we will be able to download torrents? And how much is this incredible flash player going to be? Somethings installed now cost..will I have to pay for them now? Just a few questions..I’m sure I will come up with more..and please understand my technology ignorence…I thank u…

  • MikRayAll

    I would have thought this would have been easy, seeing as android was built on a linux Kernel. Linux has had flash for ages. Also I don’t think Adobe would charge. They have’t for any other system. It will be much appreciated sooner rather than later though. Come on adobe.

  • Troy

    Errrrrrrrr you guy’s need to stop with the fake post I’m sick of that crap I wanna know if the danm flash player is coming out soon if not the phone that I love so much blows big wind…..!

  • cmon guys be the g1 has been created and we as Android users need to be patient with it .. although some people have the Android over a year now and that might be frustating but still be patient im sure the Android will make us really thrilled that we bought it .. but i have a question of my own for people who knows this or uses it … Question ; Can i download and install a Navigation system on my Android. “If Yes” What Navigation software do u recommend ???

  • Naz

    Keep me updated with the flash playerr if any answers rite me on

  • Naz

    found android7 flash player in market but is priced 3.99

  • Nathan


    I would recommend Telenav navigation services. It isnt free but it is available on their site for an OTA download


    That flash player 7 is horrible. no one even uses flash 7 anymore.

  • patrick

    For sat nav I use andnav2 its free and uses google maps or any other ones of your choice works well with the g1 and it has voices turn by turn not as good as tomtom but brilliant for free

  • Blazinglite

    Do not download flash 7. There is a company working with adobe to get the flash working with android. Flash 7 does not work for internet sites only flash items on sd card. Don’t waste your time or money. Wait for Adobe version.

  • g1hundred

    In November they said flash was working on a g1 and said it would be coming soon to the public. It is mid way though April and we have nothing and they have quit talking. This is like telling your kids that they are getting a playstation 3 and then never giving it to them

  • george

    Better hurry with the flash player!

  • David

    I just have one question I know we are talking about the flash player but I’m kinda new to the hole g1 and you all might have gone over this already but I’m going to ask anyway. Is their anyway to make the blue tooth work I really don’t know how to get it going I turn it on and search for a device but it never connects to it and I mean another phone not a head set or anything else. Please if you can help me I would really love that thanks David.

  • whatdahek

    when can we get the flash player for the g1 and how to install?????

  • Torrone C. Johnson

    Okay I’ve had it with this G1 crap! T-Mobile jumped the gun with this product to keep use all from running to Verizon or AT&T. I am so sick a tired of the promises! I have recently been told that T-Mobile will be releasing the HTC Dream (G2) before the end of the year, also that G1 users are dead in the water, maybe an update. A T-Mobile rep told me (no joke) “its like buying a new car….next year there will be a new model! upgrade” Kiss My A S S !

  • THEfog

    Bloody hell, this flash player better be something special with the amount of time its taking to produce it! I love my g1, its hardware is well ahead of its time and android is bloody awesome and dosn’t CRASH CONSTANTLY! ( yes I am looking at you iphone) but bloody hell flash player should have been out by now and the cupcake update as well is way overdue. Adobe need to give us proof that they are working on this and actually give a crap about us android users users.

  • Luke

    Why do ppl who know the least talk the most? G1 is so far ahead of iphone and storm its
    Unreal. I haven’t found anything u can’t do on g1 except watch flash stuff. Seriously if u want a laptop buy one. Ppl are so greedy and whiny, perhaps if ppl spent half the time changing the world for better we would be 100 years ahead of where we are. If u want flash player so much
    Write ur own.. u can do that on linus try doin that on iphone or storm. G1 is designed not to crash and unlimited platform for future. When g2 comes out g1 won’t be left behind just updatedwhereas iphone upgrade make older ones worthless. Oh and I’m using me g1 on att network which is even more awesome..

  • jesse

    Patrick, where did you get the andnav2 app?

  • huh? how come mine plays youtube vids? i gotta video myself watching you tube vids on my phone 2 prove it ;) later 2night i will ! xoxo

  • Max

    They’ve been talking about this a long time. Either sh!t or get off the pot. BSquare is the company supposedly working on it and they have no news of updates on this on their site.

    Cripes, this is turning out to be Google’s Chinese Democracy.

  • Alyx314

    All we in the Android community as is confirmation that the project has not been dropped, and is still in development, (or a released final product, that would be better).

  • bojirman

    I have just got the htc magic and I love it! But the only thing I can’t say to my mate about how much better this is than his iphone is that he can watch flash content! Please adobe hurry along with this issue.

  • King

    YESS!!!! awesome!! all we G1 holders need after the flash player comes out is DivX Player which would be amazing!

  • I knew it. When ppl started converting all of their videos to flash because of their “small” size, that this was a bad idea.

    Now you are all being held by your nuts for video, when a couple of years ago, there was no dominate video format.

    Hey look! avi divx xvid etc…

    We should go back to these formats so we don’t get held up with this type of bullshit.

  • on 3rd g1 still no flashplayer

    waiting ,waiting waiting WTF Its about to be a year Like there just waiting for the g2 to drop, i hate you slow bastards

  • lucjan

    Maybe it’s the bandwith thing – it’ll get choked if we all play flash movies all the time. So they’re purposely holding back?

  • nathan

    I am the proud owner of a G1 id be a lot prouder if my bluetooth send nd retrive feature and if I knew when flash would be available to watch films etc

  • imiptat

    You all know it isn’t going to release on the G1, they’ll just jerk us around untill the G2 comes out and foreget about developing anything for the G1.. I dropped a lot of money on this thing because it “had” promise.

  • mcfadyen

    Well the cupcake update has at least arrived so we can at least film video (long wait for not much, on the surface anyway, and I’ve now got to reinstall some apps that previously worked fine but now crash… but it’s not like it takes days or anything!). But still no Flash… my mate’s just got a G2 and he doesn’t have Flash either…
    I never bother with my installed YouTube app – I’m in the UK but eveything is geared to the US market and it’s so slow that it’s not worth the agonising wait for a video to load. And it crashes. A lot.
    I love 95% of this phone – the remaining 5% causes me frustration and anger, mainly because I then have to try & deal with T-Mobile’s customer service, which doesn’t seem to know anything about its supposed ‘flagship’ product >:(

  • I feel you, I really do. I have a friend who took her G1 over to Vodafone purely for the improved customer service she gets there, where she lives. They’re like, “we don’t support this phone, but we’ll see what we can do ;-)”. Another member of her family uses the T-Mobile contract on their older phone so it worked out quite nicely.

  • hermes

    G1 is dead. Lets face it, they got us. the old bait and switch. with g2 in the near future we know our grim little fates are sealed. OBSOLETE. guess ill get a basic flip and be done with it. :(

  • Mike Weisman

    There is not going to be a flash player for Android. The Android operating system is going to be abandoned, but they are keeping a lid on it. You have heard about other devices with Android? None of them are coming out with Android. It is because the OS is too underpowered and buggy for a commercial device. So enjoy your G!, because it is probably the first and only device we will ever see with Android.

    Of course, the iPhone also lacks a Flash player… until today?

  • Wow, Mike. It’s obvious you have all sorts of insider information. I guess we’ll all just pack it in and close shop.

  • Hex

    You guys must not be very smart if you listen to the deepshits ssaying there will not be anymore android devices, htc hero has been leaked. We will continue to get updates, as the android platform is made to dso just that. The only way we will be forced to get a new phone is when we have reached the capasity of the hardware….. flash is coming soon and at least we don’t have to change phones in prder to get updates-iphone! There is anotherone coming out and we receive update ota, can the iphone do that? No

    • Hex, perhaps you are the one with the IQ issue. That was called scarcasm… That guy Mike obviously doesn’t have a clue as to what he is talking about.

  • TMO emp

    there are going to be more android phone i know of a couple coming out soon, so mike up there you keep thinking that and hold on to your sock cuz when the flash player comes out you will not be able to find a phone in the stores and runs android

  • Mike Lawrence

    Hey guy, i recently purchased a G1 even with the G2 about. the G2 is a bucket, they have moved away from the full keyboard and gone with the touch screen. Personally i foudn this useless, touchscreen is akward to use, yes the g1 is bigger, but theres no way the developers are going to turn their back on the G1.

    G1 = Excellent bit of kit, cant wait for send and recieve bluetooth ability and most importantly flash player.

  • zomg gief that flash player plz i really am waiting for it. even tho i got the phone just a week it anoys me allready that i cant see flash movies. FIX IT!

  • tommy turbo

    Justin like 2 say we’ve all been hung ut 2 dry over the flash player ,money grabbing twats got us all aga

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  • Natalie

    Still no flash player for the G1? Ugh! This is such a good phone and I will hate to let it go. I have been waiting patiently for the flash player…… UPDATES PLEASE!

  • Xeris

    Thinking about this whole flash player desire we all have for months now. Has me coming to this conclusion. They said flash 10 will be on android. Flash 9 is what’s current now. It would be smart for the new flash to be ready for this october. Pre holiday season. Couple of android phones to chose from. *our phones now play flash video, buy us for that uber cool holiday gift* Granted adobe has no particular intrest in android, but android and t-mobile have great intrest. So why wouldint they pay adobe to release it at the right time for t-mobile and the android phone family to see the max profits from it. I could be wrong, but I think it will be released this october. Followed by big time advertising from T-mobile for the g1 and g2 phones. Anyone else think this is what is going to happen?

  • Einherjrar

    Having read the responses and completed several searches for additional information on this subject, it seems plain to me that there is no clear answer even now, months after the OP/announcement. Flash player 9 or higher is a must for android, but I have serious doubts that anyone making claims beyond the initial announcement have any real information beyond what we all have read.

    I await a link(s) to more real info, and not just expression of doubt and/or prayer.
    Hearsay be damned! Cite your source!

    P.S. ~I use G1 android, I dun like the software keyboards.

  • Einherjrar

    My bad, “…” posted a link that follows the rabbit to the hole.
    Dunno how I missef the link.
    GJ! October it is then

  • How about this source? Read

  • Einherjrar

    Those sources are fine for me.
    Thx for the links michael.

  • Adam

    what most of you lot seem to be missing here is the Android OS is seperate from the actual handsets. the G1, G2 and whatever comes out next are all running the EXACT same software, us users with the G1 will be using the same version of Android as those with a G2 and therefore we will all have flash when it comes out. the only thing that will be different is people with a G2 will have a slightly more powerful/faster handset but a shitty on-screen keyboard. G1 FTW!

  • Actually, that’s not correct. The HTC Magic and G1 are mostly the same, it’s true, but your notion holds no water when devices like the HTC Hero are considered, let alone all of the other devices we’ll see from other manufacturers. In the same way that an HTC Windows Mobile phone looks different from a Samsung Windows Mobile phone, one Android phone can, and will, look different from the next. The OS is the base on which the rest is built upon, it is not 100% of the experience.

  • shawn groff

    I was so elated when I bought g1 several months ago. Now I am bummed. Withing the first few minutes my heart was broke, all this money and the phone didn’t do nothing. My old phone with just text based internet was able to do more. So now I give android, g1, and tmobile to the end of October (remured release for flash); if by then they are still full of hot air then iphone here I come. At least they will fullfil their promises.

  • This is rubbish. No flash player yet for android yet?? I am fed up anyone wanna inherit my G1 dev-phone? I am tired of waiting for the flash player. Gonna get me an N96 or something.

  • shawn groff

    Since yesterday I just got the htc wing and its freaking great. It plays flash and works really well. Let me guess only microsoft os can work like they are designed to. You open source fools need to learn to actually program products people can use or go back underground drinking ur energy drinks spanking ur selfs.

  • Angel

    I just read the official release for Flash on Android will be October ’09. I did read conflicting reports, some saying Flash on both G1 & G2, some saying only on G2. Remains to be seen.

    However, for all those complaining about the G1 and threatening to leave T-Mobile, I say by all means do so. Go on and buy a phone that has Flash…wait…there isn’t one. Enjoy the G1 or go buy a Blackberry.

  • shawn groff

    Yes there are phones out there that can play flash. You have to get the plug in from an outside source and it will cost $5 to $10. But, hell, if it works. The wing is nice, I can’t wait for the wing 2.

  • Beerdaddy

    HTC hero! When thats released with Android 2.0 (donut)- that’s when G1 users will get the OTA update which will contain flash player

  • Dwayne

    Why the hell are people whining and complaining like little bitches about Flash Support. Just wait a few months and it will be released.
    You people whining about flash video, STFU, go watch your porn on your computer. Your G1 will last longer without spilling your bitchass jizz on it.

    Grow some Damn balls, Shut the F up and wait like everyone else.

  • real

    ^^^haha so true

  • dwaynes dad

    i think people have been waiting more than a few months, you might have jus got the phone yesterday, but we have had it for a lil while longer

  • richuk

    If it helps I have the Steel browser on htc magic, u can’t stream bide from every where but do have a download option and then watch it from your gallery. Some vids also have a view option

  • Patrick M.

    Nice, It’s great to have some CURRENT news on flash coming to the G1. I’ve been seeing that video of andy rueben using it for 6 months now. So thanks to whoever posted this and I cannot wait. 3g will be released in my area Q4 of this year and sounds like flash will be here around the same time. Should be a nice Christmas. :=]

  • gary

    I can’t wait to it come out. When is bio wallet is coming look here.

  • chris

    Hey, does anyone know how to play hulu on the g1? Also what’s up with pandora?

  • Jacquie

    I know it sucks waiting for flash but, come on now….the G1 does EVERYTHING! I love my G1 AND I don’t mind waiting. I have alot of faith in the developers…Rome wasn’t built in a day….and just in case someone wants to say..”maybe you haven’t been waiting long” well…I got the G1 the day it came out so I’ve been waiting but, damn some people are worse than children. Relax!

  • Al Saprano

    All of y’all worried about having flash on the G1. Even if it is released on just the G2 it will eventually be on the G1. Someone will figure out how to get it. You may need to root but hey I did and love it.

  • hapinazz

    If everyone is tired of waiting why don’t you get your G1’s rooted, overclocked, and have the HTC Hero RoM installed. Look it up on youtube. I will at the end of this month.

  • photogextra

    So, in my market, there is an Android7 Flash Player from dotPhoto for $5.99 with two stars. Thoughts?

  • You can always try it, and if you don’t like it, get your money back as long as you do it from the Market within 24 hours.

  • Jtruth

    No. Everyone wil just have to wait for the official Adobe Flash update. The ones currently on the Android Market do not work.

  • daniel

    so?… it’s october now… and there are no signs of flash player coming for the g1….does anyone knows something about it?… do we have to pay for it or it’s gonna be free? (hope so)….
    please guys if U knows something let us know…

  • DrifterJoey

    Flash player was released to developers at the Adobe Max confrence on october 7th. Now why they are still waiting to release it to the public is beyond me. They had had it working on a G1 for over 1 year, and that seems long enuff to me to do all testing. I know if they want testers for Flash player, there are over 1 million G1 and android users ready to help. What Are You Waiting For ADOBE???? Give us Flashplayer!!!

  • !xobile

    So its the end of october now and there’s still no news! If anyone has the release dates or other news, please post. Thanks!

  • mrs2u


  • tbone

    Helloooo? anyone there? Droid from motorola is being advertised as having web capable flash player 10 installed? any ideas if its true? John Dowdell where you at?

    • No, it is not true at this time. It has a browser that can be upgraded to flash, or something along those lines, but we were told not to expect flash until the beginning of next year.

  • Matthew Connoe

    I got a Droid yesterday. In fact, I’m writing this on my Droid. It’s great, but no flash player, yet.

  • blackdawn

    This is funny I have a Palm 800w that runs adobe 9 just fine. I can watch everything on my SkyFire browser just fine. Been able to for the past year or so, it is so funny my wife got the Moto Android crap and I can’t bluetooth any music from my phone to hers. Ha some phone. All you people talk crap about windows phones. I’m laughing out loud at you people who waste your money on this new crap that isn’t supported by anyone! Just a bunch of dodo’s running from one thing to the next.

  • Richard

    If you can’t send her files via Bluetooth there is an app. for that I’m sorry you got a palm but I guess someone has to you should look into her phone a little more the different applications available will make a palm look like a Nokia 5150 lol good luck with that :-) android is superior anyway I’m glad this forum is here and there are others waiting as diligently as I am for the arrival of flash10 somewhat annoying its taking this long but sh*t happens thanks for the info and the links to check out.

  • dimka

    So I just recently got a new g1, I read a few of the posts and they talked about flash ariving in octooctober. Well is december now… any idea on the arival date? Oct 2010? Oct 2011?

  • Dennis

    On December 12, 2009 I purchased and actvated 2 android phones with Sprint. I purchased the Samsung Moment for myself and the HTC Hero for my brother. Both phones are amazing and way better than iphone… we have all kinds of apps and most of them are free. We have YouTube, facebook, myspace, gps… Pretty much anything you want is at your fingertips. The world we live in is so digital and based upon instant gratification. My apologies for getting side tracked from my original point. And that was… Is there anyway that I can get the adobe update for Moment and Hero? Also one more question. I have been reading about the firmware updates and I am pretty sure that the newest one is 2.0.1…. even though our phones are brand new both only have 1.5 AKA Cupcake!!!

    BTW I am typing this on my Samsung Moment..

  • anthony

    I have a droid ERIS which is basically like a hero just on a diff network. i went on and i was able to play sniper asssasin 3. the flash experience isnt great, it is very slow and laggy. but i was able to fully play the game, on my android 1.5 device

  • Patrick

    Well October has come and Gone… It’s 3 days into the new year.. When the hell are we getting flash?

  • Paul

    when when when when we can get it omg

  • Aerrick

    Have any of you bothered checking adobe site? Says clearly sometime in the first half of 2010. Combine this with everything else we know and it’s obvious that it’ll be ready when it’s ready.

  • Yezz

    It this true?? Flash Player will be released by the end of 2010???? So sad!!!

    • That’s not what it says at all. It says that most Android devices will support flash by the end of the year. It doesn’t say anything about Flash not being released until then.

  • G1

    It says it is “expected to be released by the first half of 2010”. You totally misread Yezz!

  • danb357

    I have a g1 handset and have done for 6 months now. It is a love hate relationship I must say. I love its apps and full keyboard but I hate its crap pointless blue tooth and stupidly short text pages and also NO FLASH PLAYER. Might be an I phone in my pocket before long. Come on adobe sort it out

  • JChan

    My god, people. Go ahead and bitch and moan all you want about how open source is gay and windows mobile os’ are superior, but it’s Adobe’s problem that they haven’t produced on their promises. If flash were open sourced fully we’d have it by now, but they’re proprietary and keeping it that way. Microsoft has enough money to buy rights from anyone to use the sodtware integrated into the OS at launch. But at least I don’t have to buy my apps or update umpteen bazillion tons a year. I understand frustration with Adobe at this point, but look at it from their end, they are going with what gets them a better bottom line IE Microsoft and PC software development. The market is there for phones as evidenced by this sites fanbase but not as much as the former. I’m pissed about waiting too, but I understand the stall.

  • I have the HTC Hero and can’t wait for adobe flash player but I also own a slingbox and hope that a sling player is released soon for my phone.

  • kaleb

    seriously now ther just stalling. i bet you they just sit around, drink coffee and watch wimens tennis. and leave an hour of thinking time for ther next big annoucement of a delay. i bet u som1 is gonna say fk them, and theyll go make the flash player themselves.

  • amkolbe

    It is February where is it?

  • xxnuffsaidncxx

    Hello all.

    I got my g1 in jan 09. the one reason why i got the was the guy at the store said it will have flash soon. well wtf. its been over a year and still no flash player. i am livid over this and anyone getting the g1 no doubt its a great phone but when you say flash will be here in febuary and nothin. then it was june and suposed to be with cupkake update nope. then they said 100% it would b here in october and still nothin. i think its just a ploy to get u to buy the phone. so i have seen it demonstrated on youtube as u probrably have seen. so f$%* it lets all go to adobe headquarters and just rob all those lyin bastards that sit behind there desks and laugh at all of us for believing there BS.i will never get a phone on a promise again. show me u can already do it and ill beleive it. i hate tmobile for this reason alone cuz i pay over 100 dolars a month for what the internet. thats bs. and if we do c it anytime in 2010 it will be nothing short of a miracle. DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE.


  • xxnuffsaidncxx

    oh by the way sorry bout the hostility but it realy REALY pisses me off. no pun intended.

  • justin wood

    Anyone know wen. If so send mail to

    P.s. I’m typin with me samsung moment

  • muchas gracias por el material, sigan asi

  • From what I’ve read on other blogs, they’re pulling an Apple trick… The won’t release it for lower-end Android devices because they’re worried about a less than perfect user experience. That’s lame.

    I know my G1 is slow compared to newer Android phones, but I believe that I should have the right to a bad experince rather than no experience at all!!!

  • Michelle

    This is ridiculous. I purchase the Android for both my husband and myself in May. We visited the Adobe site immediately looking for the flash software and were told it would be available in June. Hmmmm…let’s see…it’s JULY now and the application is still unavailable!!! Now, they say I have to wait until October…big surprise.

  • Buttninja69

    Y’all Niggas r gay

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