October 15, 2010
Flash for Android hits 1 million

Flash for Android hits 1 million

According to ZDNet, Flash for Android has had 1 million downloads from the Android Market, although there are still some teething problems to work out. However, As Mobile Crunch point out, there could be as many as 50 million Android devices out there. This makes the 1 million figure from Adobe seem rather weak.

This point is strengthened when one considers the fact that nearly 30% of Android devices out there are running 2.2 – something that doesn’t always seem right to me – thus allowing over 12 million devices Flash potential. So why only 1 million? After all that’s less than 10% adoption rate. Is this a strong figure, or a weak one? I guess we’ll have to take a look back at the numbers in 2011, but right now Flash certainly has some way to go before I would say it is a common part of the Android experience.

[Source: ZDNet, Via: Mobile Crunch]

James Tromans
Contributing editor of AndroidAuthority.com, based in the U.K.
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