Just a month ago, Dong Nguyen took down the massively popular game Flappy Bird from Google Play and the Apple AppStore, reportedly due to all the unwanted attention and the overall addictive nature of the game. Since that time, we’ve seen more clones pop up than we can count, yet no return of the original.

So we have to wonder: will everyone’s favorite bird to hate ever flap again? The answer is maybe.

Aside from Flappy Bird, Dong Nguyen has three other games in the works

In an interview with Dong Nguyen by the Rolling Stone, Nguyen talks a bit about his life, his background and the future of his games. Now that people have calmed down from the fad and some of the drama has settled, Nguyen reveals he is at least somewhat considering adding the game back to Google Play (and to Apple’s AppStore). If he did bring it back, he says the game would come with a warning screen asking folks to take a break and not get too caught up in the game.

Aside from Flappy Bird, Nguyen revealed to the Rolling Stone that he has three games in the works which include a cowboy-themed shooter, a vertical flying game called Kitty Jetpack and a third “action chess game” called Checkonaut. One of the three is said to be on its way to mobile devices sometime this month.

For those that feel Nguyen pulled down Flappy Bird just to get more attention on the game, you really should check out the original interview from the Rolling Stone. Unless Dong Nguyen is attempting to pull the wool over our eyes, the interview makes it clear that the guy leads a modest life and that he hasn’t done much with the massive fortune he’s collected so far. Instead, he says he just enjoys making games.

What do you think, would you like to see other original (non-Flappy Bird) titles from Dong Nguyen? Do you like the idea of games with simple controls, retro-graphics and yet extremely challenging gameplay?

Andrew Grush
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  • [S]unjay Burn[s] Red

    We all knew that he will be back Angry Birds, he’s just attention seeking.

    • Aravind J Nampoothiry

      Actually its flappy bird ;)

      • [S]unjay Burn[s] Red

        Thank you, i’ve fixed it.

  • john

    Why does this idiot get so much spotlight? He basically copied the helicopter game, super mario tubes, and make the bird fly all retarded. Typical asian to imitate…..

    • Jayfeather787

      Typical Asian? I am Asian. Shut the fuck up you worthless racist piece of shit.

      • john

        I am not racist if I am asian….. filipino to be exact. I am only stating the truth

        • jc914

          So you’re a Spanish-Chinese Mutt?

          Don’t be racist asshole!

        • There’s little truth in stating that all of the population of the world’s largest continent does nothing but rip off.

    • Kelly Caffrey

      Half Asian and I can say, you’re an asshole.

    • Cas

      Agree with first part but disagree with racist part.
      I’m not really fond of Nguyen but he’s not representing all Asians either.

    • AppleStore

      Great artists steal man. All current technology, design, and everything we know and experience is a copy and iteration of that which came before it. Get your head out your ass and wake the fuck up!

    • Mike Reid

      If he was imitating, you’d never have heard of him.

      He innovated. And he had some luck too, all success stories do.

      But countless other devs would “kill” to imitate HIM and the success he made. I’ll include myself in that group.

      That said, my last “normal” job was with a Chinese hw/sw company (here in Canada) and it was the worst company I’ve ever worked for. Morale was through the floor. I attribute a good deal of that to Chinese culture and a bad interaction with Western.

      But there are aspects of Chinese and Asian culture I CAN appreciate. Among these are those (some groups) that value money and material wealth less than most of us in the “Western” world.

    • Anders CT

      All creative people imitate. Asians and non-asians.

      But why, please tell us what groundbreakingly unique games you have made lately?

    • solamente

      I want to be an idiot too. Please make me one.

  • Muskeda

    Yeah, Just like Mark and Woz, They just enjoy doing things that make them happy.

  • I pretty much pity the creator of flappybird… It’s like he didn’t desire the fame after he became way over famous for a typical guy living in his own country – For those that did bother to read the actual original news article about his interview. But flappy bird was a great idea from the start. Great work and will be expecting more from him!

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  • Here we go again…

  • jc914

    He’s a genius! He created a simple game, people went nuts, boosted the hype, and makes some serious money.