Fixya report highlights ‘top problems’ users run into with the Moto X, GS4 and HTC One

by: Andrew GrushDecember 2, 2013

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There are a ton of great smartphones out there if you’re planning on picking up a new handset this holiday season. Some of the most popular choices include the Samsung Galaxy S4, the HTC One and the Moto X.

Of course just because these three handsets are highly popular doesn’t mean they aren’t without their own quirks and other minor issues. With that in mind, troubleshooting site Fixya has now gathered up a list of the top five issues that folks have with each of these previously mentioned Android devices.

It’s important to note that Fixya doesn’t reveal how it generated its statistics or how many complaints they have actually received for these devices, still it should give us at least a general idea of some of the biggest perceived weaknesses for these three Android handsets.


Samsung Galaxy S4

Apparently the Galaxy S4’s biggest issues are overheating problems, screen issues, battery problems and phone & text issues.

Specifically when it comes to overheating, Fixya says “with so much horsepower under the engine in such a tiny device, users have reported the phone becoming hot to the touch when the phone is in use for a significant amount of time.” The overheating issues are at their worst when it comes to things like gaming and watching videos.

As far as the battery is concerned, Fixya claims that the battery life isn’t particularly great and obviously must be charged on a daily basis — of course that’s true of most smartphones.

Lastly, Fixya claims that some users report issues with the display being darker than on other similar devices, making it hard to read text on the device.


Motorola Moto X

So what are the biggest issues for the Moto X? Most complaints surround the 720p display (while most phones now rock 1080p). Other problem areas are storage space, camera quality and GPS problems.

Without a microSD card slot, the Moto X provides just 16GB or 32GB of space — and in the 16GB model only 11GB are actually usable. While this might be enough space for some users, others feel that that it is a major weakness.

Early on the Moto X was criticized for its weaker camera, and so we are not surprised to see that the camera is listed as a problem area for the device. Luckily this is less of a problem than it once was, thanks to a semi-recent camera update that greatly improved the handset’s photo-taking experience.



HTC One has been praised as a much needed hit for HTC, but even it isn’t without a few problem areas. Most complaints are centered around battery life, with users claiming that not only does the handset drain fairly quickly, it also supposedly takes too long to charge.

Fixya has also heard from users that have ran into audio problems with the device, with a subtle hissing noise when making phone calls and listening to music. And then there’s complaints about the HTC One’s new “UltraPixel” camera. Fixya users report issues shooting pictures, with photos “coming out extremely saturated”.

Wrap up

Being honest, most of the problems listed above seem to be nothing more than users nitpicking at their devices. Apple fans will probably take the time to shout out that you should consider an iPhone instead, but according to Fixya, the iPhone 5S isn’t without its share of problems either.

Not only are there the same quick-drain battery complaints, some users also complain about the fingerprint reader and potential security issues with it. There’s also quite a few iPhone users that feel Apple’s smartphone is just too small.

The big takeaway here is that no mobile handset is perfect, the goal instead is to find one that best meets what you’re looking for. What do you think of the listed issues from Fixya? For folks that own any of the three Android handsets — do you have the same problems or not?

To get an even closer look at Fixya’s report, click here.

  • Ryster1

    There has been no perfect phone manufactured yet, and unfortunately there is a list of problems for every phone on the market. However, the phones are getting waaaay better with each passing year! Although, it would be nice if the manufacturers worked on better battery tech, which seems to have lagged behind in the spec war.

    • Ivan Myring

      I don’t know, with the Moto X, G2, Z1 and Note 3, the most recent high end android phones, battery life seems to be getting better.

      • Anon

        I don’t know about the other phones, but Note 3 DOES have amazing battery life.
        Web Browsing seems to suck it’s battery faster than playing FIFA 14 though…
        Real Racing 3 is by far the highest battery eater.

  • Rmcrys

    I speak for myself: I own a Samsung Note 3 for a couple of months and…it is fantastic! The screen is huge, fantastic colors and blacks, veery bright screen, powerful (I have the Eco mode on and still fluid!) and battery lasts easily (and I mean easily!) 3 full days with medium use (of course if you play/chat on Facebook and whatsapp, then it won’t go past 2 days). I have no isues whatsoever, and the only thing I could ask for, would be the Optic Image Stabilization.

  • jbox

    Battery seems to be a common problem among HTC phones. While its s-lcd screen is great, I always find myself struggle with spare batteries..

    • Amine Elouakil

      This is totally wrong, While the HTC Thunderbolt had a terrible battery life for obvious reasons this bad reputation was inflated by anti-competitive practives from other companies. All the other HTC Phone had an average to good battery life. This is not my opinion but this according to one of the most if not the most serious tech website Anandtech you can check all their smartphone reviews where they have batterylife comparaisons.

      Also they chart above show the proportion of issues out of 100%, if a phone has an average to good battery life (The One doesn’t have an outstanding battery life unlike it cousins the Butterfly S) It become something visible due to the outstanding device that the One is in other categories hence the big %, I’m curious to know if this study was on the international version

  • mrfelco

    I wonder why GPS issues would be a problem for the moto X. I always though Motorola was very accurate with GPS technology in its mobile devices. Or at least that’s what i’ve heard from other Motorola device users.

  • chaimav

    How can storage space and screen resolution be counted as “problems”. These are part of of specs for the phone which are clear before purchase. I would consider overheating, camera quality, gps issues, screen brightness etc actual problems.

    • jonathan3579

      To add to that, how can storage not be considered an issue when the 16GB S4 had around 8GB available? I’m calling shenanigans on this poorly put together list.

  • 93foxwcubes

    Buy a LG G2. The battery drain is slow. It drops 10% in 4 hours of use, browsing, email video on wifi.
    This thing doesn’t know how to lag, at all. Apps open instantly, no more waiting to load. Camera takes great pics just make sure that the camera and person in the lens stay still.
    Very happy with this phone.
    I repeat no more lag.

    • Ilias

      Not to mention the OTG option which makes the lack of SD not important…
      I got 42hr with 7hr screen on. I was HTC user and i never thought that anything other the HTC can satisfy me :)

    • Timmy

      Have to agree with you there on the battery life. Fn great. Now, playing Ingress for a few hours will cause it to take a hit, but otherwise it’s fantastic.

  • Timmy

    Too bad they left out the Nexus 5, N3, G2, Z1 and other top phones. It would have made a better review. I’d be curious what issues other G2 owners are reporting.

  • LaurNicole

    I have an HTC ONE & I haven’t had any of the mentioned problems!