The 5 reasons One (M8) is better than the Galaxy S5, according to HTC

by: Bogdan PetrovanApril 11, 2014

samsung galaxy s5 vs htc one m8 aa (18 of 19)

In a rare coincidence, HTC and Samsung are releasing their hero devices in the US almost at the same time. While HTC pulled off a quick release of the One M8, it was only available on Verizon initially, meaning that customers of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint had to wait until yesterday to join in the fun. Meanwhile, Samsung is releasing the Galaxy S5 today across all US carriers, as well as in 124 other countries.

With these two beasts unleashed at the same time, we have a true deathmatch between the One (M8) and the Galaxy S5. Samsung has the superior spending power when it comes to marketing, but HTC isn’t standing still either.

According to alleged marketing training materials uncovered by HTC Source, HTC is betting on the following five features to convince buyers of the superiority of the M8.

1. Metal beats plastic – HTC specifically name calls Samsung for the plastic build of the Galaxy, contrasting it with the “stunning design” of the M8.

2. BoomSound – HTC touts the virtues of the M8’s speakers, and it’s easy to see why. BoomSound was loud and clear on the M7, and it’s even better on the new One M8.

3. Fast access – you can wake up the M8 by double tapping or swiping on the screen. The Galaxy S5 lacks this feature.

4. Duo Camera – the depth sensor on the back of the M8 lets it distinguish between foreground and background, allowing you to apply selective focus and other effects. The Galaxy S5 has a similar feature, though it’s not as powerful as the M8’s.

5. HTC Advantage – for the finale, HTC throws in Advantage, its extended warranty program that gives you a one-time screen replacement in the first six months of ownership, guaranteed 2-year Android upgrades, and more.

Here’s the doc (which could also be a promotional leaflet, from the looks of it) if you want to read it for yourself.

And, if you want a neutral take on M8 vs Galaxy S5, here’s our fresh comparison video.

So, what it’s gonna be? HTC One (M8) or Samsung Galaxy S5?

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  • satsmine2k4

    first 2 acceptable, last 3 laughable, hilarious down right cheap from htc…S5 camera is lightyears ahead of htc’s dum camera…

    • ♜Donzzy™

      How is the fastest AF camera in all smartphones to date laughable?

      • hyper0926

        I would prefer better image quality than gimmick features

        • SimonC

          Recent surveys however suggest most Smartphone users only use their cameras for taking snaps to upload to social media sites. So why would most people want or even need a really high resolution camera? It’s like buying a Ferrari that you can only drive at 55mph.

          • KingofPing

            Obviously, he’s a professional photographer…duh. :p


          • Vineet Tyagi

            The article says how HTC M8 is better then S5…not why it is practical for today’s generation. Camera should be better, doesnt matter why most people will use them. It has 4K recording, doesnt matter if there is any market share in 4K Tvs or not.

      • SuyashSrijan

        People just like to complain that the pinky-nail-sized cameras in their phones aren’t as good as a point-and-shoot or SLR. Don’t worry about it.

      • BenGezarit

        If you work faster at your job doesn’t mean you make it good.

  • Bone

    Here’s 5 why S5 is better:

    1) sturdier, grippier, lighter build
    2) IP certfication against dust and water
    3) 16MP ISOCELL camera
    4) 4k video recording
    5.1) Better non-cheating performance
    5.2) More accurate, less reflective, more efficient screen
    5.3) Better screen/size ratio
    5.4) Replaceable battery
    5.5) Multi-Window
    5.6) AirView and air gestures
    5.7) Free Deezer and other exclusive stuff
    5.8) Easier repairability
    5.9) Better customer and warranty service
    5.10) Better dev support
    5.11) Better security features
    5.12) Health integration

    • Doucebag

      agree with u

    • ♜Donzzy™

      Couldn’t agree with you more!

    • Jermaine Smit

      Camera you can put that in 2 times that mutch better xD That depth is still on the Samsung so the dual Camera not really making “a lot” of differents

    • SuyashSrijan

      1. Subjective, the M8 looks much better and feels much better, it’s indisputable.
      2. HTC One M8 has IP x3 certification
      3. 4MP UltraPixel with high quality optics (as said by AnandTech), with bigger pixels that absorbs 300% more light
      4. 4K monitors/TV have a tiny market share
      5. Same with M8
      6. AMOLED cannot ever be as accurate as LCD because of missing subpixels:
      7. Subjective
      8. Very few people utilize replaceable batteries
      9. Available on M8 via Xposed, also MultiWindow on Samsung works only with some apps (mostly Samsung’s stock apps)
      10. Gimmicks
      11. US only
      12. Nope: And anyway, do you repair your phone yourself? Repairability has nothing to do with anything.
      13. Nope:
      14. Nope, the S4 (Exynos) has just 1-2 custom ROMs based on KitKat, vs HTC One M7 which has loads of them. Samsung devices suck at dev support, you can ask anyone on XDA.
      15. How? Both run Android 4.4.2
      16. HTC One M8 also has it, via FitBit

      • George Av

        get out of here fanboy.

        • SuyashSrijan

          Mentioning facts makes me a fanboy? Okay.

          • Roger

            I like ur post. Screw Knox!

            S4 snapdragon 800 user here. .

          • George Av

            Mentioning the fact about ultrapixel makes you a fanboy if you believe that crap. Fact’s don’t mean shit. Go look at some samples from that appalling camera

          • SuyashSrijan
          • Monji

            Colors look nice but the images lack so much sharpness

          • George Av

            I’ve got a 27″ editing monitor, they look crap. Lacks any kind of sharpness or depth of field.

          • George Av

            I have a 27″ editing monitor and these samples at full resolution lack any kind of sharpness or depth. Even on my 3 year old Sony vaio laptop with a crappy screen resolution, they look bad.

          • Jaime

            You didn’t mention facts but your own liking. A lot of the things you mentioned were wrong/biased

          • THatch

            That’s the point though, support your side. The other guy was mostly opinion based.

      • MasterMuffin

        1. First it’s subjective then it’s not?
        2. S5 can take water and dust much better
        3. S5’s camera is better
        4. So what, 4K is still 4K
        5. Performance always depends on a lot of things and benchmarks can’t be trusted unless the difference is huge so nobody can really prove or disprove anything
        6. AMOLED can, but Samsung is using PenTile because our technology isn’t advanced enough yet. The display guru Soneira said that S5’s colors are the most accurate he has ever seen (in movie mode)
        7. No it’s not, the ratio is better :D
        8. But those who do love the option. One doesn’t have the option (but they did finally add SD card support yippee)
        9. Rooting is for probably less than 5% of the market
        10. True dat xD
        11. Don’t know, don’t care.
        12. Still easier to repair than M8. And yes some people (surprisingly many) do that
        13. Well HTC Advance does seem nice!
        14. Exynos is $#@&! but S5 still gets more dev support though
        15. Knox and stuffz
        16. S5 has it better

        • Anonymousfella

          Doesn’t having a high resolution reduce the negative aspects of pentile?
          From what Display Mate and Anandtech have concluded from their detailed tests is that its it produces most accurate colours(traditionally weakness of AMOLEDs) while retaining the benefits of AMOLEDs that is deep blacks and low power consumption. This is like best of both worlds. I dont get why people are still argung over this. You can simply change your display profile to get what you want. Whatever you choose, yours is the best display.

          • MasterMuffin

            As I’ve said multiple times, AMOLED >>> LCD

          • Botmun

            You forgot to put IMO. Everyone has their own preference. Some people just do not like AMOLED, some do not like LCDs. Both are great. There is no point of arguing.

          • Monji

            AMOLED can look like LCD, its just plain better now.

          • Botmun

            I know. Its called movie mode.
            But I’m going to give edge to AMOLED. Both are great.

          • bairo

            the amoled on the s-5 is leaps and bounds better than it was on the previous models, but still a tick below LCD on the M-8. Its actually hard to see with the naked eye in the first few minutes. You have to look for the differences and look at viewing angles. Im fine with the display on the s-5… I picked the M-8 for other reasons. Your wont go wrong with either choice unless you wait for June and the LG G3

          • BenGezarit

            That’s a personal choice what is better and what not. I personally like LCD better. Had Sammy too but it’s like cartoon-ish to me. HTC lacks in to many departments. So just design ain’t gonna cut it…..

      • Anthony Ang

        For your #8.i do have an extra battery for replace it better than u need to bring along a powerbank.

      • nishantsirohi123

        you know how many apps support samsung multi window

        this includes of course all the samsung embedded apps. Plus, whatsapp LINE, WeChat, QuickPic, Polaris Office, Youtube, Gmail, Chrome, official Facebook, twitter, BBM, hangouts, adobe reader, Play STore,

        SERIOUSLY ….!

        • asd

          if u rooted it it can support more apps plus many people use expandable memory :)

      • Jaime

        Funny how you use the Exynos variant and not the snapdragon which has a lot more dev support.

      • THatch

        6. “But on a pen tile display…” AMOLED can have the same sub pixel density as LCD displays, it all depends on the matrix. The galaxy note 2 was a non-pen tile AMOLED display although it was only 720p. It all banks on what Samy wants In their displays.

        • THatch

          And AMOLED has a wider color gamete, meaning if it is calibrated correctly, then it is more color accurate, and can display more colors. AMOLED is also flexible (when produced to be) LCD can’t flex because it has a back light. Black pixels are not lit on AMOLED screens, saving battery with deeper blacks. LCD displays have to light the whole screen to display one pixel. AMOLED is also thinner.

    • I agree but its all about choice and customizing ..
      ..if people care less about removable battery and steel is their priority happy to recommend m8 over s5 …not all care about one hand usability and grippier built,ip 67 rating …….but for screen response (50ms) HTC has outdone apple also…one time screen replacement in first 6 months is a good but if it stops working and HTC repair center is nowhere near and takes too long to repair then i guess its obvious to prefer s5

    • Anthony Ang


    • TheWay

      Here’s why S5 comment is biased:

      1) sturdier, grippier, lighter build (nope, HTC grippier to hold, cuz less wide
      2) IP certfication against dust and water (100% waterproof case is better -5$)
      3) 16MP ISOCELL camera (Now everybody knows ISOCELL IS GIMMICK)
      4) 4k video recording (LIMITED FOR 5 MINUTES)
      5.1) Better non-cheating performance -Cheat in perfo. was invented by Sam
      5.2) More accurate, less reflective, more efficient screen (nope, that is LCD)
      5.3) Better screen/size ratio (LCD is still better than AMOLED
      5.4) Replaceable battery
      5.5) Multi-Window (Lets hope that Apple does better job than this)
      5.6) AirView and air gestures (gimmicks)
      5.7) Free Deezer and other exclusive stuff (what?)
      5.8) Easier repairability (nope)
      5.9) Better customer and warranty service (nope!)
      5.10) Better dev support (nope!)
      5.11) Better security features (nope!)
      5.12) Health integration (gimmick)

      • Daniel D

        Like the “ultrapixel” crap is not gimmick… Just a fancy word. If I put a picture made with HTC’s ultrapixel on my desktop or on my 40 inch TV display it will look like a fucking thumbnail. So when you try to make HTC’s image better don’t even mention the camera.

      • kiwinaman

        Please send a link for that $5 100% waterproof case!!

      • Tyrone_83

        Who going to record something that more than 5 mins? Also 5.8 thru 5.12 I can totally show you stuff on XDA developers or you can go there yourself that will prove everything you just said WRONG.

    • Anonymousfella

      oh boy! Butthurt htc fanboys incoming…

    • duck hairs

      In sorry what was that 5.1 lol

      • Andreas Larsson

        Probably a remark on the faster processor in the s5 ;)

    • Shark Bait

      ok, so i guess you’ve owned and used both for a while and can make a quality informed decision then??

    • Caramel

      AA, only 3 choices? Where’s the choice for “I dislike both phone” ?

    • David Onter

      5.1) Bullshit. You can activate the ‘High Performance Mode’ and actually use it -.-
      5.5) Meh. Doesn’t work that well, doesn’t it? :D
      5.6) Gimmick. Not reliable –> Doesn’t work good ;)
      5.7) You have exclusive stuff on the M8 too. HTC Advantage for example + 50GB Cloud Storage etc.
      5.10) No
      5.12) More of a gimmick ;)

      • Andreas Larsson

        5.1 it has a newer, faster processor… Ofc it’s faster!
        5.5 it has worked great since the first note :p 5.6 works great to
        5:10 yes, check the XDA forum sometime

      • Tyrone_83

        And what happens when that cloud storage goes offline?

    • ComeBackSteveJobs

      Airview and Air gestures barely even work

  • Luka Mlinar

    5 reasons why the HTC sucks.
    1. HTC bar under the screen
    2. The bottom bezel
    3. The black thingy around one centimeter from bottom to top
    4. It’s high
    5. It’s long
    This is such a big fail it needed to be mentioned in 5 different way.

    • Brendon Brown

      You will need to compromise for the performance…… That duo cam takes space!

      • Dimitar Gospodinov

        Why exactly do we need that Duo Camera again? When everybody is getting better results with a single sensor…

    • Anthony Ang

      Yes.finally there is a person do notice on your (#1) .this is not only htc but also on sony devices as well.

    • Einzbern

      Completely agree with you, Luka.
      HTC has no shame, even with those fugly bezel still claim to be better than S5. Meh.

      Anyone can slap metal to their phone. But not everyone can make phone with thin bezel.

  • hollyw0Od

    People still like TouchWiz? ::shudder::

  • Sky Baun

    The Samsung fanboys are upset now

    • Shark Bait

      Hahah yep, there’s always a lot of them!

    • Dimitar Gospodinov

      Very true but have you read the rest of the comments? There are some thruth in there…anyway I expext the same article about how the S5 is better than the One…we have seen AndroidAuthority do that in the past…

      • Monji

        Samsung won’t even bother comparing the S5 to the One they are just going straight to the iPhone, HTC is like the little kid that screams loud but everybody ignores it.

        • George Av

          HTC is that kid in the playground going around and trying to bully the bullies, it’s just not going to work! HTC listen! FORGET SAMSUNG AND APPLE and focus on not fucking up the next version of the One.

          • Herpy Derpy

            Agreed, they need to get rid of that Ultrapixel gimmick ASAP. Even the M8 suffers from the dreaded purple camera found on the M7. Not to mention a lot of sample photos looked really washed and way too yellow. It’s very disappointing because I really wanted the M8.

  • Shark Bait

    Everything apart from the camera if you ask me. Havnt used or actually seen either though so can’t really comment

  • Billy joseph

    Hahahahaha the s5 doesn’t need the double tap or swipe to wake function it has a physical button. Whoever made that list was hitting the bong pretty hard

  • George Av

    This is bullshit and HTC knows it. Nothing on the HTC One is better than on the S5 other than the metal design.

    1: bigger screen
    2:no fucking stupid bezels
    3:no stupid bar with the HTC logo at the bottom of the screen
    4:the screen is easily the best I (many of us) have ever seen
    5:16MP ISOCELL camera
    6: Actually useful camera features and no stupid duo cam which is as bad as gimmicks get
    7: removable battery
    8: Water and dust proof to IP67
    9: No onscreen buttons
    10: Better hardware Snapdragon 801 AC clocked at 2.5Ghz
    11: Better call quality (Reports of tinny sound from the One)
    12: Better wifi and GPS antennas (No metal body weakening the signal
    13: USB 3.0
    14 Power button in the right place
    15: Better dev support (more people buy it, more devs to develop)
    16: No s-off bullshit
    17: 4k recording
    18: Bigger battery
    19: Better screen to phone size ratio
    20: Very good repair ability rating Vs the worst possible for the One
    21: Less reflective screen
    22: Ultra powersave mode
    23:better performance
    24: Fingerprint scanner
    25: Heartbeat monitor
    26: Better accessories, again more people will buy the S5
    27: download booster
    28: Screen can be dimmed to 2nits VS 16 on the One
    29: more efficient screen
    30: Better reputation, not launched from a dying company as a plee for help.

    • Botmun

      Stop crying.

    • Nick Gonzalez

      aint nobody got time for that.
      just say you think the gs5 is better.

  • Watchdog43

    Please… I have nothing against the HTC M8, GREAT phone but do we really need such articles??? We get enough crap from the apple fanboys trying to compare the iPhone to the Galaxy S4 & S5, do we really need to bash these incredible phones ourselves??

  • Brendon Brown

    HTC is boss and the M8 crushes the S5…

    • W1z

      Lol yea… In dreams for sure..

    • Joe S.

      Said like a true punk. Have you passed the 5th grade yet?

  • Cao Meo

    HTC One also has much better battery life I think.

    • The-Sailor-Man

      Think harder:-)

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  • Xavier_NYC

    The S5 is a better all around Phone. The M8’s camera is good for posting on Social media that’s it. All HTC has over the GS5 is build quality that’s it and No I’m not a Samsung fanboy, I’ve never owned any Samsung devices.

  • Lisandro O Oocks
  • Ihatehipsternerds

    Does HTC really want to start this game with Samsung? They should have a word with Schiller, the guy was contemplating on firing their Ad agency because Samsung was killing them on this game.

  • W1z

    HTC : Hopelessly Trying to Catch…. ATTENTION

  • The-Sailor-Man

    M8 better than S5?????
    Is that some Moron’s tasteless joke?

  • Ihatehipsternerds

    Look at that picture on the main article, the “premium” M8 already got scratches. Give me plastic any day of the week than having my “premium” built phone looking like that, in less than a month after buying it.

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  • Rauel Crespo

    Here’s why they BOTH suck.

    5GB(S5) and 6GB(M8) of user accessible storage(for the only versions of these devices available on most US carriers-the 16GB version) for apps and the fact that the SD-Card for both devices is useless for most apps.

  • Rauel Crespo

    If Samsung and HTC want to bloat the OS on their phones as much as they have been, 32GB has to be the entry level size for these phones. A 16GB Flagship phone in 2014 is a disgusting abuse of an uninformed public.

  • Luis

    Again the marketing department is doing its job

  • Monji

    HTC was only good during the years of the HTC HD2. Since the transition to android they have always been playing catch up to Samsung. The metal on the One is the only argument that they use over and over every year. What are gonna do when Samsung decides to put metal on its phone? Except for showing it once to your friends are you really going to use the speakers on your phone? At home you got a desktop/laptop/tv. Are you really going to listen to your music outloud on the bus? I don’t think so. The camera still takes crap pictures. They should’ve used a regular 16mp camera instead of the ultrapixel.

  • Samsung also has free repairs too. In Nigeria, Samsung offers it’s customers two screen repairs and a two year warranty, and this was introduced when the galaxy S4 came out

  • blairh

    1. Metal doesn’t ‘beat’ plastic. The S5 plastic actually feels nice to the touch. Much like my wonderful Nexus 5. Also the M8’s metal leads to a very heavy phone. (160 grams.) S5 is noticeably lighter at 145 grams.

    2. Most consumers don’t care about the speaker on the phone. Anybody serious about music or audio in general will use bluetooth speakers or headphones. (Ditto wired headphones.) Plus those BoomSound speakers make the phone so large.

    3. Double tap to sleep doesn’t work while using an app with the M8. Plus the S5 doesn’t truly need this feature given the two comfortable wake options. (Side wake and physical home.) The M8 is stuck with a wake button on the top of a tall device.

    4. S5 camera is miles better than the M8. Go look at online comparisons if you don’t believe me.

    5. Free screen replacement within 6 months? Awesome. Is that going to sway people to buy your phone? I doubt it.

    Look, I was super excited for the M8 but it was a big letdown in person. Heavy, tall, mediocre camera, eyesore of a bottom bezel. The S5 isn’t anything special but I’d take it over the M8. (Lighter, better grip, better camera, proper wake options.)

  • KillEmAllx

    The mainly reasons why I prefer AMOLED compared to LCD is:
    – Deeper blacks.
    – Colors are amazing. Call it saturated, I think it looks just awesome.
    – No backlight bleeding. I f**king hate backlight bleeding, and almost every LCD has it. As soon as AMOLED displays become cheaper, I will replace my PC display and my Zenbook.

    • VanquishGC

      Thank you for using the word ‘prefer’. As I mentioned in a comment, that’s what it all comes down to: personal preference. Well, except the camera. How you make a good argument for the M8’s camera is beyond me. Anyway, you like AMOLED better? Cool! There’s lots of benefits to those displays. Most of my phones have had AMOLED displays. They are indeed brighter, for sure. The colors get a little wild on them for me, but on the other hand, the S5 does let you adjust the display settings to suit your needs (as did my Note 2 when I had it. Too bad the PPI sucked for the size of the display). I’ve used LCD too, and I like them for different reasons. Might not get as bright, but they don’t get as washed out in sunlight. That’s something that drives me nuts. And overall, I feel they get better color representation without needing adjustment. Just my opinion, and thank you for sharing yours without losing your mind over it.

  • Dave Prevost


    You people arguing over which phone is better as if you made the f’n things yourselves.

    Are your lives that boring that you need to justify your self worth by having “the best” phone?

    It’s a phone, people! A phone! Let’s just all calm down, because nobody gives a poop about your phone. It will not get you laid, or get you that job you want, or make you the envy of your peers.

    Just buy whatever you want, then wait with anticipation for your next paycheck so you can spend on another gadget nobody else cares about.

    • nishantsirohi123

      made my day…!

      this is best, that is best, yeah for like what …. for a few months

      when the next version comes, which shall be obviosuly better

  • jack

    why aren’t you AA hypocrites talking about Scamsung’s tablet sales scam? They are lying about their sales. Damn dishonest company

  • VanquishGC

    So much hate here, wow. I’ve had a chance now to spend time with both phones, and really, it comes down to personal preference. I feel like HTC made a bigger leap with the M8 than Samsung did with the S5, but that’s just me. I say this, and I use a Moto X, so I’m no fanboy of either. As far as display, they’re both gorgeous. It’s just whether you prefer LCD or AMOLED. Both have their pros and cons. LCD generally has better color accuracy, and doesn’t get as washed out in direct sunlight. AMOLED displays are brighter and more vibrant, and have the ability to use less battery. Personal preference. I prefer the feel of the One myself, as it just feels solid. You almost don’t want to put a case on it, it’s that nice. Sound quality goes to HTC again. Boomsound is no gimmick that’s for sure. Yes, it creates more bezel, but you gotta make sacrifices sometimes. It’s nice that Samsung continues to use removeable batteries, but that’s no deal breaker for me. HTC not only brought back SD storage capability, but it already has 32 GB internal. That’s awesome, and a win right there. And HTC finally went with on screen keys (I love them, and yes, I know some don’t. That’s ok…). Now then, Samsung did fix TouchWiz somewhat. They fixed the obomination that was the settings menu in the Note 3 and S4. Their way of creating folders still frustrates the everliving hell out of me though. On the flip side, they got rid of the menu capacitive key for a app drawer one! Nice, it’s about time. Lastly, while camera speed is nice, and the One has a lot of good software on there for customization, the fact that all they did was add a second camera is a joke. It’s a freaking glorified 4mp shooter with depth perception. They even got RID of OIS. Terrible move. Now someone made the point that most people just use smartphone cameras for social media. Ok, that might be true, but you’re still shortchanging the customer. Samsung straight outclasses HTC here. For me personally, if it weren’t for the camera, the M8 might be the damn near perfect phone for me. Might still get it, but that camera is a letdown, big time.

    • HussainAlQatari

      This is the best comparison comment I’ve ever seen
      People should sooo read that 1+

  • Jesus

    Haha… First, the insults, even from their CEO.

    Now, this.


  • endy

    Yawn. MotoX for me. Next phone will be a Nexus or Xiaomi.

  • Tyrone_83

    Does anybody remember last year when HTC said the same thing about the S4 and being cocky on Twitter but about that one fail on the S4 unboxing? And look what happen to them? They got dominated by Samsung and at the end of the year they came out on Facebook & Twitter saying we should have put more money into our R&D our competitors got hot right out the gate and never looked back post/tweet

    Now HTC kinda pulling the same thing again? Sorry. And what I don’t understand is all the people ragging on Samsung for having a plastic case yet people who buy the M8 will put it in one. That’s one big hypocritical thing to say. If Samsung does dominate them again this year I wonder what excuse they will say in December when the look at their quarterly results. I do like HTC but I want to slap them in the face when they act all cocky and arrogant.

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    It’s a hell of a smartphone. It’s an imperfect one, sure. The camera still trades resolution for features, but the features tend to be pretty compelling, and it’s not like you aren’t able to take some beautiful shots. That’s probably our single complaint about the new HTC One.And if you have decided to become a proud owner of this device, perhaps you’re in the market for a solid and beautiful protection case as well.