March 17, 2009
Possible Samsung Android phone.  Photo from

Possible Samsung Android phone. Photo from has posted (in Dutch) what could well be the first public sighting of a Samsung built Android smartphone.  This tiny little image, which is quite blurry, comes from a slide presentation Samsung presented at a dealer event in Amsterdam.

There’s not much to go on, but the device supposedly sports a capacitive touchscreen (like the T-Mobile G1) and has a good deal of internal storage – but otherwise the details are very, very sketchy.  It appears that GSMHelpdesk is relying on some of its own information and speculation as far as specs go, so when other sites start reporting “touch sensitive buttons”, a “528MHz processor”, “Bluetooth A2DP stereo”, and “U.S. UMTS support” as fact, you’ll know better.

Read the translated version here.

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