First Moto X ads focus on always-on Google Now and camera

by: Chris SmithAugust 1, 2013

Moto X

Motorola has released its first Moto X ads, which focus on two features that have been mentioned numerous times in the leaks preceding the phone’s announcements: the always-on voice-based capabilities and the new camera.

We have already shown you the specs and features of the Moto X, its customization options, its special software features and a gallery of official images, so it’s time to look at the first official Moto X videos:

Entitled “Moto X – Always Ready” and “Moto X – Quick Draw,” the new ads are both very short (up to 30 seconds) and very clear about the message each one of them is trying to convey.

In bots videos, Motorola also reminds you that the Moto X is “designed by you,” and “assembled in the USA,” while showing the various color options for the phone.

Are you buying a Moto X?

  • End in sight

    They failed on price. Sad.

    • CoolCustomer

      I agree they needed a sub $400 price tag for an unlocked version and instead we got a $199 on contract version. This could have been the biggest thing for this year and most of next year now its destined for mediocrity.

  • Sudhakar Ambhore

    now this is something cool….when would they be launching it in india

    • Omar

      Never. It’s an Americas exclusive (Canada, US, Latin America)
      Sorry brah.

  • Many to Moto

    Flick the wrist – means there’s no pin code or pattern lock, and you can just take the picture? How is that an improvement? Everybody’s piling up on the motion activation features but nothing is really unique and initially “secure” in terms of enabling you to very quickly access those app short cuts.

    • Elelvlental

      On AOKP, you can have the camera as a widget on the lock screen. You can access it without entering your code and take pictures but you can’t look at any pictures without putting in your code. I assume the functionality will be similar to this.

      • Dalian barons

        Stock android has that too

    • Jhonbert Magana

      Xperias have Quick shot feature, take a photo from sleep. If you have a pin code or pattern lock, You can only take photo and your lockscreen will appear once you decided to use the phone or get out of the camera app.