First image of Samsung’s flexible display smartphone (Galaxy Round?) apparently leaked

by: Chris SmithOctober 8, 2013

Samsung flexible display smartphone (Galaxy Round?)

Samsung’s first flexible display smartphone will soon be made official, but a first purported image showing the handset has been already leaked.

The press render above comes from well-known leaker @evleaks, a trusted source whose past mobile-related leaks have proven to be accurate.

Not many details are offered with the image above, but, if the image is indeed real, we finally have an idea of what Samsung’s flexible display smartphone will look like – and we’ll note that the phone in the picture above is nothing like the Youm concepts we’ve seen at CES 2013 (see image below)

Design-wise, it looks like this Galaxy handset will have the same Home button found in other flagship devices but also an USB 3.0 port, just like the Galaxy Note 3.

That said, we’ll remind you that just yesterday Samsung announced plans to unveil its first flexible display smartphone, with Galaxy Round being a rumored name for the device – a trademark for Galaxy Round has already been discovered. We’ll note that @evleaks doesn’t mention the name of the device, as you can see in the short tweet embedded above.

The flexible display of this smartphone is expected to be made of plastic, to measure 5.7 inches diagonally and to be just 0.12mm thick. As for its curvature, the display will apparently bend around a circle with a radius of 400mm.

A South Korean publication said yesterday that the phone will sell for around 1 million won in the country – or around $930 – referring to it as Galaxy Round.

Samsung Youm

Anyone interested in smartphones with flexible displays?

  • Bone

    So far it’s hard to tell if it’s some smart photoshopping or the real deal, but the 09:10 may suggest a tomorrow announcement… I guess we’ll find the truth out soon.

    • T.J.

      What about the 22c?

  • sfds

    they should just use the flexibleness to make it a bezeless screen

  • Gilles LeBlanc

    Ah man I dont know if I want a plastic screen on a already way to plastic phone.

  • Dario 753 a.C. .ex androidiani

    what a nice shoehorn!

    • Dario 753 a.C. .ex androidiani


  • Groud Frank

    So unimaginative….. Samsung is a multi billion dollar company and can’t afford to hire a decent design team? This better be faked.

  • Sunny

    Just another gimmmick to get into limelight!

  • D’Ander McSullivan


  • I’d prefer it to bend the other way like the Youm concept and like the Nexus 4’s sides do.

  • blanco112

    If it’s harder to smash when dropping it, I’m in. If not, I’m not really interested. Though not sure how I feel about the curve.

  • Rijoenpial

    I actually think that the flexible display could have a far more practical use: with the top and lower end of the smartphone reinforced (not in this configuration, but in the Galaxy Nexus one) it could prevent the screen from cracking on impact! THAT is to me a good use of flexible displays such as they are! Anyone with me? Cheers

  • Blowntoaster

    Does no one on the Net see why the device is curved like that…

    I’m thinking it will be easier to hold, and the curved design will allow you to reach parts of the screen easier. We’ll see if Samsung’s, or Lg’s curve is more ergonomic.

  • EnX$$

    Samsung Galaxy Taco :) go home samsung you drank

  • Isaac Queiroz

    It would be as great if it was just like the Galaxy S4. The “flexible” part is not as important as the fact that these plastic displays are suposed to resist impacts way better than the glass ones… At this point, a 100% plastic phone from Samsung with the “Never shatter” advantage would be incredible for most of the day-to-day users. This is imho, of course. I never droped a phone in my life but it would be cool to have a phone that I can carry around without a bulky-heavy case.

  • Reed

    Let me just disclaim my post since the Sammy fanbois take everything to heart and soul, this is in my OWN opinion.

    This looks really fucking stupid. I like the impact resistance, but this looks really fucking stupid.

    • Rana

      I am a Samsung fan… But yes, I will agree with you, this ain’t that great but the implications are immense… The future is exciting!

  • TheDevilMakesWork

    its an S4 that someone has left on a radiator!

  • AshleyDFair

    nic wards and site

  • Jose Torres

    $930??? Nope!!!

  • Roberto Tomás – according to that video on cnet, Samsung is hoping to *license* this display tech, not just launch it with their own phones.