First Google X Phone prototype was actually leaked this week, new report says

by: Chris SmithMarch 15, 2013


The day before the Galaxy S4 event in New York City we showed you two different Motorola leaks, one from Brazil and one from Vietnam, and wondered whether the latter was showing us the X Phone or not.

When looking at its specs and features, we concluded that this unnamed device can’t be the X Phone, and that instead it could be related to the phones spotted in Brazil.

Later that day, Motorola announced the RAZR D1 and RAZR D3, two low- to mid-range Android Jelly Bean phones, but neither one looked anything like the phone spotted in Vietnam (image above).

Now, a new Android and Me report tells us that the phone that was leaked in Vietnam actually represents an early X Phone prototype, even if it’s not necessarily a high-end device.

The same publication got wind yesterday, with just a few hours to go until the Galaxy S4 announcement, that the X Phone will be a new family of handsets for Google. A brand mean to challenge Samsung’s Galaxy family in the process.

That report said the X Phones will be user-customizable when it comes to hardware, that they will be guaranteed at least one Android update (which would be pushed out by Motorola and not the carriers) and that they will come with a budget-friendly price in mind, with Google interested to sell these devices directly to buyers.

Is the rumor too wild for your taste? Well hang on to your grain of salt, as the website has followed up with a second update on the story.


According to updated information from “several anonymous sources within Motorola,” the X Phone will start shipping in late July, not June as it was said yesterday.

The Vietnam phone appears to be the first X Phone, and while it’s an early prototype, its design has been only slightly changed. Apparently the back of the phone will include a touch-friendly Motorola logo that will be used to offer users access to some sort of controls – maybe the previously rumored human language system for the X Phone (which we have no idea what it really is yet). And yes, Google is interested in placing some controls of the back of a handset, according to a recent patent.

However, the Google X Phone will not be about top-of-the-line hardware, as Google is looking for something else:

Google is not focused on specs or software gimmicks (like Samsung) for their upcoming products. Instead they want to produce an ultra-affordable mobile device that connects to a bunch of wearable accessories they plan to release later this year. Google Glass and Google Watch are two examples of these accessories, and we are told more are in the works.

And when I say “ultra-affordable” mobile device, I’m talking a starting retail price of $199 or less. Google and Motorola will sell smartphones for the same prices that people are willing to pay for today’s flagships, but these devices won’t be tied to a two year contract.

We’re certainly going to keep tabs on these X Phone rumors, as they’re certainly getting more and more interesting. We’ll also point out that we were right to wonder whether Google will release some sort of X Phone rumor campaign around the Galaxy S4 launch, because, as it turns out, we had plenty of X Phone rumors these days.

Meanwhile, let us hear what you think about an Android device that would run the latest Android version and offer users the ability of choosing at least some hardware components? Would you be interested in buying such a handset, even if it won’t offer the high-end specs?

  • Adam B

    Well that’s kinda disappointing. I want top of the line hardware and software… I don’t like where this is going.

    • dogulas

      I’m betting you’ll get that with the continued Nexus line, in addition to these potentially mid-range Motorola X’s

      • Adam B

        The (only) problem with Nexus, or rather the problem with my carrier is that they don’t support the current Nexus and the GNex was not truly Nexus b/c of lack of updates.

        A name like XPhone, it should be a halo phone that displays the highest capabilities of the company. Latest software is easy to get from the community now-a-days. I’m still skeptical of where all this is headed.

        Although, an unlocked off-contract phone with the dev support of the Nexus line that is also wicked affordable to sound nice. Leaves open annual purchase for updated hardware if I get bored, which i do.

        • dogulas

          Well, here’s hoping the option for “customization” mentioned previously has options on the high end too. It would certainly be odd for a Motorola flagship to not be the best out there.

  • dogulas

    As long as it runs the latest Android version smoothly and can handle 2-3 more, if it costs $200 off-contract (or, even better, free with a contract!), I’m totally in. I don’t need a top-of-the-line phone that narrowly beats the competition. I want an always up-to-date android phone that I’m not terrified of breaking. Also, if this gives the option to have a 4-inch screen, I’m all for being able to use my phone easily with one hand! Label me excited.

  • ChetDavis

    I’m with Douglas. My toro is getting a little long in the tooth despite the incredible support from the developer community. The fact of the matter is my grandfathered unlimited data on VZW is more important to me than a subsidized handset. A 200-300 dollar motorola with an unlockable bootloader would be right up my alley.

  • Andrew Mezzi

    This image doesn’t have the sharp corners and kevlar barking that I like on the Matrix and Droid RAZR phones. Well, it looks better than any other smartphone I can think of off the top of my head.

    • Adam B

      IMHO the front looks LG Nex-like with the soft glass edges and HTC One in the back. But i do like.

  • Fievel

    No thanks. I’ll wait for the Google Pixel Phone (or whatever the high-quality in-house equivalent will be). And if there isn’t one, then they are fools and have wasted their Motorola purchase.

    • Ivan Myring

      That’ll be the nexus 5 then. That will have a 1080p display and a snapdragon 800 or Tegra 4 running at over 2GHz. I bet any thing that it will have those specs. That will be truly high end.

  • Joaquín Tuduri

    Please oh Please.. make it a 4” screen!

    • dogulas

      I think now that the increasingly larger screens we’ve been getting each year have hit maximum, people will finally come to their senses and go back to the ideal. And it really is 4 inches. 4.5 and up is just awkward. For hands as well as pockets.

      • Jordan Williams

        I am so happy to see people on this with some sort of common sense.

        I love my Nexus 4 but it’s just barely in the realm of usability one handed for me.

        I actually picked up my G1 earlier and noticed how the entire phone fit securely in my hand… and I miss those days.

  • Bruce Gavin Ward

    i find “the previously rumored human language system for the X Phone” fascinating, and as the recently new owner of a Nexus 4, i have yet to find anything a high end Galaxy can do that i can’t – i’m more interested in the latest Android iteration. The “X” seems to be set to take over Nexus? But as an “engine” for “cyborg” enhancements, i wonder if a screenless miniComputer form factor [say 3″x3″x1/2″] using the ‘glass’ or an “armWrap” with a curved screen, as the readOut makes more sense. All the smartPhone Mfrs. are using ‘default’ thinking; time 4 google 2 break out of the mold.

  • Mauricio Villasenor

    I just got my nexus 4 :/

  • aholsteinson

    What was that about “Google Watch” that is mentioned on the quote? Did I miss something?

  • Ben Johnson

    I’m supprised that no one has noticed that that leaked Vietnam Moto X phone has no volume rocker and the screen is not flat (if you watch the video you can see two vertical creases in the reflection).
    I don’t even know what “user customizable hardware” means. I’d be skeptical of that one because of all the FCC and other testing cell phones have to go through. It’s tough enough with all the handset versions that come out now for each handset.

  • Just a thought, not likely but not entirely implausible: Samsung is trending, and whether they stay a passive partner or a possible threat to Google’s independence no one knows. Amazon has been selling its Kindles at or below cost for the life of the device, for obvious reasons. Now add the two – Google subsidizes a high quality phone to both head off its biggest rival, and grab enough market share that costs come down and they break even, and then some.

  • FOr the last time, media morons, MOTOROLA IS NOT WORKING WITH GOOGLE on these damned PHONES. The CFO of the company has to come out to state of, the CEO has to infer it, when will you guys get it thru your thick skulls what a firewall *IS*

  • Mike Reid

    At this point, in this business, the idea of user-customizable hardware sounds crazy IMO. Can’t even do that with most cars these days.

    How is Google going to handle this, given the consecutive messes they’ve made with the Nexus7 and Nexus4 launches ? Then the I/O registration ?

  • Michael Muyunda

    i made my own concept , if anyone wants to see it

  • mizza

    Was hoping that, Google would rebrand Motorola, making it lucrative, making high end mobile devices. Was actually thinking about buying the X phone when it comes out, if it had style/design/good looks and good hardware + software. But now, i´ll definately just keep my Iphone until i will bother with buying the new
    galaxy 4.
    Google, please rebrand Motorola, make it istylish, and keep the design and model names simple. Make a new class of high end mobiles, with that delecious Motorola mark on the back of it, and it will sell!