First Beta Ice Cream Sandwich ROM for the HTC Sensation – Quick Review

by: AlexanderDecember 21, 2011

That’s right folks, those of us with the HTC Sensation/XE/4G can now load ICS onto our precious HTC Android phones. This is a Sense 3.5 and Android 4.0.1 ROM, So by looking at the lock screen it still looks like Gingerbread, but you can see all the new features once your phone is set up after installing the ROM. Special thanks to Robocik and Capy at XDA Forums for developing the RCMix Ice v1.0 ROM for all of the HTC Sensation users out there.

First Impressions:

At first I thought it was a bit slow, but as you allow the ROM to settle into your phone it starts to get faster. Also once you enable Hardware Acceleration in the settings, it gets even faster. This ROM isn’t as smooth as another ICS Stock ROM that is out for the Sensation, but it is very usable. So far everything seems to be working nicely, almost perfectly. That includes the camera, bluetooth, data usage, and much more.It does have Sense 3.5 so a lot of the ICS UI is not visable in this ROM, I am waiting for a beta Stock Android 4.0.1 ROM.

For a first beta of a leaked internal build of an ICS rom from HTC, this a very good start for the Development community. For screenshots, check out the gallery below:

For those looking for a completely Android Stock ICS ROM for the Sensation you can check out Trip’s Ice Cream Sandwich ROM at Modaco’s Forums.

Let us know what you think about this ROM if you install it on your Sensation. I will post a more complete review after I have used the ROM for a few days, complete with battery stats.

Source: XDA

  • Justin Foote

    Where can we download it?

  • Is it support Arabic??

    • In the setup it does have Arabic listed as a language along with a ton of other langauges, so my guess is yes.

    • Tamry10

      It does support arabic i am using it now on my sensation 4g rcmix ics v 1.1

  • David

    Gallery Force Closes when selecting for wallpaper or image widgets, Music Player Force Closes, and a few other issues so far…

    • the devs are aware, they have added it to the known bugs in the original post in that thread. You should post any problems you have with the rom at XDA so the devs can fix it :)

  • David

    Force closing issues are with all developers so far as they are passing around the same ruu build.. had to unfortunatly remove until these issues are ironed out..

  • Spud1700

    Quick question, will a battery for a 4G be able to be used in a XE? I have seen that a XE battery has a higher capacity but I am wondering if a battery for a 4G would damage a XE if it was put in it?