Lenovo K900

While Intel started out slowly in the Android world, powering only entry-level devices during 2012, we suspected that one of these days the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker will be looking to step things up.

And when Lenovo showed us the humongous 5.5-inch IdeaPhone K900 at CES, we stopped asking “when” and started wondering “how much”. It was obvious this was going to be the first state of the art high-end Android device to rock an Intel CPU and we knew it was coming soon, but we still had no idea how much snappier the new Clover Trail+ platform would prove compared with the company’s previous efforts.

Now however we’re starting to form an idea, and we’ll tell you this – it’s beyond our wildest dreams and ARM’s darkest nightmares.

Ready for it? Well, it seems that the Lenovo IdeaPhone K900 with “Intel Inside” has scored a whopping 27,154 points in an AnTuTu benchmark test performed by Tech Authors and a slightly lower 25,481 in a similar test conducted by GSM Insider.

For those unfamiliar with this particular benchmark, AnTuTu is a tool that measures several aspects of a device’s hardware performance and speed, including the memory, CPU integer, CPU floating point, 2D and 3D graphics and SD card reading and writing. After doing this, it crunches all the numbers and comes up with a total score, which in this case is above 25,000 points.


But let’s see how some of the competition ranks in the same benchmark test. What’s everyone’s go-to “phablet” nowadays, the Galaxy Note 2? Well, as it happens, the big guy running on Sammy’s awesome Exynos 4412 quad-core platform can only achieve scores of between 13,000 and 15,000 points in AnTuTu.

Okay, maybe that’s not a fair comparison, as Lenovo’s 5.5-incher is due out in a few months, when the Note 2 will already be a dated “beast”. How about if we put the K900 head to head with HTC’s Droid DNA, the world’s first 1080p phone and one of the first to come rocking Qualcomm’s ARM-based Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU?

I’m afraid the DNA is not serious competition for Lenovo’s Intel-powered fellow either, also scoring in the 13,000-14,000 range. So, the K900 has theoretically almost double the speed of these two super-phones while having a processor with half the number of cores? It certainly appears so, though before getting too ahead of ourselves we have to note a couple of things.

First off, we have no way to know if these benchmark results are legit. They are after all easy to manipulate or fabricate from scratch, so food for thought, okay? Also, in all fairness, the S4 Pro, like the Exynos 4412, is last year’s news.

Hence, a much fairer duel would be that between this new SoC from Intel, Samsung’s 8-core processor, Nvidia’s Tegra 4 and Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800, a comparison we aren’t able to perform just yet. Until we’ll do that though, it’s becoming more and more obvious that Intel is serious about Android and that ARM is in for a fight if it wants to keep its supremacy.

Do you guys agree? Are you excited about Lenovo’s K900? Do you think the leaked benchmark results are real?

  • syco

    How does it fare against the IPad 4 A6x processor?

    • Roberto Tomás

      Antutu numbers have to be simulated for Apple iOS, because they wouldn’t be very favourable. The graphics part is what shines for apple, and their GPU is clearly on top for now.

  • S.J.

    @syco: Who cares?

  • Huhuhuh

    Since it’s running an intel chip, is it possible maybe sometime in the future for someone to allow it to run full Windows when connected to a dock or something?

    • MasterMuffin

      :D well x86 architecture is ideal for windows and there have been android phones that ran w8 rt so why not!

  • Those benchmarks doesn’t make the phone more fancy…it’s still ugly like hell

    • Jon E

      I disagree. It looks clean and elegant and doesn’t look at all like the dated iphone that so many others seem to want to emulate. I’d go so far as to say that it looks better than most phones I’ve seen coming to the market recently.

      • Jason

        Dude it looks like the iPhone 5, front AND backb. This device is fugly as hell.

        • Jon E

          Presumably thats the iphone imagination version. That phone looks nothing like it! The corners are massively different, there isn’t that silly circular square thing at the bottom and the rest of it is completely different! Seriously mate I think your browser cache is playing around.

          • Kris

            Of course it’s not identitcal. But it clearly took the iPhone 5’s design. I don’t even use Apple products, so I’m just calling a spade a spade.

          • This look like an iphone as much as a BMW 3 look like a Lexus IS, see they both has 4 doors, 4 wheels, and a pair of headlights. I feel sorry for your ability to distinguish phone designs.

            Personally, I think this phone has the sexiest back design of any smartphone ever existed.

          • Einztein

            Um no. Both the iPhone and this turd have a tri-colored back, with two thin strips on the top and bottom. The camera is in the exact same location, just different shape. There are minor differences like this turd has sharp corners wheras the iPhone 5 is rounded, but the overall design is identical. Don’t insult your own intelligence by falsely reducing it to the stupid car metaphor. The car metaphor is like saying both this turd and the iPhone 5 have a screen on the front, power and volume buttons, camera on the back, etc.

    • me

      I’ll get this instead of Samsung plastic phones

      • Umpire

        Most phones from every company are plastic.
        Even the iPhone was plastic and everyone loved it regardless.

    • la

      because it doesn’t have round corners like others?

      • Don’t know guys, maybe the corners are the problems, the style, position of buttons….it’s too weird for me. On G+ we had a discussion about it and looks like others agree too. @disqus_EKXMQCM2nr:disqus S3 doesn’t look like iphone either. The front panel of Lenovo looks a little bit like an iPhone, but by far. I don’t care about which one looks with which, but this one is too weird. You can even kill somebody with those square corners.

    • MasterMuffin

      The black one isn’t :)

  • I’m hooked and need to fondle with this.

  • All the benchmarks in the world mean nothing, this is one ugly device. people in the US will not buy it. Galaxy Note 2 all day

    • Jon E

      Lenovo should employ you as you must have a fantastic knowledge of what the US public think. Yes in case you didn’t realise that was sarcasm.

      • Oh I understand, and those words don’t bother me. However it’s true, people will not buy it in the US. It’s either Samsung, apple, HTC, etc. not very many people like to take risks on a product that has not proven itself.

    • MasterMuffin

      The black one isn’t ugly!

  • yahyoh

    “Sammy’s awesome Exynos 4412 quad-core platform can only achieve scores of between 13,000 and 15,000 points in AnTuTu.”

    WTF my note2 get 18400 on Antutu -_-

    • MasterMuffin

      But the point is still the same :)

      • if you put all things together
        a half year old phone (note 2) gets 18000
        a half year to come phone (k900) gets 25000
        for me the point isn’t the same at all
        and all for all antutu is known to be the least significant benchmark

        • MasterMuffin

          27,000… and if AnTuTu is so insignificant, why does every tech page use either it or Quadrant…

          • Tobeera

            i agree that a-15 will be awesome… but looking at intels “DUAL” core numbers.. I kinda have my doubts, and this is there 2nd full hearted attempt, if you call the the first one serious, if they really get behind this, its going to be a different world.

          • MasterMuffin

            Yea, I ment that quad core cortex a-15 chips will probably get to same numbers :)

            BTW I personally hope that more OEMs start to use Intel’s über processors!

          • Richard Lee

            A15 would be definitely very powerful, however, if you see the power consumption, it would be terrible, and this is the reason for big-LITTLE architecture, and this is why QCOM does not use A15.

          • Ivan Myring

            But it has hyper threading, so it has 4 virtual cores. No arm chip has threading. Also has a clock speed of 2 GHz

  • Its all in that Intel’s hyper threading technology.

  • mux

    15800 with my stock (yes, stock) GS2. The whole article is a fail

    • Roberto Tomás

      antutu’s site lists the highest mobile phone score as roughly 12000-some for the Samsung galaxy s3. go see for yourself.
      there are different versions of the benchmark, and different benchmarking tools. be sure you are using the same one.

    • MasterMuffin

      And what’s your overclock, 2Ghz? :D

    • Greg Bissell

      Im sorry but you didn’t get 15800 with a GS2. You are either lying or something is very very very wrong. The GS2 can’t even get 10k

    • André Eliziário dos Santos

      You didn’t. My Galaxy Note have about the same hardware and didn’t even get 9000 (8584).

  • Roberto Tomás

    It is quad-threaded. That means its numbers will be mostly comparable to quad core, as long as the software works at/below the operating system level — which AnTuTu does. Alternatively, you could turn off hyper-threading if you want to compare apple to apples.

    With those numbers, and the CPU itself not scoring much higher in any other benchmark, it makes me suspect that these PC-ish factors are coming in to play for Intel: web-optimization (which x86 is good at), high speed ram, and an actual sata storage. :)

  • what about power consumption? doesn’t x86 use far more power than ARM?

    • Naterz

      Intel has clearly been working on power consumption. Personally, I cannot wait for a US phone to release with their SoC. I think I might keep my SR and stop looking at new phone releases until one comes out.
      In addition to their awesome performance, Phones that run the Intel SoC also have some ridiculous camera performance as well – something a lot of people don’t seem to mention.

    • Look at Razr i (32nm Atom) vs Razr M (28nm S4)
      Same hardware and Same Software.

  • VIKK

    lol….I just did a test on my DNA and this is what I got.


    so the 13k score is BS…You have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Adam Eldin

      with a harder-to-power 1080p display and Sense slowing it down some… next year intel, next year

  • Jason Groves

    18188 on LG optimus g with no overclocking of the CPU or GPU. I could probably push around 21000 with some alterations. As soon as the new Qualcomm chips hit the market this thing will have serious competition.

    • Naterz

      By the time Qualcomm hits the market Intel might have a higher clocked SoC (like the S4 Pro or whatever) that has higher performance.
      In any case, anything performing at this level is good for at least 2-3 years and the only thing holding the device back is the vendor support for FW updates, IMO.
      Even devices with S3 processors perform more than well enough for the large majority of consumers, nevermind an S4 or something like this. I think too much emphasis is placed on specs and benchmarks.
      What really needs innovation is battery tech, beyond some gimmicky wireless charging stuff…

  • Alu Zeros

    Not a fan of the design or locked down windows mobile 8, would need going backwards if I upgraded to it.

  • john

    Well I’m not sure if the results were legit, but I knew Intel was making a comeback for worse or better. Still, I’m really looking forward to the x86 line up on Android. I seriously thought for awhile that the Atom SoC was officially dead and that Intel was pushing out for low power Ivy Bridge chips…I must have been wrong.

  • mggOptimusG

    I am afraid the results are not that impressive for a brand new device.

    I am not sure how reliable Antutu 3.0.3 is but I just ran a test on my OptimusG with a boatload of normal wifi,email,stuff running.

    Optimus G: LG-E973
    – Total Score: 20370

    – CPU: 8299
    – RAM : 3437
    – GPU: 7744
    – I/O: 890
    1512 MHz (x4) [768×1280]
    Android 4.0.4

  • Ignacio Martín

    What’s the battery life on this?

  • satsmine2k4

    My Nexus 4 says… DAMN…

  • briggs

    oh come on people, competition is good.

    myself would probably stick with snapdragon for next 1-2 year, but I gladly welcome intel to the party. it’s good they now can be a serious competitor to other ARM vendor.

  • SammyK

    Do none of you know that with antutus latest update all scores are way higher than previous. Please go run new benchmarks on your phones.

  • Rob C

    The “Motorola Razr i XT788” has a “Atom Z2460” and the Benchmark is 5232 (Source: http://digi.it.sohu.com/20121107/n356888856_7.shtml ).

    The “Lenovo IdeaPhone K900” has a “Atom Z2580” and the Atricle SAYS that the Benchmark CLAIMS 27154.

    It would seem to me those two Chips are “similar”, the difference being the GPU.

    Since Antutu is NOT ‘GPU-centric’ it would seem that a Score that is over 5x higher is entirely false (even IF the Phone was ‘tweaked’ before the Benchmark was ran it would not be possible for the Processor to produce that Score (by running the Benchmark)).

    It is more likely that someone cheated by other methods. I searched the Antutu Site and see no “Official Record” of the Result. A Screenshot is easily faked and IF that is all they got they have very little “proof”. Perhaps they hacked the Benchmark.

    In any event Intel says it’s 64Bit Processor will be available year-end; that would be the one to get (unless you are not a Geek).

  • Roberto Tomás

    I think it makes sense to use a system-wide test like AnTuTu to test not CPUs, but real systems. That is what it was designed for. “What are real CloverTrail+ mobile systems like?”, you might ask.
    Just in the past week, the ASUS MEMO PAD FHD 10 came out with it’s Atom Z2560. The 2580s are not for mobile devices. This tablet, with the Z2560, scores 17,659 in current AnTuTu (3.3.1 yea?) That is still using the ICC compiler instead of using the standard compiler — that change will come with AnTuTu 4. This is an appreciably lower score — the z2580 was touted as getting ~28k earlier, and the z2560 was touted as getting ~25k.