First AT&T, now Verizon cries to the FCC about auction rules

by: William Neilson JrMay 2, 2014

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As this site has reported previously, AT&T has been fighting the FCC to not have rules put in place that limit the amount of spectrum that companies like AT&T can purchase in the upcoming auction. At first, AT&T figured that the best way to stop the FCC was to simply issue empty threats. When the FCC called AT&T on its threats, AT&T then pretended to play stupid as if they never made the empty threats.

Now, as BGR points out, Verizon has decided to follow in AT&T’s footsteps and stamp its feet about the restrictions that the FCC is going to put in place to save some chunks of spectrum for smaller operators. Verizon used similar arguments as AT&T by stating that the rules limiting hoarding by the companies with the deepest pockets was “perverse and unjust” and “subsidizing.”

Yes, poor Verizon. They only dominate existing spectrum reserves, wireless retail, and the special access market. How can they survive? Also, isn’t it funny that Verizon is the same company on record as saying that they have so much spectrum that neither refarming 3G spectrum or Wi-Fi offloading are priorities for them?

Why is Verizon even using the word “subsidizing”? Do they realize their history of taking billions in government dollars only to accomplish little to nothing? Just look at the recent news of Verizon receiving billions in government dollars from Pennsylvania and New Jersey only to screw over many in the state with little to no access to broadband.

So, Verizon is absolutely against subsidizing anyone! Except themselves.
  • Colts5609

    Verizon: *crying* Daddy!……The FCC wont let me rule the world….sniff…sniff. Dad: Stop crying you little bi*** and act your stock price.

  • Butch Croan

    Is it time to break these monopolies up again? I suspect even those who have the courage to refuse the millions of dollars given to both houses by these companies isn’t the only reason they won’t spake out. In this day of the NeoCon or New Conservatism where the Tea Party has made it popular to attack the government while worshiping Big Business unrestricted Free Market Capitalism will solve all this countries problems it would be very difficult for any conservative to admit deregulation of these companies was a bad idea. Given their criminal records of how they abused their powers last time before we broke them up, did our government really not expect them to resort to their old ways without the threat of punishment. What folks !!!

    Before any of you Tea Party morons reply, take a breath and ask yourself do you really want to argue with someone who spent over 30 years in that industry? Do you really think anyone in the Capital now remembers just how evil AT&T was ? I do !! If you don’t them please shut up, and spare me your Rand Paul craps of getting government out of the way of business, as that is exactly how we ended up in this situation of no competition. AT&T as well as Verizon are both parts of the old AT&T….Hello McFly !!

    • Michael Samsara

      The point is not whether giving free rein to huge companies like AT&T or Verizon is a good idea – it is not. Commonsense and even a modicum of knowledge about the capricious and selfish desires inherent in human beings – especially when assembled into big agglomerations of them and set to stampeding like buffalo – is well known.

      Thus, antitrust and such laws were invented and when necessary are found applied to transgressors like Microsoft – and most recently – my birthday wish would be – Apple.

      In any event, the article here as I see it was simply pointing out that – par for the course – when big companies feel like their God given, divine right to be accorded special treatment is threatened they will huff and puff and try to blow whatever discomfits them to Kingdom come.

      So what’s new?

      As long as we have the big stick to apply to their respective too big for their britches back sides – no need for us to get our panties twisted in a wad and take a “the sky is falling attitude”.

      The days of Standard Oil, the tire and bus manufacturers conspiring to eliminate railway trolley cars and ripping up the tracks so they could sell more buses and gas as they did – and got away with in the past – are past.

      • Butch Croan

        What’s your point? That we don’t need to worry as the existing ANTI-TRUST Laws will protect us from Verizon and AT&T, and there is no abuses of power.

        WOW ! You either have rose colored glasses on, your head up your backside, or are blissfully ignorant of the whole subject matter.

        I suggest you go back to my original post with you smug arrogance in check, and actually read it before you accuse me or anyone else of crying the sky is falling!

        I see you did not refute or even address any of the points I made which were just a few of the criminal violations these companies are guilty of. I suggest you look into recent events in New Jersey where a decade old deal was made between Verizon and the state to allow they to benefit from Billions of dollars in tax “gifts” from the state in exchange for a promise to deploy fiber optic based broadband. Verizon has now stated they no longer need to do this since their 4G LTE Network provides this function. The biggest difference is they changed from a Flat Rate billing model to a usage based while will cost consumers 4 to 10 times as much based upon their usage patterns.

        The two companies i mentioned were already the subject of an anti-Trust lawsuit that cost the government tons of money and 11 years in the courts to break up their original parent AT&T which led to unparalleled growth in the Communications Infrastructure because of competition, and saw the emergence of technologies that AT&T had no plans to bring from the laboratories at Bell Labs to the consumer because they had no motivation to endanger the huge profits they enjoyed by carefully controlling innovations and only releasing them after decades of dragging every last penny of profit from the older technologies. The 1985 settlement of the US Government versus AT& called the consent decree forced upon they them innovations that made our Telecommunications Market the most innovative, and a technology leader for most of the 1990’s. This also happened to be when the massive growth on the Internet we all are using today occurred not because of AT&T, but mostly companies like MCI.

        I suggest you actually attempt to cure your ignorance before you accuse me or anyone else who obviously understands this subject matter at a much greater detail than you do, of crying “The Sky Is Falling”. Your are just showing how truly ignorant you are of the subject, or you are revealing you work for one of these villainous companies.

  • Rob

    The FCC needs to break them up and hold them to their word, remember back when Verizon win the auction to the block c spectrum, they were supposed to allow users full access to use any software and device they saw fit, meaning no locked devices, well look today, nothing but locked devices running on block c spectrum (lte)

  • Butch Croan

    I just saw the captions says “Scam Alert” I guess it’s funny how the mind works as the first time I looked at that I saw “SCUM ALERT” LOL !!!