Firefox OS shall be better and cheaper than Android, says Telefónica

by: Will G.July 9, 2012

Mozilla, the company highly known for developing one of the most successful internet browsers of all time, is soon to rival the mobile OS market. As early as 2013, we will be able to play with some hot, new smart phones with a different operating system.

So different in fact, Telefónica says that the OS will be even “better and cheaper” than its great competitor, Android. Matthew Key, Head of Telefónica Digital pointed out some flaws with Google mobile OS, including the massive delay in software updates for each of the Android’s divisions, as well as the “fragmentation” of the Google Play Store.

Key also addressed the large demand for the Android OS, and the impact is has on cellular production. The head of Telefónica has also obtained the European carrier “O2’s” support for the upcoming Firefox OS. It is suspected that the first “Firefox OS friendly device” will cost less, or around $100, according to Matthew Key’s presentation at the digital conference in London.

Other information clarifies that perhaps the first cellular manufacturer for the new OS will be ZTE. More importantly, the Mozilla teams focuses greatly to create the operating system with HTML-5. Which will hopefully, spark inspiration for future mobile development.

Even though that this will be hard task to develop a new OS that can rival Android, it will be interesting to see how Mozilla overcomes the obstacles in creating a truly spectacular software, with a whole new background.

What do you think of Mozilla’s plans to introduce Firefox Mobile OS? Do you think the ease of HTML-5 development will profit in more stable user applications? I would love to hear your comments.

  • Simon

    I’d love to give it a try at least :)

  • Faiz


  • DannyJayFuller

    Sounds like low-spec devices powering low-demand software. Me, I’m a hardcore gamer. Android is my best friend at the moment. That and I’m in love with the OS itself and how simple everything is at the surface level. Perfect for power users, tinkerers and hackers/modders. So far, I’ve seen no mobile OS even try to tap that market, let alone succeed.

    • Cole Raney

      What does hard core gaming have to do with smartphones? 2 unrelated topics. Casual gaming can be done on Android though.

      • Matthew

        I believe he’s relating the fact that higher-end Android smartphones are becoming much more powerful each year – well, each quarter – and the improvement in games being released due to the more powerful phones. Android has the potential to easily become a gaming platform as well.

  • Nic Gillespie

    iOS started by trying to get developers to program HTML only apps. after that failed they opened the OS up for real programming. But like Danny said, its gonna be low spec’ed device running low demand software. It’ll probably a good device to get your kid if you dont want to get him a full fledged smart phone just yet. However from my experience with mobile HTML development they are not the same web browsers that you use on your desktop. heck you cant even do a fixed positioning element on Firefox mobile.

    • Matther

      Ugh, I hope HTML5 becomes fully functional and supported – by that I mean including fixed positioning – by all browsers, including mobile, within the next year.

  • Dave

    I hope it has a fully functional offline mode since most of the world that has little or no internet connection.

  • Matthew

    I’m certainly looking forward to this, but as some of the comments agreed upon below, it’s looking like a low spec phone, even though the idea of an OS sounds great… I’d love to dual boot it onto my Android phone though! As a web designer an HTML5 platform sounds great haha =D

  • tBs_Battousai

    How do they plan on overcoming the update issue that currently plagues Android? Are they going to do something along the lines of Apple and lock out the carrier completely?

  • BigTexFyre

    I can wait. Just what I need, a phone that can’t play video inside the web browser just like my laptop when running Firefox.