It looks like Mozilla is preparing to release its own Android launcher, aptly called the Firefox Launcher. The new launcher is designed to use your location, the time of day and frequently used apps to create an ever-evolving home screen experience that helps you access the right apps when you need them.

If this sounds familiar, that’s because this launcher is basically just a re-branded version of EverythingMeThat means you have the same prediction bar and smart search, with the only noticeable change being that Chrome has been swiped out in favor of Firefox.

For an even deeper look at EverythingMe’s feature set, check out the video below. Just remember that Firefox’s solution might have at least a few minor differences.

So why did EverythingMe rebrand its launcher in partnership with Mozilla? For one thing, Mozilla is an investor in the startup. For another, Mozilla is a recognized brand that could potentially get their launcher into more hands.

Thanks to a revenue sharing agreement, any money that Mozilla makes by referring folks to certain apps or driving purchases is money back into EverythingMe’s pocket. This makes the situation win-win for both parties.

Interestingly enough, Mozilla isn’t quite ready to release its launcher, and says they’ll have more to share once its ready for beta testing. Considering EverythingMe just came out of the beta phase, this could mean that the Firefox Launcher will end up having a few features of its own to further set it apart.

What do you think, interested in the idea of the Firefox Launcher or not?


Andrew Grush
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  • Richard Borkovec

    To differentiate itself right off the bat, it could use the FirefoxOS icons. Personally I like them, and they’d make it stand out right out of the box. But for giving it a go, I will but not sure I’ll keep it. I have Aviate and Nova, but use Nova 98% of the time.

    • Dario · 753 a.C. .

      yeh, i agree. they’re trying to do an innovative launcher different from the usual launchers. anyway most people prefers the common launcher. someone prefers launchers having a lot of settings and someone else prefers lanchers with few personalization. but they both are too different from mozilla wanna do. i dunno if someone will use that for every day.

      i prefer xperia launcher, downloadable from xda, because it’s really fast and light, i don’t care so much about personalization.

  • Jayfeather787

    Well this is interesting. Don’t hate me for saying this, but I don’t really care for firefox. More of a chrome guy. I do like choices though, so this is something new and I can give it a go. Woah, what did they do to disqus?

    • MasterMuffin

      I don’t care about the change of looks, but it’s faster now (I’m talking about Disqus)!

  • Jayfeather787
  • Arcybiskup

    Nova FTW