iPhone 5S allegedly will feature a fingerprint sensor – which Android manufacturer will step up?

by: Andrew GrushJuly 30, 2013


It has long been rumored that the next iPhone will end up introducing fingerprint scanning technology to the Apple world, and now a new leak has all-but confirmed it.

Apparently a new folder has shown up in iOS 7 Beta 4 called “BioMetricKitUI”, which seems to point to a user interface designed for fingerprint scanning. Furthermore, sources reporting to 9to5 Mac claim that Apple has already completed the UI for the fingerprint scanning system.

So, let’s get this straight: Apple is finally getting a new, innovative feature that isn’t already commonplace in the Android world? Crazy talk!

On second thought, maybe it’s not so new or innovative after all.

For those that have forgotten, the first Android phone to use fingerprint scanning actually was in 2011. Yep, we’re talking about the original Motorola Atrix. So in reality, this isn’t nothing new. Still, it is something that is far from common in the Android world.

If Apple, Samsung and LG really want their scanning tech to stand out, they’ll need to think outside the box.

This leaves us wondering, will any other Android manufacturers step up their game and introduce their own fingerprint scanning implementation? Don’t worry, the iPhone 5S won’t be the only new mobile device packing a scanner in the near future – at least if the rumor mill is to be believed.

Not only have we heard past rumors that the upcoming LG G2 will feature fingerprint scanning tech, there have even been suggestions that Samsung is testing their own fingerprint tech for future devices, perhaps the Galaxy Note 3. Few details are actually known about how either company will use the tech, however.

Will next-gen fingerprint scanning handsets actually catch on?

If Apple, Samsung and LG really want their scanning tech to stand out, they’ll need to think outside the box. It isn’t enough to just have a device that logs in with scanning, it needs to do so flawlessly (which is something that the Atrix wasn’t able to do).

Beyond that, we hope that these manufacturers also surprise us with new functionality such as fingerprint-based secure NFC transactions, easy profile switching and other ideas we can only dream about right now.

What do you think of the idea of a phone with a fingerprint scanner, is this something you desire or do you feel it is an unnecessary feature?

  • turdbogls

    if they work better than some of the other biometric stuff i have used (mainly safes and gun cases) then I am all for it. however, its not something I am going to base my next phone purchase off of, and isn’t a “plus” to have…just a nice to have.

  • bobbillu

    NSA likes it

  • Bryan Z

    Seems cool, and more secure for when using paying with NFC technology

    • R4

      Apple wont use NFC, they kinda said it in their last Keynote.

      Anyway i think it will still take a couple of years for NFC to actually be of day to day use. I have NFC and i never use it.

      • Bryan Z

        That’s true at least here in the US, I think it popular in south korea though

      • Cal Rankin

        Keep in mind, they also said they would never make a small tablet, but look what they did in November.

  • MasterMuffin

    I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: if Apple does it, it becomes cool

    • Bryan Z

      They’ll do NFC with this and everyone will be like “oh wow” NFC with finger print sensor… lol

      • jusephe

        I think they will propably never adopt NFC.

        • abazigal

          I agree, because Apple probably has no interest in pushing a standard which its competitors can simply piggy-back on and take advantage of.

      • R4

        Apple wont do NFC, they think airdrop is better because you dont have to “wander around the room, bumping your phone”

        • Tom

          Air drop a purchase payment :) Not! Nfc a payment Yes! Besides the Galaxy s5 fingerprint reader lets you purchase online with paypal useing your fingerprint apples reader has been out a while and you can still only purchase from the app store! useless still always half baked ideas. Apple maps halfbaked Siri really halfbaked that antenna gate half baked, Android seems to push the envelope first! the atrix was the first fingerprint reader phone like it or not but because the apple light brigade didnt have it, it wasnt needed! whos following who. Now im hearing 3.5 inch no is it 4 inch screens no its 5 inch screens comeing from apple. Im sure ive heard hundreds of times 3.5 or now 4 inch is ideal, could they be following the crowd and puting a 5 inch screen on the do all nothing phone LOL

  • lanche

    fingerprint scan is useless if the OS itself is still not secure, especially when lockscreen can be bypassed easily.. *cough*ios7*cough*

    • R4

      how can it be bypassed easily? and iOS 7 is only in beta.

      • Greg

        Everything is in beta when it comes from apple, maps, siri, ios, what a disaster they are, my friend still shouts at her phone frickin Karen ring Karen you lame lame piece of marketing crap! LOL iphone even with this lousy fingerprint reader which has been done before, until now its the wholly grail of apple inventions. Watch out apple have another suit here, sue everyone that has the next finger reader on any tech gaget as apple invented it! even my 10 year toshiba has one, they invent everything! siri is a ripoff of someone elses stuff and there were assistants in the android app store at the time siri came out from being purchased by apple. Lets also not forget they purchase everything on there phone from someone else in china. At least samsung make a hell of a lot of there own stuff.

    • gommer strike

      Was this vulnerability not patched? Pretty sure it was?

      To be fair, several Android handsets were also subject to oddly enough, the same exploit. It had to do with the emergency dialer.

  • Balraj

    Apple is famous for making things work
    For example, they were touch device b4 iphone but iphone changed it all
    So android oem can only watch Apple tech, copy & release with few or no change
    I’m betting heavily on Samsung lol
    Those ppl learn from the market ;-)

  • Afnan Muhammad

    Fujitsu smartphone (japan only) got this feature in 2011


    • R4

      yes but the one in iPhone is expected to be under the touchscreen. but i agree, its still isnt a “revolutionary” feature.

      • Hohoho

        Who said it is going to be? What is the most revolutionary innovation in Android? No, a price is not. Turning an operating system dedicaded to photo cameras into the one for smartfones and tablets is the winner!

  • rabidhunter

    Even if this came on an Android Phone, I probably wouldn’t use it. Just too much hassel. I would rather use NFC ring to unlock. That way, if someone wanted to use my phone without authorization, they would just have to steal my ring rather than cut my finger off.

    • Leonardo Baez

      as seen on movies, they will cut your finger in order to steal your ring =)

      • rabidhunter

        Right, but then I’d be more likely to get away from the zombies….

    • Cal Rankin

      Or, they would wear those imprint gloves that will duplicate your fingerprints. Classic sci-fi trick to bypass fingerprinting scans.
      Maybe they should implement a self-destruct mechanism…

  • Zenity

    It’s hardly new tech, I still have an iPAQ H5500 with a biometric fingerprint reader, it was released in around 2003, hardly innovation.

    • Mark

      I wouldn’t get so bogged down on historical facts. If apple does it then the media will declare it innovative and the masses will swoon. Apple practically blacklists reporters from launches if they don’t climb up on a soapbox and preach as much, so apple’s desired spin becomes accepted media facts.

    • Who

      Who, except you, said this is an innovation?

  • Luka Mlinar

    Just like apple to take old technology, put a pink bow on it and sell it for 10 times what it’s worth. I’m sure everyone will go crazy over it. :D

    • Nono

      You already did that…so mission acomplished!

  • nicu popescu

    Motorola atrix?

    • Finally

      Finally someone brought Motorola in!

  • Josh York

    To me, completely useless. I would absolutely not use it. Are people getting their phones hacked with such frequency that this is necessary? I, like most people I know, keep my phone on me pretty much 24/7. This will just be a marketing gimmick.

    • Omg

      You do not even know how it is going to be used, but you say no in front. Nice. Your imagination forbids you comming up with the possible uses?

      • Josh York

        I can imagine plenty of uses, none of which would interest me in the least.

        • bob

          You can imagine ‘plenty of uses’, but it’s ‘useless’?

          Technology is not for everyone.

          • Josh York

            Wow, relax folks. I was just honestly answering the question posed by the author. Anyone clamoring for a fingerprint scanner, then by all means, purchase whatever phone adds it. It just isn’t for me. Maybe because I have this opinion, technology isn’t for me. Lol.

  • bob

    Rumours have a fingerprint scanner on the galaxy note 3

  • Cal Rankin

    This sounds more like the Apple I used to love.
    Too late now!! The king is dead, and in his place is a cheap replacement. Yes, fingerprint sensors are a very nice security feature, add that to (most likely) an improved camera and faster processor, and people will eat it up.

    Let’s hope the Nexus 5, LG G2, and Nexus 5, and the HTC Butterfly S are up to the challenge.

  • Cal Rankin

    If any manufacturer will step up, it’s likely going to be Samsung or Sony. Samsung will do it if the idea catches on, or they will take their own spin on it. Sony would do it because they have guts. They make some of the darnedest phone designs.
    If neither of them, I still wouldn’t count out Nokia.

  • gommer strike

    If it uses an actual “fingerprint scanning chip” of some kind, I suppose it’s nice. Although I’m sure that this can all be handling entirely through the software too. I bet it’ll be something where you swipe your finger downward on the screen for it to “scan” your fingerprint and look for a match.

    Could have some interesting applications for a multi-user login, but then again I do believe Google has shied away from multi-user on a phone device(for reasons of, what happens if a phone call from the primary user calls in? Should it be ignored? How about a text? so on and so on).

  • LiiIiikEaBau5

    WOW! Apple invented something new!

    • Piyush

      like always

  • abazigal

    Fingerprint-sensors aren’t new, but then again, Apple’s strength has never been in being the first to bring bleeding-new tech to the market. Rather, their allure lies in making such technology practical, easy to use and readily accessible to the mass market, which I feel is actually a very commendable feat in itself.

    Not to mention that Apple is practically its own ecosystem, so I can see them do really neat and funky tricks with such tech that its competitors would be hard-pressed to emulate. For example, Apple could integrate facetime and imessage into their basic calling app on the iPhone, making it easier to access. No other app developer can do this, not even Google or Samsung.

    Imagine Apple rolling out the fingerprint tech to all its devices, and using icloud to share information, so you don’t have to manually set everything up from scratch.

    You can boast that NFC and fingerprint-tech already exist in Android devices, but they have never really caught on. I personally don’t even lock my own iPhone, but I am interested to see what it brings to the table. :)

  • John-Phillip Saayman

    The fingerprint scanner itself is cool but won’t be al that nice if it is pretty much useless. Unless it gets integrated really well, I’ll pass