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Update: Final Fantasy VI is now available in the Play Store. We’ve bought the game from Europe and the US, so it’s safe to assume this is a worldwide launch. Our review will be coming later today!

An enhanced version of Final Fantasy VI will be released this evening in the Play Store in several European countries.

Square Enix first announced it would bring Final Fantasy VI to Android in October of last year, and in December we got to see the first trailer for the game, embedded below, albeit in an unofficial, poor quality version.

Update: official trailer:

Now it seems that FF VI for Android is going to hit the Play Store in a matter of hours, as announced on Twitter by Square Enix Europe.


The game will be available in English, German, French, and Spanish, but it’s not clear whether other European countries will get it in un-localized versions. As usual with Square Enix’ Android ports, Final Fantasy VI will be carrying a hefty price tag of £10.99/€14.99.

The gaming coming today on the Play Store is an enhanced edition of the landmark title first launched in 1994. FF VI for Android will still be 2D, but it will have better graphics and feature a tweaked battle system to make advancing through the game less tedious.

No news yet on the international release of the title – Square Enix has been keeping mum on when we can expect FF VI (or Final Fantasy III, as it’s sometimes known) in the United States, but the European release is an encouraging sign. Our Joe Hindy can’t wait to review the heck out of it, and we’re sure many of you in the US are just as excited.

We’ll update this post with the Play Store link as soon as Final Fantasy VI for Android goes live.

Bogdan Petrovan
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  • mustbepbs

    By “enhanced” they mean “worse”.

    Seriously, SE, the graphics were better before.

    Also, “but it will have better graphics and feature a tweaked battle system to make advancing through the game less tedious.”

    I don’t think you’ve ever played this game, unless that was PR from Square Enix. There’s nothing “tedious” about the greatest FF title in history.

    • JosephHindy

      I’ve been playing this game for 20 years (and my review here on AA will be up later today). I’ll give you this little tidbit now, scrolling for spells is going to be a lot faster and auto battle = faster level grinding. Two of the most tedious battle-related things in every final fantasy title ;)

  • Mark

    Hmm still 2D ? I’ll pass sorry. I’m hoping for 3D remake like FF3&4.

    Well, at least we still have DQ8 ready on android, only need to wait for English language. I guess they want to release DQ8 english simultaneously on both Android & iOS so we have to wait a bit..

  • Mayoo

    Can someone confirm if they included cloud saves?

    I mean, it sucks to restart a game on each device you own.

    • JosephHindy

      No cloud saves :(

      • Mayoo

        I wanted to vote up, but this would be like “yay no cloud saves”. Then I wanted to vote down, but it would be like “your comment is not relevant”.

        What I want to say is simply: thanks for confirming! ;-)

  • Replicant Jason Booth

    Definitely my favorite of the series… Brings back so many memories…