Bug causes Final Fantasy VI to crash half-way into the game [Update: it’s fixed]

by: Andrew GrushJanuary 20, 2014


Update: The bugs mentioned below have now been addressed in a new update, which can be found on Google Play.

Last Wednesday arguably the very best Final Fantasy game ever made officially arrived to Android. That very day we rolled out our review for Final Fantasy VI and concluded that while certain aspects related to the port could have been better, it is still solid game and a welcome addition to Square-Enix’s existing Android titles. Unfortunately as it turns out, the game isn’t without its share of annoying bugs, however.

Several reports surfaced earlier today suggesting that the game is currently unbeatable due to a glitch during the cutscene fight between General Leo and Kefka in Thamasa that causes FF6 to crash. This is obviously a major deal breaker, or at least it would be if it went unfixed.

On the bright side, Square Enix has already acknowledged this major bug and promises a fix is on the way. In addition to acknowledging this issue, Square Enix also points out that a few other minor bugs have been discovered and that they too will be addressed with the upcoming patch.

Square Enix has yet to give us a firm time-frame as to when the bugs will be squashed, though hopefully sooner than later.

For those that were considering purchasing Final Fantasy VI, should you wait off? That’s up to you, though considering the bug is about half way through the game, the problem will (hopefully) be fixed long before you get to the fight scene that caused the game to crash.

  • apianist16

    And how did a bug that major end up in the final product? Did no one play the game through at least once?

  • Kristoffer_Feber

    How about they fix that bug that makes it impossible for one to play offline?!

    • Hans Ej

      Actually, bugs start to appear when they insist making it always-online.
      Should they keep it as offline game, it won’t have any creeping bugs.

  • gommer strike

    What is WRONG with you, Square-Enix?

    You were once synonymous with greatness. And now you just churn out stuff with overly self-important names, the usual grand “save the world” themes, the now-stereotypical jerk hero with personal issues, the handsome villains, the beautiful, scantily-clad heroines.

    Take to shake things up a bit.

    • Mayoo

      It’s the Enix part …

      • gommer strike

        sigh, I guess it is. But I heard their last Dragon Quest game was actually decent. I confess that I haven’t exactly kept up, but it was the one where the characters were drawn using the one of the artists from the Dragon Ball Z series…

    • Jose Osmar Llanas Lira

      There was once a great company known as Squaresoft that used to make great games…

  • Adriano Martins

    “So, it looks like the mobile version of Final Fantasy VI has a game-breaking bug”.


  • Mayoo

    DR: Just liked they promised Chrono to work on 4.3 … I am still waiting.

  • YeahRight

    They can’t even fix the bug in Final Fantasy III. I downloaded the game last year and it worked great. I stopped playing for a while and then started playing it again recently. I can’t go an hour without the game crashing now. Unbelievable….