Classic RPG Final Fantasy IV to be released by Square Enix in early 2013

by: Joe HindyDecember 8, 2012

Final Fantasy IV
There are a lot of great RPGs out right now. Skyrim is considered one of the best ever and MMORPGs like WoW are more popular than ever. So, have you younger gamers ever wondered where these masterpieces came from? From older masterpieces, of course! Square Enix has been in the business of releasing SNES RPG classics as of late. They’re continuing the trend by announcing that Final Fantasy IV will be coming to Android.

Final Fantasy IV is considered by most gaming authorities to be among the greatest RPGs of all time. It was the among the first with a cohesive story line and a memorable cast of lovable characters. It also introduced the Active Time Battle system, which many RPGs today still use to some degree.

Of course, it was a 16-bit game, which means a lot was left to the imagination. But when you start a game by murdering a bunch of innocent people and stealing their crystal, you know you’re in for a ride.

So when is Square Enix planning on taking more of my money for Final Fantasy IV?

The expected release date will be Spring 2013 and it can’t come soon enough. Square Enix had some issues with their release of Chrono Trigger, as tablets couldn’t play it correctly. There were other bugs as well. Here’s hoping that Square Enix learned their lesson before releasing Final Fantasy IV.

Many older RPG fans will agree that Square Enix reviving the classics is only a good thing. Who will be buying it come Spring?

  • Will they price it reasonably or will they decide that, “hey, its one of the best games we ever made, lets charge U$25!”? Some U$10 i’d buy it at launch, but they just charge WAY too much for ports of games with absolutely nothing added to them

    • I pay’d 70$ when the game was released.

      Paying 10-15$ for a new version with improved graphic and sound & have it with you at all time, it’s a small fee compared to the original game..Sure it’s a “just” a smartphone game. But it’s still a full game with around 40-60 hours of gameplay at least.

      • JosephHindy

        I agree with this statement. These older Final Fantasy games aren’t like Angry Birds. Angry Birds is a simple game. You fling birds at pigs. Final Fantasy games offer a full story line with a LOT of game play. It’s more closely compared to Skyrim or Dragon Age than it is most typical Android games. So I would definitely pay more than a few bucks for it (I don’t know about $70 though… :P at that point I’d just fire up the emulator).

  • Edward Smith

    Give us the Kingdom Hearts series already!!!

  • I buy it the second it comes out. Been waiting for this one.