Final Fantasy

DeNA and Square Enix are teaming up to bring us the very first free-to-play Final Fantasy game to be released in English. The upcoming title is called Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade, and is available right now in Japan.

The new Final Fantasy adventure is a cooperative title that places you in charge of an airship. Throughout the game you can team up with other players’ airships and work to take down enemies in order to gain experience points. All the items and inventory will be familiar to Final Fantasy fans, though the gameplay itself seems considerably different from titles like Final Fantasy Dimensions.

For those looking for a hardcore MMORPG experience, this isn’t it. Square Enix is billing Airborn Brigade as an “ easy-to-play social game where players cooperate and adventure through a world inspired by the popular FINAL FANTASY series”. Basically this means it is casually-oriented, but should still appeal to Final Fantasy fans because of the familiar items and references in the game.

If you happen to have friends that own an iDevice or if you own multiple devices yourself, you’ll be happy to know that the game is cross-platform and free for both ecosystems. So when exactly is the game coming? Square Enix has yet to give an official date for the game, but you can pre-register at Square Enix’s website for more information and updates about Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.

Keep in mind that this Final Fantasy title is only expected to arrive in English for the North American market, at least initially. What do you think, interested or not?

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