Feedly launches new mobile version, as 3 million Reader users move in

by: Bogdan BeleApril 1, 2013

feedly mobile

Feedly Mobile has just been updated with several interesting features, with the developer announcing that no less than 3 million users have joined its service since Google Reader’s cancellation has been announced.

The big numbers just come to prove that users consider Feedly Mobile a worthy Google Reader replacement. Getting back to the new version, it must be said that it brings a series of improvements, including a new widget that looks very good, as well as new layouts for Samsung Galaxy devices, the Nexus 7, and the Nexus 10.

The Feedly Mobile team has been busy adding new search and discovery features, in order to allow users to find interesting feeds to follow easier (the feature promises 50 million feeds to explore). The new Feedly Mobile also has a Must Read feature that allows users to send feeds they don’t want to miss to the Today screen.

Sharing has been made easier, too, including Google+ support, and the app now allows users select the sharing service they prefer from a direct link on the top bar.

Do you use Feedly, or have you chosen another Google Reader replacement?

  • wheineman

    I do use Feedly now, but I hate having to mark all of the articles on each screen as “read”. Can’t it just do that for me when I change pages?

    • Edwin

      There is an advanced auto-mark as read preference knob which will mark articles as read as you swipe through cards.

    • Josh King

      There is also the ability to mark an entire section read or after reading ‘today’ metro it as read.

      • wheineman

        Thanks guys! I had not seen that option yet.

  • IncCo

    Feedly is pretty great actually. I really like the “Today” feature

  • jayray78

    Its the closest and easiest way to migrate from Reader, but the behavior is off. I just want my simple reader back.

  • I use Feedly because it’s the closest thing to Google Reader, but I still use Reader from time to time just to remember why I will go straight back if Google decided to keep it.

  • Georgian Stanescu

    I’m still running after one. I tried feedly. I just can’t get used to it. Just can’t. I tried a new one called the Old Reader??