‘Facebook Home’ themed lockscreen

April 10, 2013
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Homebase Facebook Home

Yesterday, we pondered the ins and outs of the ā€˜apperatingā€™ system. We concluded that the concept has an awesome upside, and that it could give Android a fresh look, but security issues could be the downfall. While we were positive it would breathe new life into the platform, weĀ didn’tĀ see it happening this quickly.

Perhaps inspired by Facebookā€™s Home app, Widdit Labs has created a lock screen widget that mimics Facebookā€™s Home theme.Ā Itā€™s not a departure from their base offering, but does offer a more concentrated, themed experience. There is the original, stripped-down ā€œHomebase Lock Screenā€ app, which is nicely customizable, and which offers quite a bit in terms of changing the look and feel of your lock screen. The others focus on Facebook (clearly) and TechCrunch, and are simply themed versions of their original. The bad part is that they seem to be a little cumbersome and buggy.

The widget also donā€™t change your device much,Ā focusingĀ instead on the lock screen. While this is nice — as itĀ doesn’tĀ attempt to control the entire device — it is not quite as robust as Facebook Home. Widdit Labs may have beat Facebook to the punch, but itĀ didn’tĀ even register with the judges on their scorecards.

The good part is that the widgets took very little time to build, notesĀ the Widdit team on the Facebook app. This concept weā€™re so fond of — in which apps add a layer of functionality to your device — is perhaps not as far off as we thought. If the Homebase Lock Screen can be readily themed to represent other sites, we could start seeing quite a bit more of this in the very near future. There is no doubt that the concept of implementing an app layer to provide a customized experience over the default Android one is a welcome addition to the platform.