Now that the dust has settled a bit, and we all had time to ponder, how will Android be affected by Apple’s improvements to its platform? Is the new iOS a real threat to Android? What impressed you the most? What do you wish Google had come up with instead of Apple? What annoyed you?

Join us in our Friday Debate, sound off in the comments, and vote in our poll.

lg g3 hands on (4 of 31)

The LG G3 was a bit of a surprise, coming late to a party dominated by devices from Samsung and HTC. But now that it’s here, is it all that you dreamed it would be? Are you impressed with what it offers, or were you hoping for more? What surprised you the most in a good way, and what disappointed you?


Would an Android Wear smartwatch be successful at $250? Or is it too expensive? What would be the right price for a device you wear on your wrist as an extension of the device you keep in your pocket? And what kind of features would you expect at that price level?

oneplus one aa hands on (33 of 33)

On this Friday Debate, we discuss the OnePlus One, the phone that came out of nowhere to get everyone talking. At $299, nobody is denying the OnePlus One is a great deal. But some would say that buying a phone primarily for its price tag is the definition of, well, settling.

So, was all the hype that OnePlus gradually built around its first product worth it, in the end? Or are the phone’s deficiencies – its size, lack of SD card, some say design – too much for what it was promised?

motorola project ara modular smartphone (1)

In this Friday Debate, we talk about Project Ara, Google’s crazy modular phone concept that is rapidly turning into a real product. If you had the power to select the modules in your phone, what would you pick?