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On this Friday Debate, we discuss the OnePlus One, the phone that came out of nowhere to get everyone talking. At $299, nobody is denying the OnePlus One is a great deal. But some would say that buying a phone primarily for its price tag is the definition of, well, settling.

So, was all the hype that OnePlus gradually built around its first product worth it, in the end? Or are the phone’s deficiencies – its size, lack of SD card, some say design – too much for what it was promised?

motorola project ara modular smartphone (1)

In this Friday Debate, we talk about Project Ara, Google’s crazy modular phone concept that is rapidly turning into a real product. If you had the power to select the modules in your phone, what would you pick?


The concept videos that we were shown and the details we were able to glean from the SDK suggest that Android Wear is miles ahead other smartwatch platforms, like Samsung’s Tizen or Pebble. So, did Google just appropriate the wearable market for itself? Will Wear be for wearables what Android has been for mobile? Do competing platforms stand a chance in face of Google’s onslaught?

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The two hottest smartphones of the moment are clearly the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the Sony Xperia Z2. Tech sites, social media, and blogs are teeming with comments favoring one device over another. The difference between them may be small, but for people planning a purchase in the following months, it’s important to know which is better.

So, what’s the hottest Android device of the moment? What would you pick between the Galaxy S5 and the Xperia Z2?