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MWC 2015: What announcements impressed you the most?

by: Andrew GrushMarch 6, 2015
For this week's Friday Debate we ask: what do you think of the One M9 and Galaxy S6 (and Edge)? Any other announcements from MWC 2015 that had you impressed?
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Pre-MWC with Special Guests! | The Friday Debate Podcast 006

by: Joshua VergaraMarch 2, 2015

In this special edition of the FDP, Josh gets together with a couple very special guests to talk about the devices they will be covering at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Michael Fisher (@captain2phones) of PocketNow (@pocketnow) and Nicole Scott (@nicole_scooter) of MobileGeeks (@mobilegeekscom) join the show!

While pondering over HTC, Alcatel, LG, and Samsung devices, quite a few fun moments happen in the hotel room where what Josh calls “The Trifecta of Collaboration” recorded this special episode. Among them are a botched tribute by Josh to the late Leonard Nimoy, talks about Barcelona and its beauty, and the exact opposite of beauty as [...]

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MWC 2015: What are you most looking forward to?

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 27, 2015
This Friday Debate we ask: What are you most looking forward to at MWC? Are you excited by the leaked devices you've seen so far?
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Sony Mobile’s Decline? | The Friday Debate Podcast 005

by: Joshua VergaraFebruary 20, 2015

Sony recently announced that it would take less risks in the mobile and television divisions, bringing focus more to the Playstation brand. Our guys have seen Sony grow and iterate often in the past couple years, but this news brought the gang together for a very spirited discussion about why Sony Mobile might be going by the wayside. Their discussion gets nostalgic with memories of Sony’s past, shifts to some Playstation talk, and then even moves into some talk about gaming! This might be our most packed episode yet, so fire it up and start listening!

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Sony has lost faith in mobile. What went wrong?

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 20, 2015
Recently, it seems as if Sony has lost faith in mobile. For this Friday Debate we discuss what went wrong. Furthermore, what can they do to turn things around, or are they better off cutting their loses and selling their mobile division.
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Thoughts on Smartwatches and Wearables | The Friday Debate Podcast 004

by: Joshua VergaraFebruary 13, 2015

Do you have a smartwatch on right now? If not, why do you think that is so? These are questions that the Android Authority podcast team explore in this edition of the Friday Debate Podcast, episode 4! Lanh Nguyen of the YouTube team joins host Joshua Vergara and co-hosts Joseph Hindy and Jonathan Feist to talk about wearables – in particular, smartwatches – and why they might not have met our expectations so far. They delve into the reasons why smartwatches might not be the next big thing and what needs to happen in order for them to achieve that status. For a short time, the gang talks about their lives with watches in general – and learn that Joe is a [...]

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What’s holding smartwatches back, and what can manufacturers do about it?

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 13, 2015
For this week's Friday Debate we talk about what it will take for smartwatches to go mainstream. What features would make you buy one? Or do you think they will always remain niche?
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Android One and Lollipop Rants | The Friday Debate Podcast 003

by: Joshua VergaraFebruary 6, 2015

Android One has come back into the news recently because an update to its Android iteration shows 5.1, the newest version of Lollipop. While this is good news for users all around, it made us think – is Android One actually fulfilling its promise of being an easier way for developing countries to get the full Android experience? The panel gets together once again after a heartbreaking (or not) Super Bowl and Josh’s trip to China in order to bring you their newest podcast

And with that, welcome to this 3nd episode of The Friday Debate Podcast! Host Joshua Vergara is joined by lead editor Andrew Grush, writer Jonathan Feist, and our app guy Joseph Hindy [...]

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Can Android One prove successful?

by: Andrew GrushFebruary 6, 2015
With the slow update to Lollipop and the fact that sale numbers are reportedly not all that high, is Android One delivering on its promises? Can it find success in the market?
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Friday Debate: Is Cyanogen heading in the right direction?

by: Andrew GrushJanuary 30, 2015
For this week's Friday Debate we are discussing Cyanogen's current direction, where it's heading and whether it can truly separate from Google in the way that it is claiming.
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