What’s ARM’s role in the Internet of Things?

internet of things ARM 2014 small feature
by 1 month ago

ARM may be well known for spearheading processor development for our favourite mobile devices, but the company also offers a wide range of processors for many other applications. Wearables look set to be the next big range of smart devices, but increasingly we’re seeing other pieces of technology make use of microprocessors and wireless communication technologies. While the fully connected world of the Internet of Things (IoT) is still a way away, an increasing number of devices are being built which can communicate with each other, either via wireless connections, like Bluetooth, or through the World Wide Web. IoT, a market set…

AT&T customer data compromised

AT&T Restricted
by 1 month ago

AT&T is now confirming that a data breach occured between April 9 and April 21. AT&T will not confirm how many customers were affected but did say that those who were received emails alerting them. The breach involved a third-party contractor who ‘violated security protocols and accessed customer data.”

Android customization – How to use Advanced Parameters in Zooper Widget

Android Customization Header Zooper Widget June 12
by 1 month ago

Zooper Widget Advanced parameters. In our Android customization series we have looked at Zooper Widget in terms of its simple use through to Tasker integration. There is not much you cannot do to, or with, your Android device using these two bad boys. make sure to check out this piece and the previous to learn to put them to use.