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As 2014 rolls on, we are beginning to see a number of Chinese smartphone manufacturers working their way into the global spotlight, and we couldn’t be more pleased. The last week alone has seen the official announcement of the OnePlus One ‘flagship killer’ and big news from Xiaomi – three new products and an expansion of device sales to 10 new countries.

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On this Friday Debate, we discuss the OnePlus One, the phone that came out of nowhere to get everyone talking. At $299, nobody is denying the OnePlus One is a great deal. But some would say that buying a phone primarily for its price tag is the definition of, well, settling.

So, was all the hype that OnePlus gradually built around its first product worth it, in the end? Or are the phone’s deficiencies – its size, lack of SD card, some say design – too much for what it was promised?

Mems Cam

Smartphone cameras are making huge strides these days. Image clarity is on the up, while noise and crosstalk in smaller sensors is gradually being reduced. Despite all these improvements, smartphone... cameras are still missing some of the most important features which still give simple point and shoot and compact cameras, let alone higher end DSLRs, an edge. We’re of course talking about optic...